How to Measure for Volleyball Knee Pads? [Size Chart]

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Sports such as volleyball require agility, precision, and quick movements. As a player, you should protect your knees during dives and sudden stops to keep your body safe from the rigors of the game.

A volleyball knee pad is an essential piece of protective equipment for players at all levels. To get the right fit, it’s important to know how to measure for volleyball knee pads accurately. For your next game, we’ll guide you through the process of choosing the right knee protection.

Understanding the Importance of Properly Fitting Knee Pads

How to Measure for Volleyball Knee Pads

The importance of well-fitted knee pads must be understood before we begin measuring. A knee pad that is ill-fitted can cause discomfort, reduce mobility, and provide insufficient protection.

By wearing knee pads that fit properly, you’ll be able to move freely, dive confidently, and keep your knees safe from injury.

Volleyball Knee Pads Size Chart

Circumference (in)14 – 15.515.5 – 1717 – 18

Gather Your Supplies

You will need the following supplies to begin the measurement process:

1. Measuring Tape

2. A Piece of String

3. Pen and Paper

Measuring Your Knee Circumference

Measuring your knee circumference is the first step to finding the right knee pads. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Find a Comfortable Position

Make sure your legs are bent at a 90-degree angle as you sit down. Playing volleyball will require you to take this stance.

Step 2: Locate the Widest Point

Measure the width of your kneecap using the measuring tape. Tape should be snug but not too tight.

Step 3: Take the Measurement

Measure the distance in inches or centimeters. You can round up to the nearest half-inch or centimeter if you want to be accurate.

Determining the Length of Your Knee

After measuring your knee, you need to determine its length. You can then choose the right size for your knee pads based on this information.

Step 4: Measure from Thigh to Shin

Measuring the distance between your thigh and shin while your leg is still bent at a 90-degree angle is a good starting point.

Step 5: Record the Measurement

Measure the distance and write it down. Your knee pads should be the right length based on these measurements.

Using the Measurements

To determine the perfect knee pad size, measure the circumference and length of your knees. The sizes of knee pads are usually indicated on sizing charts provided by manufacturers.

Trying Them On

Step 6: Try On Different Brands

There are different types of knee pads. If you want to find the right knee pads for you, you should try them on from different brands.

Step 7: Check for Mobility

Make sure knee pads do not restrict your movement when you try them on. Bending and moving your knee should be comfortable.

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What are the different types of knee pads available for volleyball players?

There are three types of knee pads available for volleyball players: sleeve-style knee pads, low-profile knee pads, and standard knee pads. It is up to the individual and their style of play to make the choice.

How often should I replace my volleyball knee pads?

Whenever you notice signs of wear and tear on your knee pads, such as holes, thinning, or reduced padding, it’s best to replace them. Depending on how they are used, knee pads usually last for a season or more.

Can I wash my knee pads?

You can wash your knee pads. Maintain their effectiveness and hygiene by following our instructions.

Are knee pads necessary for beginner volleyball players?

It is essential for players of all levels to wear knee pads. In particular, beginners who are still mastering techniques need knee pads to protect their knees from abrasions and impacts.

Where can I purchase quality volleyball knee pads?

The volleyball knee pads you need can be found at sporting goods stores, online retailers, or through your team’s equipment provider.


To conclude, knowing how to measure volleyball knee pads is vital for comfort and safety. You can avoid potential injuries by following these steps, allowing you to focus on the game without worrying about knee pads that do not fit well.

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