The 10 Best Volleyball Knee Pads in 2024 [Pros Tested]

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You shouldn’t play volleyball without a decent set of knee pads, whether you’re just starting out or playing professionally.

Some top rated volleyball knee pads are excellent, while others are really awful, so there’s a ridiculously large selection available

Over 17 years of combined volleyball experience has given us the experience to personally test countless pairs of best knee pads for volleyball, and we have whittled it down to five that might be worth considering.

11 Best Volleyball Knee Pads to Buy in 2024

Nike Streak Volleyball Knee Pad

Nike Streak Volleyball Knee Pad

You will feel like a champion when you wear the Nike Streak knee pads. An interior lining made of soft brushed materials is designed to keep you comfortable without compromising your mobility.

The best part is that their fabric wicks moisture away from the body, so you will always stay dry and cool.

It is highly durable and long-lasting to use these volleyball knee pads. During intense, heated matches, their shockproof EVA foam padding serves as a useful knee protector.

We offer these bad boys in three different sizes and two colors (XS/small, medium/large, and X-large/XX-large).

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Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads

Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads

In today’s volleyball game, the Nike Essentials knee pads are the most popular. Despite being super low profile, they offer ample protection while barely being noticeable.

Knee pads don’t have to be super thick or bulky to provide adequate knee protection. Volleyball knee pads really serve the purpose of preventing friction burns, not bruises.

Nike Essentials, for example, show that it is possible to accomplish this with relatively thin material. As they are easier to move around in and look better, volleyballers prefer wearing knee pads that are lightweight and small.

Volleyballers often prefer to look the part over wearing the ‘wrong’ knee pads, even if they work better, as it is more important to them. Don’t expect these volleyball knee pads to last more than a couple of seasons if you dive around a lot.

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Rawxy Volleyball Knee Pads

Rawxy Volleyball Knee Pads

In addition to offering superior protection, Rawxy volleyball knee pads have shockproof properties. Whatever sport you play, these best budget volleyball knee pads for adults ensure your safety with double-layer NBR cushioning.

With a thigh circumference between 11 and 18 inches and over 18 inches, Rawxy knee pads are available in black/white colors and medium/large and XL sizes.

Men, women, and young adults can benefit from these knee pads due to their ergonomic design that provides flexibility and mobility.

Moreover, the nylon material and soft interior lining further enhance comfort and breathability. It is a great deal for the price that Rawxy volleyball knee pads come with all these features.

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Mcdavid HEX Knee pads

Mcdavid HEX Knee pads

The popularity of basketball knee pads is growing. My curiosity led me to pick a pair and try them out during a volleyball game. 

My impression is that they provide good knee protection, but not as well as others. Although they provide good medial protection, they lack lateral protection.

My recommendation for liberos and beginners wouldn’t be to take them on, but if you play other positions, go ahead and try them out. In the calf and thigh areas, long sleeves provide a nice compression feeling, which keeps the blood flowing.

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Mizuno LR6 Knee Pads

Mizuno LR6 Knee Pads

In the volleyball world, LR6 knee pads are up there with Nike Essentials as the best knee pads. They’re ideal for both beginners and seasoned pros due to their minimalistic feel and just enough padding.

Throughout my career, I have primarily worn Mizuno LR6 volleyball knee pads.

Their minimalist design is characterized by just enough padding to make them comfortable. As volleyballers hate bulky knee pads, it’s no surprise that the most popular choice these days is a knee pad that’s as thin, small, and low-profile as possible.

Nike’s Essentials knee pads are extremely popular, but the LR6s have slightly thicker padding. They still feel very low-key. In terms of price, these knee pads are about in the middle of the pack, but they are widely regarded as one of the best protection and comfort options.

Tip: To ensure proper fit, order the larger size as the smaller sizes tend to run small.

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Mizuno T10 Plus Knee Pad

Mizuno T10 Plus Knee Pad

As the most protective volleyball knee pads available, the Mizuno T10 Plus provides a level of protection unlike anything else on the market. Our best budget volleyball knee pads offer superior performance and mobility thanks to their slim fit and minimalist design.

Your knees are protected from injuries thanks to the enhanced foam design around the knee area.

A comfortable and breathability level is provided by these volleyball knee pads, made from polyester, rayon, and elastic materials. They lack color and size options, however. There are only two color options: black or white, and there is only one size that fits most adults.

Additionally, the quality of these products is compromised due to their highly affordable price.

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Adidas Elite Volleyball Knee Pads

Adidas Elite Volleyball Knee Pads

The Adidas Elite kneepads are a little longer and bulkier if you don’t like the super small, low-profile knee pads.

Most shortest volleyball players today prefer short knee pads (see above), but the Adidas Elite knee pads are a great choice for those who prefer a longer look.

Compared to the knee pads discussed above, these knee pads only differ in length and how they feel, which is largely a matter of personal preference.

Price varies quite a bit depending on the size and color of these knee pads, compared to Nikes and Mizunos. Knee pads like these offer the same durability as others.

It is possible for some players to keep their knee pads in perfect condition for multiple seasons, while others will burn holes in them as soon as they start using them.

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Mikasa 832 Knee Pads

Mikasa 832 Knee Pads

Throughout my volleyball career, these knee pads were my go-to equipment!

Having used these knee pads for more than a decade, I continue to use them because they work so well. Having used these knee pads and reading other reviews, I feel that they last much longer than any of the aforementioned products.

With 20+ hours of use per week, each pair would last me several years. This knee pad has never fallen apart or developed holes in my experience.

I still dug, dived, and slid around quite a bit in practice, perhaps because I’m a middle-blocker. In spite of their slightly longer length, they still have thin/hard shell-like padding that makes them slide nicely and smoothly.

Adidas Elites and Mizuno LR6s are two of the best ways to describe these shoes.

In addition to being antimicrobial, antistaph, and anti-odor, these knee pads are also marketed as being antibacterial. Even after using them for years, their stink is the same as any old knee pads.

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ASICS Ace Low Profile Knee Pad, Black

ASICS Ace Low Profile Knee Pad

Despite being advertised as low profile, the Asics knee pads are quite a bit bulkier than the other options. Despite being a bit bulkier than the LR6s or Essentials, Asics also makes a volleyball knee pad marketed as ‘low profile’.

Despite being short, the padding extends quite a bit outward, which is decent from a protection perspective, but uncomfortable. Asics knee pads tend to stick to the court more because of their bubble-like padding, which helps prevent bruises. However, it also prevents them from sliding smoothly across the court.

The knee pads of MotoGP drivers enable them to slide across the road when they fall off their bikes. These best knee pads for volleyball for youth also tend to stay in place better because they have thinner, harder padding, like the Mizuno LR6s/Nike Essentials/Adidas Elites.

Other than their limited size options, Asics Ace Lows are only available in adult and junior youth sizes, so not everyone will find them to be a perfect fit.

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Bodyprox Volleyball Knee Pads

Bodyprox Volleyball Knee Pads

Bodyprox volleyball knee pads are specifically designed to protect your children against knee injuries. As a result of the thick foam padding, your body is protected well and blood circulation is improved.

Their mesh-like fabric ensures that breathability is not compromised, even though their stretchy material promotes mobility.

Bodyprox unisex volleyball knee pads feature a slip-resistant interior layer to keep them in place without needing to be adjusted constantly. These are available in junior and youth sizes to fit children ages 8-18. Despite their great functionality, they are incredibly affordable.

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Volleyball Knee Pads Buying Guide

It’s not really necessary to wear volleyball knee pads when playing at the beach casually. When things get more professional, a volleyball game wouldn’t be complete without appropriate gear. This section will provide you with information about how to choose the volleyball knee pads.

Why Do You Need a Volleyball Knee Pad?

Professional volleyball players don’t all wear volleyball pads, but many do! Those who wear them have a reason for doing so. There’s no such thing as being too careful when it comes to scratches and scrapes, but volleyball knee pads are always a good idea to keep you safe. 

Additionally, there are a few types of volleyball knee pads available depending on your requirements and position; for example, there are knee pads for setters, liberos, and youth players. 

Should I Wear a Volleyball Knee Pad?

Even if you haven’t been involved in an accident, wearing volleyball knee pads is a good idea. By wearing them, you can protect your knees from a variety of injuries. In this regard, the following types of injuries are common:

Torn ACL

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the most important knee ligament. It doesn’t matter if you accidentally twisted it or went too far while bending your knee, you don’t want to tear it down. You may have to undergo surgery if the injury is severe enough to keep you out for a long time.

Meniscus tears

During squatting or with a direct blow to the knee, the meniscus may tear due to twisting the knee. An easy way to prevent the latter is by wearing a knee pad while playing volleyball!

As a result of the injury, your knee will swell, and stiffen, and your range of motion will be limited. 

Jumper’s knee

Jumper’s knee is caused by a ruptured patella tendon, which is known as patellar tendonitis. Using volleyball knee pads can help prevent stiffness and aching caused by this condition.

Chondromalacia patella

An injury or overuse of your knee can lead to this problem, which eventually prevents you from playing volleyball.

Oftentimes, injuries occur suddenly, leaving a victim to regret their actions later on. It is for this reason that volleyball knee pads are essential if you want to excel at the game and enjoy your life to the fullest!

How We Selected the Best Knee Pads for Volleyball

Best Volleyball Knee Pads

The following two factors were considered when shortlisting knee pads:


If you take care of your volleyball knee pads properly, they should last you the entire season as well as all the practice games you play. A new pad that is hard to adjust to during the middle of the season is the last thing you need. You should be able to use the pads for a few years if you only play volleyball on the beach or infrequently.

Thousands of reviews were combed through and only perfect knee pads were selected. Prioritizing those with warranty coverage was our goal.


Breathability refers to the ability of a fabric to allow air to circulate. As a result, it acts as a ventilation system. It is important to wear breathable fabrics after a long game in order to keep cool as well as to prevent the buildup of an unpleasant odor. 

We made sure all our top-selected volleyball knee pads featured breathable fabrics and wicked sweat away from the skin.

What to Consider When Choosing Volleyball Knee Pads

Best Volleyball Knee Pads

Before you buy a volleyball kneepad, you must take into account the following two factors:


Knee pads for volleyball must fit you perfectly. When you have a kneepad that’s too loose, you will have to fidget constantly during the game, while when it’s too tight, your blood flow will be restricted.

Taking measurements of your kneecaps is the best way to begin. Wrap the inch tape around the widest part of your kneecap while standing up. Your knee circumference can be measured with this measurement.

Just make sure you buy something that fits you perfectly by looking at the size chart on your product. Also, we recommend reading the customer reviews that discuss the accuracy of the size chart. After that, you can adjust the size if necessary.

Design and color

The sport of volleyball is played in shorts. As a result, you will be able to clearly see your knee pads. It’s worth purchasing something that looks good, even if aesthetics aren’t the most important factor. Your new knee pads might boost your confidence and help you play better if they match the color of your jersey or beach clothes.

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What are the Best Youth Volleyball Knee Pads?

Those I’ve discussed in this article are the best volleyball knee pads for beginners and youth players. Since the Adidas Elites are a bit smaller overall, I recommend Nike Essentials and Mizuno LR6s instead.

Younger volleyball knee pads are the same as older volleyball knee pads from a functional standpoint. Regardless of age or experience, any of the aforementioned knee pads will work fine as long as you have a pair that fits well.

What are the Best Men’s Volleyball Knee Pads?

Even though knee pads are more common than not wearing them, many men’s volleyball players choose not to wear them.

Once again, it comes down to personal preference, since there is no specific knee pad that’s better suited to men.

It seems that men haven’t completely embraced the low-profile trend as much as women, so they tend to gravitate toward knee pads with slightly longer lengths, like the Adidas Elites and Mikasa 832s.

Test out a few pairs, no matter what your gender is, in whatever styles you like the look of, and decide for yourself what you prefer.

What are the Best volleyball knee pads for liberos?

No matter what position you play, the best knee pads for you will mostly depend on your personal preferences.

It’s recommended to try a few different knee pads initially and figure out which you prefer once you have determined that you’ll need at least two pairs (depending on your training load).

I strongly recommend the Mikasa 832 knee pads, which I’ve found to be more durable than those of most other brands since liberos tend to go through knee pads more quickly.

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How Much Are Volleyball Knee Pads?

It depends on the size and color of the knee pads, but most volleyball knee pads cost between $20-$30.

What volleyball knee pads do professionals wear?

Best Volleyball Knee Pads

It will be more important to consider team sponsorships when considering knee pads for volleyball players.

Teams like Adidas, Mizuno, and Errea often sponsor their national volleyball teams, and their knee pads will almost always match.

It is extremely common to see professionals wearing Errea knee pads because many club teams in Europe are sponsored by Errea.

The Errea knee pads aren’t available in the US and have to be shipped internationally. Since they’re European, we haven’t tried them out yet.

Eventually, we’ll get to it!

You’ll see the pros wear a wide range of knee pads, including the ones discussed earlier in this article if team sponsorships aren’t a factor, which is still the case for many professional teams worldwide.

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Which knee pads do my teammates wear?

The importance of this factor cannot be overstated for many younger players.

As a parent, see what knee pads your kid’s teammates wear, and start there if you’re shopping for knee pads.

There is no doubt that not all volleyball players are concerned with social conformity, but it is definitely something to consider.

What are the best colored volleyball knee pads?

In general, knee pads are available in white or black, which are the most popular colors.

Several different volleyball knee pads are available in other colors, but they usually aren’t very good.

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How to Wear Volleyball Knee Pads

Best Volleyball Knee Pads

Despite the fact that this question may seem obvious.

How do you wear volleyball knee pads? That’s right, on your knees.

It may surprise you to learn the precise answer. The correct position for wearing volleyball knee pads is actually just below your kneecap, even though they are called “knee pads” and they protect your knees.

If you pull them up, the tops of your kneepads should lie just below the bottom of your kneecaps.

Why are they worn this way?

You will be protected and cushioned when diving or lunging when the pad is at this angle. In addition, when wearing volleyball knee pads, choose a size that will fit snugly in place while still allowing a good range of motion while having the padded side facing forward.

Knee pads that shift around in your movement, resulting in the padding falling out, won’t be able to protect you when you need them most. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t wear knee pads that are too tight. You will need to size up if you experience any pinching or chafing.

Don’t rush into buying knee pads without taking some time to find ones that work for you. You’ll be able to focus in the game thanks to the right pair, and you’ll be protected from injuries as well.

Make sure to test out new knee pads with the movements you will be performing on the court before competing. Make sure the padding is positioned correctly, your fit is right, and your range of motion is good.


Are knee pads good for volleyball?

Volleyball doesn’t require knee pads. Their purpose is to prevent bruises and scratches to your knees. Due to this increased caution, you may feel more comfortable playing aggressively without fear of getting hurt. Also, these pads provide you with a chance to make a fashion statement. Even if you lose the game (let’s hope not), using them in tandem with your jersey color scheme will definitely win you some hearts.

Should I buy knee pads for volleyball?

There must have been a time when you questioned whether or not you wanted to start playing volleyball. All levels of players should wear knee pads, whether they are beginners or experienced players. Volleyball puts a lot of stress on the knee, which is a sensitive joint.

What type of knee pads do volleyball players wear?

Knee pads for volleyball are available in two types. Short-sleeved knee pads (for volleyball players) and long-sleeved knee pads (for basketball players) are becoming more popular. McDavid is one of those brands that offer long sleeve knee pads.

What are the top volleyball knee pads?

Among the knee pads we shortlisted, all of them have significant advantages over their disadvantages. While there are plenty of volleyball kneepads to choose from on the market in 2024, the Mizuno T10 Plus volleyball kneepads are definitely the best.
Although there is a lot to like here, its stellar build quality, slim-fitting design, and enhanced padding stand out. Not only does it provide incredible cushioning against injuries, but it is also very comfortable. Also praised by customers is the blend of polyester and rayon that provides excellent breathability.

Are black or white volleyball knee pads better?

The thermal stability of black volleyball knee pads is greater than that of other colors. With their wicking ability, quality black knee pads can keep you cool and dry when you are playing in warm weather.

How Can I Prevent My Knee Pads from Slipping?

Even with the right fit for your knee pads, you may still find your knee pads slipping and moving around while playing.
By wearing a regular, long pair of socks under your knee pads, you are able to prevent this from happening. You will be able to prevent your knee pads from slipping by doing this. You want your knee pads to stay in place by creating friction below them!

Can I use Regular Knee Pads instead of Volleyball knee pads?

The knee pads are designed for a variety of purposes, including sports, pain, and osteoarthritis.
According to your needs, you will need a pair. As long as you’re not uncomfortable or your knees aren’t affected by kneepads designed for osteoarthritis, you can wear them (you’ll usually learn if they’re right for you after or during a game). 

How much do volleyball knee pads usually cost?

Prices for volleyball knee pads typically range from $10 to $50. It may even be higher if the product comes from a renowned sports brand. Sports knee pads are usually available for less than $50. 

How Tight Should Volleyball Knee Pads Be?

Choosing knee pads that fit your leg’s shape is a good rule of thumb. There should be a snug fit, but not too much. When you play the game, you should have them fitted perfectly to your knees, but they shouldn’t slip off while you’re playing!


Your next practice will hopefully give you a better idea of what knee pads you need to bring. Injuries and bruises can definitely be prevented with a quality pair of them. 

To figure out which knee pads you prefer, pick up a pair of Nike Essentials and a pair of Mizuno LR6s. To find out which knee pads are best for you, try out a few styles and see which works best. Most volleyballers will need more than one pair of knee pads.

Give the Adidas Elites a try if neither of those feels great to you. You might benefit from the extra durability of the Mikasa 832s if you are one of those players who burn through knee pads really quickly.

Moreover, Volleyball Bags can be used for storing volleyball equipment.

Feel free to give us your suggestions in the comments about our list of the best knee pads.

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