The 7 Best Volleyball Bags & Backpacks in 2024

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It is estimated that I owned and dragged at least 5-12 best volleyball bags throughout my 17-year volleyball career.

There is nothing I know more about volleyball bags than I do, and you should trust me when I tell you that.

The backpacks and bags may look like any other sports bag to an untrained eye…

Nevertheless, the products I will discuss today are selected based on a very specific set of criteria.

Our purpose in this article is to provide you with a comprehensive list of the top rated volleyball bags on the market that combine style, durability, and practicality. Professional players, volleyball coaches, and recreational players all benefit from having the right volleyball bag for organizing and transporting their equipment effortlessly. Take a look at our selection of volleyball bags to find the perfect one for you!

What is a volleyball bag?

The volleyball bag is typically the last item volleyball players purchase once they have determined how much space they will need. Among the equipment a player may need to bring to the court are knee pads, shoes, an extra change of clothes, socks, water, tape, and other items that can be stored in volleyball bags.

7 Best Volleyball Backpacks & Bags

Nike Brasilia Large Duffle Bag

Best Volleyball Duffle Bag

The size of a volleyball player is important to any serious player. There is no better option for volleyball players who enjoy lugging around plenty of gear to training and matches than the Brasilia.

In terms of volleyball duffle bags, the Nike Brasilia is everything I’ve been looking for. For the following reasons, I believe the large Brasilia volleyball bag is the best overall volleyball bag and the best volleyball bag for elite athletes.

For people like me who carry around foam rollers, massage sticks, ankle guards, trigger point balls, and strapping tape, this bag is a fantastic choice. The volleyball bag of a high-level player contains much more than just shoes and kneepads. Your storage space won’t be limited with a size of 28x14x14′′ and a capacity of 95L. It’s very plain and simple.

After high school, I used to drive to volleyball practice, so I would often have to pack my uniform and two pairs of shoes in addition to my volleyball gear!

Even a large duffle bag like this would sometimes burst at the seams! So when it comes to choosing a new volleyball bag, I consider size to be the most important factor.

The reason I prefer a duffle bag over a backpack is because of this. Additionally, it costs only $50, making it one of the most affordable bags available!

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ASICS Team Backpack

ASICS Team Backpack

The ASICS Team Backpack is one of the best volleyball backpacks for volleyball players, although it doesn’t have as many compartments as more expensive backpacks.

Volleyball shoes, ankle braces, knee pads, and a fully inflated volleyball fit perfectly in the main compartment. 32 ounces can be accommodated in the side mesh push. It could be a water bottle or another item of the same size. To make it easier to access smaller items, there is also an organizer pocket.

Comfort is also good thanks to the adjustable padded straps on the backpack.

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UA Contain Backpack

Best Volleyball Backpack

A great combination of size and style can be found in Under Armour’s Contain backpack. Unlike any other backpack on the market, this bag is designed specifically for storing a volleyball, making it ideal for volleyball players.

There are a few reasons why the UA Contain came out on top when I compared the top 5-6 backpacks on the market. When you have shoes, ankle braces, and knee pads already crammed inside your bag, it’s almost impossible to fit a volleyball inside.

You can barely stuff a ball into most backpacks when they are zipped up because they have an internal depth of 8 to 9 inches. As the UA Contain measures 10x12x21′′, it is large enough to easily fit a volleyball but still leave room for your other equipment.

The design of this backpack is something I really like. There is a sleek, minimalist vibe to it, but it is still stylish enough for volleyball. There are endless glowing reviews and praise for this bag on Amazon, making it one of the highest-rated products I’ve ever seen.

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Wilson AVP Beach Volleyball Backpack

best volleyball bags

It is impossible to go wrong with the Wilson AVP Beach Volleyball Backpack if you play beach volleyball. Due to Wilson’s sponsorship of the Association of Volleyball Professionals, it’s safe to say that they understand the wants and needs of volleyball players.

This backpack is undoubtedly our favorite because of its sand trap release/vent. Sand can be easily and quickly emptied from your backpack without removing your gear and shaking it out. It is also a nice touch to have side clips for airing out wet clothes or equipment after practice or matches.

There is a clip-on panel on the front of the backpack, so you don’t need to carry your volleyball with you; side pockets keep hot or cold snacks at the right temperature; and hidden pockets protect valuables.

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Under Armour Unisex Undeniable 5.0 Duffle Bag

Best Budget Volleyball Bag

This under armour volleyball backpack is ideal for elite volleyball players who like to bring everything they need to training sessions with them. I own one myself. In addition, it’s one of the cheapest and best budget volleyball bags you’ll find, but you can be sure it’s of high quality since it’s made by UA.

The gym bag I’ve been using for the last year has been holding up really well and I’m really pleased with it. The straps, material, zippers, etc. are all spotless and there are no issues with them breaking.

I found the shoulder straps to be among the most comfortable I’ve ever experienced. It is sometimes possible for me to turn a heavy bag into a backpack by using the handles.

In all honesty, it’s hard to believe that I bought this bag for only $45. The bags I’ve purchased for the state team have fallen apart within months of purchasing them.

As far as size goes, the MD bag measures 12x11x24.5′′, making it a little smaller and more practical than the Nike Brasilia, but it’s still plenty spacious.

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Mizuno Lightning Duffel Bag

best volleyball bags

The Mizuno Lightning Duffel Bag is a great choice if you prefer a duffel bag. With easy access to footwear and valuables compartments, the bag includes a zippered interior for quick access to items.

The Mizuno duffel bag is a great example of Mizuno getting it right when it comes to comfort. In addition to the padded shoulder straps, the bag has a vented forefoot to allow for proper ventilation. Because it is padded at the heel and forefoot, the Mizuno Lightning is very durable and will not wear out easily.

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Mizuno Momentum Backpack

best volleyball backpack

In order to meet the needs of elite volleyball players, this backpack was specifically designed.

You can air out your sweaty knee pads using its special hooks. I think it’s an excellent gift for someone who loves volleyball but it’s on the more expensive side. Volleyball backpacks designed with hardcore volleyball players in mind, such as the mizuno volleyball backpack, are beautiful, large and well-made.

For athletes competing in day-long tournaments, this feature will definitely come in handy. After a game, there’s nothing worse than putting on your knee pads drenched in sweat only to put them on again a few hours later!

My opinion of this is not sold for a few reasons. I cannot find any interesting features in this bag, which is certainly not enough to justify its price.

In my opinion, it would be nice if it had a chest strap, but that is purely a matter of personal preference. Most people don’t use them, but I always had a full bag when I walked long distances, so I found myself using one a lot.

It’s hard to compare this bag to the UA Contain since Mizuno didn’t mention dimensions or capacity, but based on the reviews I’ve read, it looks decently sized. Currently, this bag is available for $85 on Amazon and $90 elsewhere, according to Mizuno’s website.

I do not doubt that this backpack is excellent, but I am unsure whether it is worth the extra money. On Amazon, it’s around $85 and I’d buy it for around $85 instead of $110! UA Contain is my personal preference, but the Mizuno Momentum backpack is also very good.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Volleyball Bag Or Backpack

Best Volleyball Bags

In my experience, I know what makes a good sports/volleyball bag after playing basketball and volleyball for the last 17 years. The criteria I used to evaluate the best volleyball bags will help you determine which ones are the best.


Most of the time, picking the right volleyball bag is simply a matter of choosing a bag that’s big enough! When the bloody thing is too full to zip up, all those fancy features mean nothing if you can’t zip it up.

You don’t need to worry about the size of your storage unit if you’re just planning on keeping volleyball shoes, knee pads, a small towel, and some personal items. It’s much easier to carry around a backpack than a duffle bag if you’re in this boat.

You will likely need the extra space if you are a serious volleyball player.

Zipper Quality

There’s nothing worse than having a great bag with a broken zipper, rendering it nearly useless. The problem with a broken zipper is that you cannot throw it away, but it is too annoying to actually use it again.

A bag that is 95% functional ends up being thrown away eventually. In recent years, it has become common for some well-known brands, such as Under Armour, Adidas, Nike, Mizuno, and Wilson, to provide decently durable products that have no issues with poor-quality zips.

I prefer to buy bags and backpacks from quality name brands for this reason. When you buy off-brand bags, you’re immediately playing with fire because you’re playing with dodgy zippers!

The number of compartments

We believe that the more compartments, the better (within reasonable limits). Organizing your gear properly is helpful, so you know exactly where something is when you need it instead of digging through the whole bag.


Volleyball demands a lot of physical effort from us. Sweat can get drenched into everything from your jersey to your knee pads and elbow pads after a match or hard practice. To keep things odor-free or at least not as stinky, a backpack or bag that provides good ventilation can be useful.


Its unique, special features make the Mizuno Momentum Backpack our top pick, which is why we love it so much. Until you actually see how useful it can be, you might not think it’s necessary to air out your knee pads or other equipment between matches or practices.


There is nothing worse than buying a bag or backpack only for it to fall apart within a few months or a season. Rather than trying to save a few dollars, it is advisable to read user reviews and buy only from trusted brands like Mizuno and Nike. Using waterproof materials and padding in the best volleyball backpacks and bags is always a plus.


If you want to pick a bag that looks good, you don’t have to argue with me all day. All five of the bags above are gorgeous, so whoever you’re buying them for won’t have any qualms about the design!

Don’t forget to check whether hip young volleyballers go for backpacks or duffle bags since they often value looks over functionality!

Duffle Bag Or Backpack?

Best Volleyball Bags

There are benefits to both duffle bags and backpacks when it comes to choosing the best volleyball bag.

Volleyball players prefer duffle bags because of their spaciousness and ability to carry bulky volleyball gear. The main compartment of these bags is usually large enough to accommodate a volleyball, knee pads, shoes, and other equipment. Water bottles, towels, and personal belongings are often included in duffle bags with additional pockets and compartments. Packing and accessing your gear is made easy by their wide openings, which is especially useful when you’re rushing to practice or a match. Moreover, duffle bags with wheels are easy to transport, especially through airports and sports facilities.

When it comes to carrying volleyball equipment, backpacks offer greater comfort and versatility. The backpacks designed for volleyball players are specifically designed to meet their needs. Volleyballs, shoes, and other gear are usually separated and protected by specialized compartments and organizers. The straps and back panels of backpacks are often padded, which distributes the weight evenly and reduces strain on your back and shoulders. When commuting to training sessions or tournaments or walking long distances, this feature is especially useful. Additionally, volleyball backpacks often include water bottle mesh pockets and external attachment points for volleyball nets and jackets.

Duffle bags and backpacks are both good volleyball bags, depending on your preferences and specific requirements. If you want easy access to your gear and plenty of space, a duffle bag might be the better choice. An ideal choice for volleyball players is a volleyball-specific backpack because it offers comfort, organization, and proper weight distribution. Make your decision based on your needs, the amount of gear you carry, your level of mobility, and your level of convenience.

Essential Features of a Volleyball Bag

Best Volleyball Bags

Several key features should be considered when choosing the best volleyball bag:

Spacious Compartments

It is important that volleyball bags have compartments designated for different items so that they can be easily accessed and stored.

Ventilation and Odor Control

Consider a bag with breathable compartments or mesh pockets to keep your gear fresh and free of unpleasant odors.

Durable and Water-Resistant Materials

To protect your volleyball equipment, choose a volleyball bag made from durable and water-resistant materials.

Comfortable Straps and Handles

Especially when carrying equipment in the bag, make sure the straps and handles are padded.

Extra Pockets and Storage Options

You can easily access smaller items such as keys, wallets, and phones with additional pockets and storage options.

Design and Style

Your volleyball gear will be more stylish if you choose a bag with a design that suits your taste.

How to Maintain and Clean Your Volleyball Bag

The lifespan of your volleyball bag can be extended through proper maintenance and cleaning. For optimal performance, follow these tips:

  • Remove any dirt or debris from the bag after each use.
  • To clean the bag’s interior and exterior, wipe it down with a damp cloth.
  • Soft brushes are recommended for scrubbing tougher stains with a mild soap solution.
  • Before storing the bag, let it air dry completely.
  • Sunlight and extreme temperatures should be avoided when using the bag.

Keeping your volleyball bag clean and ready for play is as simple as following these steps.


Can I use a regular backpack as a volleyball bag?

Volleyball bags come with specialized features designed to accommodate your gear more effectively compared to regular backpacks. Volleyball equipment is specifically accommodated in compartments and pockets in these bags.

Are volleyball bags waterproof?

There are some volleyball bags that are waterproof, but most are made from materials that are water-resistant to protect your gear in case of light rain or accidental spills. For details on water resistance, please refer to the product description.

Can volleyball bags be used for other sports?

Yes, volleyball bags can also be used for other sports. Sports equipment can be carried in them, and they are versatile enough for a variety of activities.

How do I know what size volleyball bag to choose?

You should take into account the amount of volleyball equipment you typically carry, as well as knee pads, shoes, and other accessories. To ensure that your items can fit comfortably in the bag, check their dimensions and capacity.

Can I wash my volleyball bag in a washing machine?

Cleaning and maintenance instructions should be found in the manufacturer’s manual. Machine washing is an option for some volleyball bags, while hand washing may be required for others. Don’t damage the bag by following the recommended guidelines.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a player or coach, having a reliable volleyball bag is essential. Additionally, it displays your personality and style as well as provides convenient storage for your gear. 

You can’t go wrong with either the Nike Brasilia duffle bag or if you prefer the best volleyball backpack, the UA Contain for elite volleyball players or those who have a lot of equipment to carry.

In spite of its imperfections, the Wilson AVP beach volleyball bag should definitely be considered by beach volleyball players.

To find the perfect bag for your needs, consider the factors mentioned in this article. Your volleyball bag will keep everything organized for your game and allow you to concentrate on your game. These products are my official recommendations, but any of the ones I’ve mentioned today are great.

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