The Best Volleyball Spike Trainers In 2024

Many volleyball spike trainers work surprisingly well and offer some really incredible features. It’s true that there is a lot of junk on Amazon, but there are also some diamonds in the rough.

Having sifted through dozens of impractical, flimsy, and straight up useless spike training tools, I created a list of top Best Volleyball Spike Trainers that are actually worth examining.

The price of some of these products is quite high, but if you want something that lasts, you have to pay for it.

Best Volleyball Spike Trainers In 2024

Those of you on a budget will also find some more affordable options. Let’s get started!

The Edge Pro Spike Trainer With Target Stand

Volleyball spike training has never been more efficient because of this system. This is the one piece of equipment that will make you a freakishly good spiker.

The skill of spiking a volleyball is the most biomechanically challenging skill in any sport to learn, according to my old national team coach.

There’s no doubt that it’s on the money, whether it’s true or not! You can practice hitting a static object instead of moving targets with Edge Pro, which holds the ball in an adjustable hitting window.

It is so frustrating to learn how to spike because inexperienced setters (who are also learning how to set) don’t place the ball where it should be.

When playing at the highest levels, mastering timing is extremely difficult. Spikers develop extremely quickly when they can concentrate on jumping high, making a smooth arm swing, and following through on the volleyball.

You can use the Edge Pro to practice at home alone or in a team environment, regardless of whether you’re just practicing at home. You won’t believe the full system included in this article if you thought this was cool.

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Bownet Volleyball Practice Station

Bownet Volleyball Practice Station

Users of the Bownet practice station are able to practice spiking over a regulation height net while automatically capturing and storing volleyballs.

Bownets are two-piece contraptions for volleyballers that allow them to practice spiking at home on a regulation volleyball net. Rather than chasing after volleyballs after you spike them, the net collects them and stores them for you.

Whether you’re practicing alone or with a friend, the Bownet is perfect for you. As you can see in the above drill, the coach is warming up his players with the Bownet. Several touches can be gotten in very quickly thanks to this technique.

In my opinion, the Bownet is best used at home where spikers and their friends can get plenty of spiking practice without wasting time retrieving balls.

The Bownet is superior to other products on the market because of its adjustable net height. Other products like the PowerNet cannot be adjusted and are fixed at the senior men’s height, as opposed to the Bownet, which can be adjusted to regulation women’s height or regulation men’s height.

Especially when it comes to girls volleyball training, Bownet is the superior choice! Over the years, this product has gained immense popularity because of the raving reviews it has received.

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SKLZ Volleyball Rebounder

The best and cheapest way to practice volleyball at home is with a rebounder. The rebounder is a great way to practice your spiking skills when you are alone at home and not with a partner.

For around $150, you can enjoy hours of self-entertainment with a rebounder, which is extremely inexpensive compared with earlier items on this list.

My articles always discuss how many repetitions great players get in during practice as what separates them from good players. It is possible to supercharge your rep rate with a rebounder, which will cause your arm swing, follow through, and ball control to develop much faster than with other methods.

With the SKLZ rebounder, you can practice a wide range of shots thanks to its adjustable features. Besides being affordable, they’re also completely collapsible, so they’re very convenient and portable.

Folding them away for storage takes only 10 seconds, and they seem to do well even in the sun.

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Start Right Spike Trainer

Start Right Spike Trainer

Another spike training tool that removes the timing aspect from the skill, enabling volleyballers to practice and master jumping, arm swings, and follow-through.

Spike trainers are very cost-effective alternatives to Edge Pros. You can easily adjust the ball’s height to the spiker’s perfect hitting window because someone holds the pole.

As a result, it is ideal for coaches who manage players with varying heights of contact with the ball. Coaches and parents can use this tool to help their young athletes learn to spike a volleyball.

As it is only the foam attachment and not the pole, the product is not shipped with the pole. ACME pole attachments look like the following and need to be used with your own ACME pole.

If you don’t already have one lying around, you can buy a handle like this at any hardware store for very cheap. There are some questions about the durability of the foam in this product, so I recommend it for younger volleyball players who are just learning how to spike.

There have been a few cases of breakage when the ball has been missed and hit the foam by the players. In the right hands, however, this is a great training aid that is very affordable, and helps teach young volleyball players how to spike the ball.

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Ovanto Spike Solo Trainer

In search of volleyball rebounders, maybe you had something else in mind. If you were looking for elastic volleyball rebound trainers, I have the best for you.

With this product, users can practice both serving and spiking volleyballs efficiently. You cannot run after the ball you just hit when you are practicing serving and spiking if you do not have a partner.

By returning the ball to you, a solo trainer overcomes this problem. Players can get tons of repetitions in, which will speed up their development.

When your child first starts playing volleyball, he or she may have trouble serving the ball over the net. I haven’t seen a faster way to get your kid used to hitting the ball with power in the right place.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Best Volleyball Spike Trainer

Best Volleyball Spike Trainers

The sport of volleyball requires precision timing, explosive power, and exceptional hand-eye coordination. This powerful offensive play sends the ball hurtling toward the other team’s court and is one of the most exciting plays in the game. It is difficult to master spiking on your own, since it is a skill that requires practice. Volleyball spike trainers can help with that.

 You can improve your technique, build your strength and explosiveness, and gain the confidence you need to dominate the court with a good spike trainer. How do you choose a good volleyball spike trainer? Consider these factors:


Spike trainers are specifically designed to replicate the angles and movements of actual volleyball spikes. Make sure the target on the trainer is the right height and angle for you to hit it with your extended arm. To practice hitting at different angles and distances, the trainer should also be adjustable.


Volleyball is a physically demanding sport, and the equipment you use must be durable. Choose spike trainers made from high-quality, durable materials. Trainers that are designed to withstand repeated use without losing their shape or breaking down over time should be sought out.


Spike trainers are primarily designed to improve your spiking technique, but a good trainer should also have other functions. Choosing a trainer that can also be used to practice serving and passing skills is a good idea.


The spike trainer you use should be portable and easy to transport since you may not always have access to a traditional volleyball court. A lightweight, compact trainer will make it easy for you to transport it wherever you go.

Ease of Use

The target should be easily positioned and adjusted, and instructions should clearly explain how to use the spike trainer. Trainers that are hard to set up or use shouldn’t take up your time.


In order to find spike trainers that fit your budget, you need to look at a wide variety of prices. It’s up to you to decide whether a more expensive trainer is worth the extra money.

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What Is A Volleyball Spike Trainer?

Trainers for volleyball spikes are designed to help players improve their technique, timing, and power. Players can practice their spikes repeatedly by tethered balls or by holding the balls with a mechanism.

Who Can Benefit From Using A Spike Trainer?

Beginners and advanced players alike can benefit. Spiking basics can be learned by beginners, while advanced players can refine their power and technique.

How Is The Spike Trainer Set Up?

Different designs require different setups. Other systems attach to a player’s body or are handheld. Some require anchoring to a stationary object. Specific setup instructions should always be found in the product’s manual.

How Durable Is A Typical Volleyball Spike Trainer?

The durability of a product depends on the materials used and the design. The longevity of a specific product can be determined by checking user reviews and product specifications.

Is Spike Trainer Is Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Use?

Spike trainers can be used both indoors and outdoors. The trainer must, however, be anchored securely if used outdoors and weather conditions must be considered.

Can A Spike Trainer Replace A Coach Or Team Training?

The spike trainer is a useful tool for individual practice, but it doesn’t replace team training or a coach’s guidance. Regular practice is best supplemented with it.

Does Using A Spike Trainer Pose Any Risk Of Injury?

Using it correctly and safely minimizes the risk. However, improper use can lead to injury, as with any sports equipment. Make sure you follow the setup and usage instructions at all times.

How Do I Clean And Maintain My Spike Trainer?

You can wipe down most trainers with a damp cloth. Inspect parts that experience high tension, such as elastic cords, regularly for wear and tear.


The Edge Pro w/ Target Stand is without a doubt the best spike training product on this list since it’s the most comprehensive spike training aid available.

In the absence of teammates to set and toss for you, either Edge Pro product is ideal for practicing alone. Bownets are also extraordinarily versatile tools that can be used by 2 or more people to practice spiking, as it is much more effective when someone is setting or tossing.

Even if you’re not looking to spend as much cash, you can’t beat the effectiveness of using a rebounder for home training. With its adjustable height and low price, the SKLZ rebounder is the perfect rebounder for volleyballers.

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