The 7 Best Shoes For Grass Volleyball in 2024

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We will discuss the Best Shoes For Grass Volleyball available right now on this page. As new options become available, we keep them updated.

In the summer, volleyball players around the world prefer playing outside on sand or grass courts instead of wood and plastic indoor courts. There is rapid growth in grass volleyball, especially in areas where the coast isn’t easily accessible. Playing grass volleyball is different from playing beach volleyball barefoot. Many athletes won’t keep wearing barefoot for long, though some will try it. Is there anything you should wear then? What shoes to wear for grass volleyball?

Best Grass Volleyball Shoes in 2024

Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes

Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes

Grass volleyball players tend to prefer the Salomon Speedcross trail grass running shoes. In terms of luxury, they’re definitely a good option for athletes who are serious about their games.

A popular grass volleyball shoe among serious players is the Salomon Speedcross trail running shoe.

You can’t beat the traction they provide on grass without cleats, but they’re more expensive.

These best running shoes for grass are made specifically for soft surfaces such as dirt, grass, and gravel, making them ideally suited to grass volleyball. Salomon’s outsoles are designed originally for trail running and have fairly sharp lugs (but not dangerous ones).

Grass volleyball players will appreciate the flexibility of the outsole as well as the multidirectional traction it gives.

Jumping is made easy with this pair’s cushioning, which provides high energy return.

They are known for their durability, so serious grass volleyball players will probably be able to use them for a long time.

You may not want to buy these shoes if you have wide feet since they are extremely narrow! People are complaining that the ‘wide foot’ version isn’t wide enough after I linked to it.

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Asics Gel Rocket 9/10 Volleyball Shoes

Asics Gel Rocket 910 Volleyball Shoes

It is a common question among volleyball players if their indoor shoes can be worn on grass. The Gel Rockets are the best indoor volleyball shoes for grass volleyball, but not all indoor volleyball shoes are appropriate.

There are plenty of people who play grass volleyball with indoor volleyball shoes without many problems.

You should wear the Asics Gel Rockets if you are going to wear regular volleyball shoes.

As well as sitting quite low to the ground, they feel more secure, connected to the ground than models that stand higher.

There is also a decent bite to the traction pattern by nature.

It should be noted that my favorite outdoor volleyball shoe is the Gel Rockets. The fact that they can also be used on concrete and hybrid surfaces makes them a very good choice.

This shoe is extremely durable and affordable, so it can take a beating on any surface without giving in too easily!

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Boombah Arctos Trail Shoes

Boombah Arctos Trail Shoes

The Boombah Arctos is an excellent option for grass volleyball shoes that won’t break the bank. I like the way they look, how well they bite on grass, and how well they cushion when jumping.

Trail shoes like the Arctos weigh a little more than turf shoes like the Raptor Select, but they also have a bigger outsole lug, so they perform better in bad weather.

Arctos trail shoes provide more support on uneven terrain as well as slightly muddy pitches with bidirectional lugs and a midfoot TPU shank.

It is possible to use trail shoes for volleyball instead of turf shoes unless you are playing on grass that is extremely well-maintained.

Definitely perfect for recreational/occasional grass volleyball players trying to find something that’ll satisfy their needs but won’t break the bank, these are the most affordable shoes on this list.

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Whitin Minimalist Trail Runners

Whitin Minimalist Trail Runners

Do you wish you had more traction on grass yet want that barefoot feeling? A minimalist trail shoe like these is a great option, and they’re very affordable.

If you’ve ever played grass volleyball, you’ve probably noticed that even the best-maintained courts aren’t flat.

It is inevitable that there will be uneven turf, so you’ll need something that makes you feel grounded.

The more uneven grass courts cause lateral instability in shoes with thick midsoles that feel high off the ground.

This is why grass volleyball players should ideally opt for toe shoes with thin midsoles.

Providing the extra bite on the grass you want with a minimalist trail runner, the Whitins are as close as you can get to barefoot.

There’s not a lot of cushioning in these because the midsole is so thin, but since grass is already soft, that’s not a big deal.

The best part is that these shoes are often cheaper than anything else on this list, including the budget options!

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New Balance Velo V2 Turf Shoes

New Balance Velo V2 Turf Shoes

In addition to the earlier shoes I mentioned, there are plenty of best shoes to run on grass available in women’s sizes as well, so ladies should definitely check out the Velo V2 turf shoes if they haven’t already done so.

You can choose from nine different colorways and half-size increments, so you’ll have no problem finding your perfect pair.

In addition to offering solid traction on grass, the outsole isn’t too gnarly to put your teammates at risk.

Grass volleyball players will appreciate the comfort, support, and durability of these shoes.

I would recommend ordering half a size larger than usual because these tend to run small.

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New Balance 3000 V4 Turf Shoes

New Balance 3000 V4 Turf Shoes

The New Balance 3000 V4 turf shoes are your best bet if you’re looking for style points. My opinion is that these are the coolest-looking grass volleyball kicks with the necessary traction!

In my opinion, this is the best new balance grass shoes if you spend a lot of time playing on the grass and want a top-notch look!

It is a popular grass new balance shoe for turf and grass, as well as gyms and virtually anywhere else (except perhaps indoor volleyball courts!).

You can still get durable, high-quality performance and durability from NB turf shoes, even if you disagree with the Salomons.

There are few lugs in the outsole compared to trail runner shoes, but they are still plenty sharp enough to provide excellent grip on grass volleyball courts.

You might find the NB 3000 V4 turf shoes useful for other sports and activities besides grass volleyball.

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Boombah Raptor Select Turf Shoes

Boombah Raptor Select Turf Shoes

While providing the traction you need, Boombah turf shoes are considerably less expensive than Salomons. Trail runners are a much more obvious option compared to turf shoes.

The Boombah turf shoes are the next best option (and possibly the best overall) when it comes to turf/baseball shoes from the world of trail running.

When it comes to Boombah, there are hundreds of different models, but I have selected the Raptor Select turf shoes since they’re the lightest.

This minimalist feel is highly valued by grass volleyball players, according to my research.

Grass volleyball shoes with a tongueless design are also easy to wear, and they just slip on like a sock, making them an ideal grass volleyball shoe.

To me, the Salomons are too much of an eyesore for grass volleyball, which at its best is a pretty relaxed and social activity…

Considering the Boombah shoes are half the price, they are a lot more lowkey.

I think these are, in my opinion, the best shoes for most grass volleyball players thanks to their high traction outsole and high rebound midsole.

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Tips for Improving Performance on the Grass Court

Best Shoes For Grass Volleyball

Proper Footwork Techniques

It is essential to master footwork in grass volleyball if you want to succeed. Balance and stability can be achieved by practicing precise foot placements and maintaining a low center of gravity.

Agility and Speed Drills

To improve your responsiveness and quickness on the grass court, incorporate agility and speed drills into your training regimen. There are many exercises that are effective, including cone drills, ladder drills, and shuttle runs.

Injury Prevention Strategies

Perform regular strengthening and stretching exercises to prevent common volleyball injuries. In order to provide additional support during gameplay, strengthen the muscles around your ankles and knees.

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Benefits Of Wearing Best Shoes For Grass Volleyball

Best Shoes For Grass Volleyball

Depending on your grass type, how much moisture there is in the air/grass, and how well-maintained the grass court is, grass can sometimes be pretty slippery to play on.

Increased Traction

When playing grass volleyball, wearing shoes will give you a little extra grip on the ground and prevent slippages.

You don’t want to end up on your behind when you jump for a spike!

When your feet become dirty and grass-stained after playing on the grass barefoot for some time, your grip will be significantly worse. In the absence of perfect conditions, you’re probably going to slip at some point.

Enhanced lateral support on uneven surfaces

Passing and digging involve quick lateral movements in volleyball.

There is always a risk of tripping and falling on uneven ground on grass volleyball courts, even when they are well-maintained.

With shoes like trail runners that have an extra bite and a midfoot TPU shank, you will be more stable on uneven terrain and more protected from foot and ankle injuries.

Enhances joint protection

However, the grass is naturally softer than a court indoors, but the ground can still be quite hard.

Your joints (knees, back, everywhere) may start to ache when you spend all day jumping in bare feet.

The reason for this is that spiking does not provide enough impact protection or shock absorption.

When playing long grass volleyball, it’s important to wear shoes with decent midsole cushioning to keep your knees from turning to dust.

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What To Consider When Buying Shoes For Grass Volleyball

Best Shoes For Grass Volleyball

When you decide to wear shoes for grass volleyball, how do you know which shoe is good?

Traction and Grip

Grass volleyball shoes need to provide adequate traction in order to be successful. You should wear shoes with specialized outsole patterns that provide excellent grip on grass surfaces, allowing you to quickly move to the side without slipping.

Cushioning and Support

An adequate cushioning system reduces the impact of sudden movements and jumps. Make sure your shoes have responsive midsoles that offer cushioning without sacrificing stability. Additionally, sprains and twists can be prevented during intense gameplay with proper ankle support.

Durability and Materials

Materials should be durable enough to withstand the rigors of outdoor play when making grass volleyball shoes. In order to determine a shoe’s durability, the stitching must be reinforced, the synthetic materials must be of high quality, and the overlays must be protective.

Fit and Comfort

When it comes to athletic footwear, comfort is key. Make sure your shoes fit well and have enough room for your toes to move. In addition to reducing friction and blisters during extended play, a snug fit also promotes a more comfortable fit.

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What Types Of Shoes Are Best For Grass Volleyball?

The first thing you need to understand is that a ‘grass volleyball shoe’ doesn’t exist – there isn’t a market for it.

Hence, we must be creative and come up with products that provide the traction, support, and cushioning grass volleyball players need.

As far as grass volleyball shoes are concerned, trail runners and turf shoes (softball and baseball) seem to be the most popular choices.

In barefoot grass volleyball, slippage is a major problem, so both trail and turf shoes have plenty of grip on the outsole.

You won’t have any problem finding a pair with decent cushioning to protect your joints!

What is the frequency and level of your play?

The wearing of shoes for grass volleyball is not a requirement for everyone.

There may even be some eyebrows raised in some very casual games.

Having the only pair of Salomons at a game while everyone else is going barefoot will make you seem out of place.

It’s definitely not for everyone to wear shoes on a grass volleyball pitch, so before you buy grass volleyball shoes for someone, ask them if they like the idea.

At competitive grass volleyball tournaments and leagues, wearing shoes is a given. At that point, turf shoes/trail runners make more sense.

Are shoes even necessary for grass volleyball?

In terms of how seriously you wish to take the sport, the answer really depends on your goals.

No shoes are required if you’re just hanging out with friends in a very relaxed social environment.

Barefoot playing isn’t for everyone, even those who plan to play quite competitively.

Wearing shoes while playing will certainly benefit your performance if you play often and take it seriously or participate in tournaments.

Try to find out whether your friends are wearing shoes if you’re new to grass volleyball – you don’t want to show up in your brand-new Salomons if everyone is barefoot!

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Are Indoor Volleyball Shoes Okay To Wear For Grass Volleyball?

In most cases, indoor volleyball shoes can be worn for grass volleyball, though they aren’t ideal.

As well as the condition of your shoes, it depends quite a bit on the grass. Wearing old shoes with no tread on slippery grass could actually be quite dangerous, so it’s probably better to go barefoot if you have no tread on your shoes.

Additionally, you should avoid wearing indoor shoes with thick midsoles, which instantly make you appear taller…

The grass is slightly uneven, so the higher you go, the worse the stability.

The Asics Gel Rockets are the best indoor volleyball shoes for grass volleyball since they’re relatively low to the ground and have good tread.

Likewise, don’t wear $250 indoor shoes on the lawn after buying brand-new ones!


Can you wear turf shoes on grass

It is also possible to wear turf soccer shoes on artificial grass surfaces as well as hard, dry natural grass surfaces. Injuries and foot pain have historically been caused by pressure on individual studs.

Can I wear volleyball shoes on the grass?

In general, it’s not a good idea. Volleyball shoes usually come with a special design for indoor surfaces, so wearing them outside or on concrete can remove some of that design.

Do you need knee pads for grass volleyball?

I’m sure you’ve been wondering whether or not you want to start playing volleyball. At all levels, knee pads are recommended for beginners and experienced players alike. Volleyball puts a lot of stress on the knee, which is a sensitive joint.

Can I use indoor volleyball shoes on a grass court? 

On grass courts, indoor volleyball shoes may not provide adequate traction as they are designed for smooth surfaces. When it comes to grass volleyball shoes, it is recommended that you invest in specific ones.

How often should I replace my grass volleyball shoes? 

Volleyball shoes have a life expectancy that is affected by factors like frequency and intensity of use. Replace them every six to twelve months as a general rule.

Are ankle injuries common in grass volleyball? 

Any sport can cause ankle injuries, including grass volleyball. Regular strengthening exercises and proper footwear can reduce the risk of such injuries.

Can I wear running shoes for grass volleyball? 

The traction and lateral support needed for grass volleyball are not provided by running shoes.

What’s the advantage of a herringbone outsole pattern? 

With a herringbone outsole, this shoe provides a multidirectional grip on grass courts, which makes it ideal for quick lateral movements and changes of direction.

Should you wear shoes for grass volleyball?

The popularity of grass volleyball is growing rapidly, especially in areas without easy access to the coast. Barefoot beach volleyball is best, but grass volleyball is different. The majority of athletes won’t continue wearing barefoot for very long.

Can you play volleyball on grass?

Volleyball on grass is a great alternative to indoor and beach volleyball. Everyone can enjoy grass tournaments, whether they are training for them or just playing at their local park.


Having played grass volleyball barefoot a few times, I would recommend the Boombah Raptor Select turf shoes if I were to invest in a pair of shoes for grass volleyball based on my research and reviews. They are ultra-light, convenient, and really affordable.

In the opinion of those who know more about the game than I do, there is no better shoe than the Salomons or the New Balance 3000 V4, particularly if you want something more low-key and versatile.

If you’re looking for turf shoes for the ladies, look no further than New Balance Velo V2. Layup, that one.

Try out the Whitin minimalist trail runners if you want some extra traction while playing barefoot.

Consider Gel Rockets if you usually play indoor volleyball and need new shoes, but also play grass volleyball occasionally!

Moreover, you can also check guides for wide-feet volleyball shoes and Nike shoes.

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