The Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes In 2024

Over the years, I have worn my fair share of volleyball shoes while playing indoor volleyball internationally. In terms of volleyball shoes, I understand what men look for and what are the most popular options.

In my most recent article, I go into a lot more detail about the best volleyball shoes you can buy in 2024, but a lot of these kicks are not currently available in men’s sizes.

The following is a list of the best volleyball shoes in men’s sizes that are stocked and available right now.

Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes In 2024

Asics Sky Elite FF Men’s Volleyball Shoes

I think that Asics Sky Elite FF men’s volleyball shoes are by far the best ever created, by a wide margin! Asics’ Sky Elite FF is simply the best volleyball shoe available today for serious volleyball players.

Rarely do we come across a volleyball shoe that works for all positions and has no major faults. In terms of traction, the Sky Elite FFs have the best… they practically stick to the ground.

It is also extremely well cushioned due to the Flytefoam cushion, which makes it the best volleyball shoe that I have ever worn. The benefits of this include better impact protection, which means your joints will last longer.

The shoe also bounces a bit when you jump, which makes it a lot of fun to play with. There are several super aesthetic colorways to choose from and they fit great on wide feet.

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Mizuno Wave Momentum Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Mizuno Wave Momentum Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Mizuno’s flagship volleyball shoe, the Wave Momentum, is a high-performance, highly responsive, well-cushioned shoe that is perfect for all positions.

The OGs of volleyball shoes are Mizuno and Asics. There’s a pretty important difference between their current best shoe, the Wave Momentum…

Wave Momentum 1 has better cushioning and some of the best shock absorption capabilities of any volleyball shoe, despite not being quite as springy and responsive as Wave Momentum 2.

Since impact protection is the single most important factor for anyone doing a lot of spiking, I always recommend the original Wave Momentum.

The Wave Momentum 2 will be a better choice if you’re a libero or setter because you need less cushioning. With the crazy spring and reactiveness this shoe offers, you’ll have a great time.

In any version, the Momentum is a lightweight shoe that’s unbelievably comfortable. Having wide feet is not a problem with this shoe!

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Asics Gel-Rocket 10 Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Asics Gel-Rocket 10 Men’s Volleyball Shoes

The Gel-Rocket 10 is undoubtedly one of the most versatile volleyball shoes ever created. Many years ago, the Gel-Rocket became a pretty popular volleyball shoe as well as a general purpose court shoe.

As with the previous shoe, this one performs well across the board. My recommendation would be the Gel-Rocket 10 if you play outdoor volleyball on concrete, as it’s the best shoe for outdoor volleyball.

In spite of its low top, low to the ground feel, the shoe has solid traction and is remarkably supportive. Those who need a high degree of responsiveness, such as liberos and setters, should consider these.

Cushioning is one of the shoe’s downsides. The design wasn’t intended for hitters to jump a lot, making it a less than ideal option.

Asics’ Sky Elite FF is a far superior choice if you are an opposite or middle blocker.

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Adidas Dame 7

Adidas Dame 7

With its brilliant cushioning setup, the Dame 7 is one of the finest shoes of all time. On this list, it is also the least expensive shoe. Because some basketball shoes check all the boxes for certain volleyball players, I’m a big fan of basketball shoes for volleyball.

If you liked the Lebron 18s but decided they were too expensive, the Dame 7s are a great budget option. It is possible to get a cushioning setup that is quite decent for half the price. There are better volleyball shoes out there, but not as good as the Lebrons.

The opposites and middles should be pleased with this. Additionally, the Dame 7s are quite tall, so they may not be ideal for players on the back court.

The shoes fit perfectly on wide feet, are excellent for outdoor courts, and cost less than $100!

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Nike Giannis Immortality

Best Nike Volleyball Shoes

Giannis Immortality is not only the most affordable shoe on our list, but it’s also one of the lightest, so it’s very responsive and smooth to move in.

It’s true that the Nike Giannis Immortality is a basketball shoe, but there are several reasons why it’s a great volleyball shoe as well.

The first thing you’ll notice is how lightweight it is. Compared to other shoes on this list, this is the lightest. Therefore, you are able to make tons of quick lateral micro adjustments when passing because it’s extremely responsive.

Therefore, it’s a great budget shoe for liberos who need a shoe that promotes agility. You can also consider this if you’re looking for a budget option.

Their light and springy feel is partly due to the lack of cushioning. That’s why I recommend avoiding these shoes for anyone who hits a lot. Check out the last shoe on this list if you’re a hitter looking for a cheap option!

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Nike Lebron 18

Nike Lebron 18

This shoe recommendation is for the big man who wants some extra bounce when jumping and needs a lot of cushioning for impact protection. Among all volleyball shoes, the Lebron 18 has the craziest bounce!

Known for their crazy bounce, the Lebron 18s are popular among basketball players. Those with jumper’s knee, hip problems, or bad backs will love these volleyball shoes because of their incredible cushioning setup!

It’s important to note that these are very high off the ground, making them unsuitable for pass-and-dig situations. Outside hitters who like a lower feel should keep that in mind.

Despite their price, I think they’re still an excellent investment for anyone in the middle or opposite of the spectrum!

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Li-Ning All City 10 Cotton Candy

Li-Ning All City 10 Cotton Candy

My favorite setter, libero, and outside hitter shoes are the All City 10s since they’re lightweight and offer a lot of traction. Additionally, they look amazing!

This recommendation is for liberos, setters, and outside hitters. Passing and setting are two quick lateral movements performed by each of these positions. High-response shoes that feel low to the ground are necessary for performing these efficiently.

They’re ultra-responsive, low-feeling shoes with exceptional cushioning – perfect for outside hitters and backcourt specialists alike. I consider this to be one of my favorite premium all-rounder shoes that can be worn by almost any position on the court.

Li-Ning, a less well-known brand in the world of basketball shoes, has absolutely dominated 2024 with the Li-Ning All City 8s, 9s, and 10. As well as looking incredible, they are also very well made.

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Volleyball Shoes For Mens

Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes

The movement of volleyball players is constant, both horizontally and vertically. Shoes manufacturers must consider how this affects the rubber sole, midsole, and wrap section of a shoe when designing a shoe for this purpose.

In order to be a good volleyball shoe, it must have excellent grip, protective cushioning, and lateral stability.

The Rubber Sole

A volleyball player needs great traction on the court to jump and change directions, as well as solid footing.

In the same way that tennis and squash courts need nonmarking soles, volleyball soles must also be nonmarking.


Support for the ball of the foot is provided by the mid-sole of a shoe. For volleyball players who specialize in quick movements and jumps, a good midsole is essential.

Gel, foam, and air cushions are usually used in this type of cushion. For best support, a midsole needs to be flexible but strong.

Upper wrapping

For a cool and dry foot, you want the material to be lightweight and breathable.

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How Long Should A Pair Of Volleyball Shoes Last?

The frequency and seriousness with which you play volleyball determines the answer. When you play 4 – 5 times a week in your shoes, you can expect them to last you a full season.

The sole of your shoe may lose traction, or the ankle support may become loose. These are all signs that your shoe needs to be replaced.

Especially for young players, their shoes may outgrow them before they age.

Do Volleyball Shoes Differ By Volleyball Position?

Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes

It’s important to find a volleyball shoe that fits your style of play and position on the court. Defensive players need to get low, but they also need to jump high and block, speedy, powerful attackers need to jump fast, while liberos need to be flexible and agile.

Defensive Shoes

Defensive players require shoes with good footing for defence, setting, and digging deep. Back row players need quick reactions and know-how backed up by a show that allows them to make quick direction changes and remain stable even at full stretch.

Shoes like these need:


  • Fast changes require a gripped outsole.
  • Fast and comfortable with a low profile.
  • Landings and takeoffs need shock absorption.

Attacking Position Shoes

For the front row, you need :

  • Superb cushioning to help you jump higher
  • Strong lightweight material
  • Ensures stability
  • Stable traction for agility and quick movement.

How Should A Volleyball Shoe Fit?

Volleyball shoes need to fit snugly and move with the foot. The tip of the toe should be at least a finger’s width away from the shoe, as with most activity-based shoes.

Should I Wear My Volleyball Shoes Outside?

Volleyball shoes should only be worn on the court or gym floor. Your sales won’t last as long if you wear them every day because of the wear and tear. In particular, when walking on hard surfaces such as concrete or tar.


What Is The Best Brand Of Volleyball Shoes?

A person’s preference can determine the best brand of volleyball shoes, depending on who they ask. Since ASICS has so many great volleyball shoes to choose from, we think it is one of your best options. 
The ASICS volleyball shoes are one of the best options for volleyball players because they offer something different for each player.

What Shoes Are Good For Playing Volleyball?

Even though it may seem like you need a very specific volleyball shoe if you haven’t fully embraced the sport yet, you do have some other options. 
Basketball and volleyball share a similar court style and play style, so some of the best basketball shoes for volleyball can be found at sporting goods stores.
For your first few games, most shoes that offer protection from impact will do well, but when you play more, you will want to upgrade to real volleyball shoes that will protect your feet and give you an advantage.

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Volleyball?

Basketball shoes are a good option for players looking to play both basketball and volleyball because the court and play style are similar. It is similar to volleyball shoes in that basketball shoes offer similar protection and give players greater jumping confidence.

What Are The Best Volleyball Shoes Mens?

The volleyball shoes we mentioned all offer something unique and different to every volleyball player. The ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 would be our choice as the best shoe if we had to pick one. 
It comes with all of the great features that make ASICS shoes so great and is packaged in such a way that it is one of the top volleyball shoes available.


For good reason, the Asics Sky Elite FF are at the top of my list of Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes. With the exception of liberos, they’re among the best. If liberos are looking to save some cash, the Nike Giannis Immortality is an excellent choice in addition to the Li-Ning All Citys (either 9s or 10s work great).

The Lebrons are my favorite shoe for heavy hitters who jump a lot, but they’re very expensive. There is no better budget option for these players than the Dame 7s. Regardless of their personal preferences and individual needs, outsides and setters can basically choose from all of the above.

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