How to choose volleyball knee pads [Tips in 2024]

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It is essential to have knee pads in your volleyball kit. We’ll tell you how to choose the best volleyball knee pads at VolleyballBlaze.  

Is it necessary to wear knee pads when playing volleyball? You might have been wondering whether you should start playing volleyball. Knee pads are recommended at all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player.

Volleyball puts a lot of stress on the knee, which is a sensitive joint. If you injure yourself seriously or your knees are bashed up, where is the fun in playing? You won’t have any problems playing volleyball with more confidence if you select the right volleyball knee pads.

There was a practice among beginners of kneeling down in the last minutes of a volleyball game to pass it, causing injuries and bruises.

The side protection of knee pads is essential for professional training, especially diving and rolling.

Understanding the Types of Volleyball Knee Pads

How to choose volleyball knee pads

It is important to understand the different types of knee pads before you begin your search:

Standard Knee Pads

In volleyball, these knee pads are the most common and widely used. The foam cushioning offers good protection from floor burns. Beginners and intermediate players can benefit from standard knee pads.

Sleeve-Style Knee Pads

Knee pads with sleeves slide over your knees like socks. Lightweight and snug-fitting, they provide a comfortable fit. For players who prefer a minimalist approach, these knee pads are ideal.

Low-Profile Knee Pads

In comparison with standard knee pads, low-profile knee pads are thinner and more streamlined. Experienced players will find them ideal since they offer good protection and mobility.

Pro-Style Knee Pads

Often, advanced players use knee pads with professional-grade protection. The outer shell is durable and features multiple layers of cushioning.

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How to choose volleyball knee pads?

How to choose volleyball knee pads

Volleyball knee pads should meet three key criteria: protection, durability, and breathability. Those knee pads should be right for you if they meet these three criteria.

1. Protection

Your skill level will determine the level of protection you need.

Are you just getting started? To prevent bruises and scrapes, you’ll need simple protection. Once you become more confident in your movements, volleyball knee pads can help you advance. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our knee pads will provide you with support and protection. We guarantee the protection of knees and elbows for indoor sports with our entire range tested to EN 15613.

What is your expertise when it comes to dives and rolls? Knee pads should be completely comfortable and familiar to you. The libero, or opposite, is often required to perform difficult defensive moves, which is why knee pads are important. You may not be able to enjoy the game if you keep banging your knees.

2. Durability

It is recommended that knee pads be used for a full season before replacing them. Playing, diving, and the quality of the court will all affect how fast or slowly they wear out. It is also important to take good care of them.

Durability is ensured by the materials used in making good knee pads. Most volleyball courts can handle the type of knit and textile fibers used. Although they are designed for indoor use, they cannot be used on concrete surfaces outside.

3. Breathability  

The weight of every move is increased by non-breathable knee pads. Our subtropical climate in Hong Kong can easily lead to knee allergies and inflammation during the summer months due to its hot and humid weather.

A common material used to make knee pads is polyester fiber, which is durable but relatively non-breathable. Because of this, some designs feature mesh panels at the back of the knee pads, which increase breathability and provide excellent sweat-wicking.

How to choose the right size?

How to choose the right type of volleyball knee pads? The next step is to choose your size. Playing requires comfortable shoes that don’t slide down your calf.

Knee pads should fit snugly enough to prevent compression of the knees and impede blood flow to the legs, but they should not cause blood circulation to be compromised. Your knee should still be able to bend fully even when you have them on.

Usually, you forget you’re wearing them once you’ve warmed up. Many knee pads have a system (a silicone strip) for improving their grip and keeping them in place.

Every body type is catered to with several sizes available. Trying on the knee pads is the best way to determine your size. Try on the recommended size according to the size guide.

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Tips for Maximizing Comfort and Performance

Follow these tips to get the most from your volleyball kneepads:


How do you know what size knee pads you need for volleyball?

Make sure your knee pads are the right size by using a tape measure. Circumference of your leg should be measured 4″/10 cm above the knee cap (3) and around the calf (4).

What to look for when buying knee pads?

A good pad should have good protection and a hard shell. In addition, the knees should be protected from frame strikes by padding around the inside. Make sure your riding shoes can be easily removed without having to take them off.

Do I get black or white volleyball knee pads?

In the case of light uniforms, white kneepads are the best option; in the case of dark uniforms, black kneepads are the best option. Buy high-quality volleyball knee pads instead of cheap ones. In order to get black volleyball knee pads, you should always focus on quality

Should knee pads be tight?

According to the knee circumference, most knee pads are sized. When choosing the right size, make sure you take this measurement into consideration. As soon as you have put the pad on, make sure it fits snugly. Knee pads should be tight enough to be comfortable without becoming painful.

What type of knee pads are best?

The lightweight and comfortable nature of foam knee pads may not make them suitable for heavy-duty tasks. A gel knee pad, on the other hand, offers excellent cushioning and is ideal for long periods of kneeling due to its ability to distribute weight evenly.

Is it OK to wash volleyball knee pads?

Knee pads should be washed by machine using a low spin cycle. Your washing machine should be set to delicate or hand wash. Keeping the padding inside the knee pad will prevent it from sliding around or folding over.

Are knee pads worth it volleyball?

You wear them over your knees while playing volleyball to protect them from injuries and bruises. It will save you a lot of anxiety and stress during the game to buy a good set of knee pads.


It is crucial for any volleyball player to choose the right knee pads. Consider factors such as material, size, padding, and your budget before purchasing. Safety and quality should always be prioritized. Playing volleyball safely and comfortably can be achieved by following these guidelines.

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