The Best Under Armour Volleyball Shoes In 2024

In terms of volleyball shoes, Under Armour still offers some solid options despite not being one of the bigger brands.

There is not much range of volleyball-specific shoes offered by UA, and they don’t stay in production very long, but UA makes some excellent basketball shoes that can be used for volleyball.

We’ll examine Best Under Armour Volleyball Shoes to wear in this article. Let’s get started without further ado!

Best Under Armour Volleyball Shoes For 2024

UA HOVR Highlight Ace 2.0

UA HOVR Highlight Ace 2.0

A great UA volleyball shoe for volleyball players who spike a lot is the HOVR Highlight Ace, known for its excellent ankle support.

A true high top volleyball shoe is hard to find, but this one really shines!

In volleyball, lateral movements, such as those made when passing and digging, are extremely small and quick. As opposed to typical high top shoes, the HOVR Highlight Ace appears to allow for decent ankle dexterity.

It is clear that middle blockers and opposite hitters are best suited to wear these shoes. There are a lot of jumps and landings around the net in both of these positions, so support and lateral stability will be of most benefit to them.

Spikers will also enjoy the Highlight Ace’s good amount of bounce, which makes it a joy to jump in. They also have good impact protection, so if you play a lot, they will keep your joints healthy.

The traction on dustier courts isn’t as good with these. Despite their excellent performance and responsiveness, they’re notorious dust magnets, so if you often find yourself playing on dusty courts they can be uncomfortable to play on.

It’s also important to order at least a half size larger, perhaps even a full size bigger, as they run quite small/narrow.You should definitely go up a size if you have wide feet.

Furthermore, these shoes can be difficult to put on, which isn’t great if you’re always on the go!

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Under Armour Spawn 3

Under Armour Spawn 3

With superb cushioning and excellent lateral stability, the Spawn 3 offers decent traction and responsiveness for under $100. It is therefore an excellent budget option for any volleyball position.

In general, the UA Spawn 3 does a really good job across the board despite its ultralightweight design and low height. Overall, the bounce and impact protection of the shoe is excellent thanks to the full length Micro G foam cushion.

It also has decent traction and responsiveness, making it a great budget shoe for setters and liberos who have to move around the court very quickly.

For outside hitters, they’re also a great budget option as they cushion the joints well. In fact, they run a bit big, so go down a half size.

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UA HOVR Havoc Clone 4

UA HOVR Havoc Clone 4

If you’d like a low-profile, cushioned shoe with decent ankle support and cushioning, this might be the shoe for you!

In my opinion, the UA HOVR Havoc is the second best shoe on this list. UA shoes are known for their hard feel, but this midsole makes UA shoes feel a lot softer.

Spikers can use them because they have good impact protection and provide a little extra spring when jumping. While they look fairly bulky, they actually weigh only 11.6 ounces, so they’re fairly lightweight.

It offers good ankle lockdown and lateral support thanks to the thick rear padding around the Achilles and heel. They pick up dust like crazy, as do a lot of UA shoes.

The shoes are difficult to clean if you play on a dusty court, as well as being hard to wipe down. For wide feet, it might be a good idea to go up half a size because these fit pretty snugly.

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Under Armour Curry Flow 10

Under Armour Curry Flow 10

You can’t go wrong with the Curry 10 if you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight shoe that provides out-of-this-world traction and solid lateral support.

The Curry 10 is one of the best basketball shoes for volleyball there is. If you like to feel connected to the court while passing or digging, these shoes are the perfect choice.

The traction on these basketball shoes is some of the best ever. I’m serious. It is impossible to find shoes that grip better than these.

They’re also good for passing and setting, which is why I like them so much for liberos and setters. For back court specialists and setters, the Curry 10s deliver amazing ankle lockdown and lateral stability.

Cushioning is decent but not exceptional, so outside hitters might find it suitable, but middle blockers are probably not. These shoes are unisex, so they’re perfect for both women and men.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Volleyball Shoes

Best Under Armour Volleyball Shoes

The sport of volleyball requires agility and precision. There are several critical considerations to make when selecting volleyball shoes to maximize performance and minimize injury risks.

Traction and Grip

For volleyball players to move quickly, effective traction is crucial. Players can make quick lateral movements and sudden directional changes without worrying about slipping in volleyball shoes with advanced outsole designs.

Support and Stability

Volleyball involves jumping and landing, and shoes must provide adequate support and stability. Jumping and landing injuries can be reduced by features such as reinforced midsoles and ankle support.


Jumps are absorbed by cushioning, and prolonged play is comfortable with cushioning. Gel or foam cushioning technologies are often incorporated into modern volleyball shoes to absorb shock, reduce fatigue, and enhance comfort.


In light of the wear and tear volleyball shoes endure on court, durability is essential. Material durability, reinforced toe caps, and robust construction ensure long-term structural integrity of the shoes.


Sweating during intense matches can cause discomfort if the clothing is not breathable. Air circulation is promoted throughout the game with volleyball shoes made with breathable materials, mesh uppers, and efficient ventilation systems.

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Key Features of Under Armour Volleyball Shoes

Best Under Armour Volleyball Shoes

Among the key benefits of Under Armour volleyball shoes are:


An ankle support system and reinforced midsoles are among Under Armour’s key features. By providing a stable foundation during jumps and landings, this supportive structure minimizes volleyball-related injuries.

Robust Construction and Durability

In Under Armour volleyball shoes, durability is a key consideration. Reinforced toe caps contribute to the durability of the shoes. Over time, these features ensure that the shoes maintain their structural integrity and performance during intense volleyball games.

Traction Technology

Volleyball shoes from Under Armour provide exceptional traction. In the fast-paced game of volleyball, players require confidence to execute swift and precise movements, which is made possible by advanced traction technologies.

Cutting-Edge Cushioning Systems

With cutting-edge cushioning systems, Under Armour volleyball shoes provide exceptional comfort. They reduce fatigue and enhance players’ endurance during extended play, regardless of whether they integrate gel or foam technologies.

Breathable Materials

Mesh uppers and breathable materials are used in Under Armour volleyball shoes to ensure breathability. The design allows for airflow, keeping players’ feet cool and comfortable during intense games.

Stylish Aesthetics

Volleyball shoes from Under Armour boast a stylish aesthetic on top of their performance. As well as offering a wide variety of designs and colors, the brand allows players to express their personal style.

Brand Reputation and Trust

Volleyball players are attracted to the Under Armour brand because of its reputation and trust. It has gained the trust of athletes worldwide with its history of delivering high-quality sports shoes.

Performance-Enhancing Features

A number of performance-enhancing features are included in Under Armour volleyball shoes. As far as optimizing on-court performance is concerned, these innovations optimize agility, responsiveness, and overall gameplay.

Fit Customization Options

Fit customization options are available in some Under Armour models, including innovative lacing systems. Personalized features enable players to tailor the fit, improving comfort and minimizing blister risk.

Value for Money

With their wide range of features, Under Armour volleyball shoes provide an excellent balance between quality and value. For volleyball enthusiasts of all skill levels, these shoes are an excellent investment because their price range is in line with the performance and durability they provide.

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Maintenance and Care Tips

Best Under Armour Volleyball Shoes

Here are some tips for maintenance and care:

Insole Maintenance

Taking out your removable insoles periodically will prevent odors and help keep your shoes fresh. For freshness and comfort, wash or replace your insoles as needed.

Regular Lacing Checks

In case of wear or damage, replace the laces. The better the fit and support of your shoes, the better your performance will be.

Storing in a Cool, Dry Place

Dry and cool places are the best places to store shoes. Mold and bacteria can grow in warm, humid, or damp environments.

Avoiding Excessive Force

Make sure you only wear volleyball shoes. Damage and premature wear can occur when non-volleyball equipment is used.

Regular Inspections for Wear

Check for signs of wear periodically. Examine the soles for wear, separation, and damage to the uppers. In order to prevent further damage, address issues as soon as possible.

Professional Cleaning for Intensive Care

Professional cleaning or repair services are recommended for heavy soiling or damage. It is possible to restore your shoes to optimal condition, ensuring they perform at their best.

Proper Cleaning

Under Armour volleyball shoes should be cleaned after each game or practice. Use a soft brush or cloth to clean the outsole and upper. It is best to use a mild detergent or a specialized shoe cleaner for tough stains. Grease buildup can be prevented and materials can be preserved with regular cleaning.

Avoiding Heat Exposure

Heat sources such as radiators and dryers should not be used to dry your shoes. Materials can be damaged by excessive heat. After removing insoles, air-dry your shoes at room temperature. It is helpful to stuff them with newspaper to absorb moisture and keep their shape.

Rotation for Extended Life

For regular play, rotate between two pairs. This prolongs the life of each pair by allowing them to dry completely. Keeping shoes in top condition requires alternate wear.

Protecting from Sunlight

Avoid exposing your shoes to direct sunlight when not in use. Materials can fade and degrade under the influence of sunlight, affecting color and quality.

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Which Under Armour volleyball shoes come in white and gold?

White and gold are the only colorways of UA volleyball shoes that I’m aware of.

What’s the name of the Under Armour high top volleyball shoes?

UA HOVR Highlight Ace is the only high-top Under Armour volleyball shoe currently available.

Which Under Armour volleyball shoes come in red?

Red colorways are available for both the Spawn 3 and Curry 9. There is also a white version of the UA HOVR Highlight Ace available with a red trim.

Are Under Armour volleyball shoes suitable for beginners?

Yes, that’s correct! There are options available for players of all skill levels at Under Armour.

How often should I replace my volleyball shoes?

According to their usage and wear, they should be replaced every 6-12 months.

Do Under Armour volleyball shoes come in different colors and styles?

With a wide range of styles and colors, Under Armour prioritizes both performance and aesthetics.

Can I use volleyball shoes for other sports activities?

They are lightweight and supportive, so they can also be worn for other indoor sports, even though they were designed for volleyball.

Where can I purchase Under Armour volleyball shoes?

The Under Armour brand is available at authorized Under Armour retailers and online. Check out their official website for options.


In my opinion, the Curry 10 is the best shoe on this list. This is one of the most famous basketball shoes of all time, and it converts amazingly well to volleyball, especially for setters and liberos.

UA HOVR Havoc Clone 4 is a very secure option for outside blockers, opposite blockers, and middle blockers.

HOVR Highlight Aces volleyball shoes are one of the coolest looking volleyball shoes of all time if you’re a middle blocker, outsider, or opposite who prioritizes ankle support.

In addition, Spawn 3 (or Spawn 4, which just came out) is a great option for anyone looking to save some money.

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