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You need to live and breathe volleyball in order to become an excellent volleyball player. You should not only practice hard on the court but also devote some extra time to practicing at home.

Volleyball players who practice at home are more likely to perform at their best than those who don’t. Your volleyball practice sessions can be far more effective if you have the right volleyball training equipment at home.

Here are the best volleyball training aids for practicing volleyball at home, as well as how to use them effectively.

Let’s get started!

Best Volleyball Training Equipment For Home

An in-depth review can be found here. You will find everything you need for home use here.

Mikasa MGV500 Heavyweight Volleyball

Mikasa MGV500 Heavyweight Volleyball

The easiest and fastest way to improve your setter skills is to use a weighted volleyball, otherwise known as a setter ball. Heavy balls add weight to your hands, fingers, and arms, which causes these muscles to adapt.

Setting further with better accuracy and for longer is far easier when you use a regulation ball. This setter ball is a really solid choice if you’re looking for something that’s high quality and will last longer than most others.

It’s made from quality materials, and once it’s inflated, it usually doesn’t need much inflation. Mikasa’s setter ball is the perfect weight for all users.

There are other setter balls that are shipped deflated, whether completely or slightly, to the point of not being usable right away.

Even so, it’s probably a good idea to have a cheap hand pump on hand. Other setter balls have been criticized for being too light and customers expected them to be significantly heavier…

Having a weight of 16oz, the Mikasa heavyweight volleyball does not disappoint when it comes to weight (approximately 70% heavier than a regulation ball).

As a result, it is a good option for individuals of all ages and abilities. The ball is made of high-quality materials. The volleyball feels soft to the touch and feels like an indoor volleyball of high quality.

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PowerNet Setter Training Net

PowerNet Setter Training Net

Setters at all levels benefit from a volleyball setting net as one of their best training tools. Anyone who wants to improve their setting accuracy will benefit from this training aid since setting is a crucial skill.

A volleyball setting net provides instant feedback on set accuracy, and players do not have to spike the balls or catch them, so using one like this is the quickest way to accumulate tons of repetitions.

A company named PowerNet specializes in all kinds of sports nets, including the most affordable volleyball setter net available. For younger, less experienced volleyballers, it is an excellent option because it has an opening of approximately 3’x3.5′.

Furthermore, it can be adjusted between 45 and 180 degrees, making it suitable for a variety of sets. Indoors and outdoors, it works great.

You can also store volleyballs in the net or feed them into the basket by using the drawstring on the net. In addition, the net can be adjusted from 7.5 to 11.5 feet in height using 5 different height settings.

Younger players will also benefit from this. A carry bag is included with the PowerNet for transportation, and it is quite quick to set up and pack down.

One user noticed that the bag started to fall apart after just a few uses due to poor quality!

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The Edge Pro Spike Trainer With Target Stand

Best Volleyball Training Equipment For Home

Because of its incredibly efficient spike training system, it is the holy grail of volleyball training. The spikers on this list will turn you into freakishly good spikers in a hurry.

Among all the skills in any sport, spikes in volleyball are the most biomechanically difficult to learn, according to my old national team coach. That can’t be far from the truth, no matter if it’s true or not!

Setters are often frustrated by inexperienced spikers (who are also learning how to set) not placing the ball where they need it. Regardless of how skilled you are, perfecting timing is extremely difficult.

The faster an athlete can learn how to jump high, make a smooth arm swing, and follow through on the volleyball, the better spiker they will become. It doesn’t matter whether you use one of these to practice by yourself at home or in a team setting, you’ll get tons of benefit from it.

Consequently, spike training is incredibly efficient, so you can do more reps than your competitors. By doing this, you will learn how to spike significantly faster than most other players!

There’s more to come!

When you don’t have access to a volleyball net, the target net is the best tool for practicing sitting alone at home. With this spike training system, you’ll not only get a top-of-the-line spike system, but you’ll also become an elite setter!

These things have received overwhelmingly positive reviews, and now I wish I had had one of these as a kid. Christmas or birthday gifts don’t get better than this!

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Ovanto Spike Solo Trainer

Ovanto Spike Solo Trainer

Perhaps you were searching for elastic volleyball rebound trainers instead of volleyball rebounders… I’ve got you covered!

The tool allows users to both serve and spike volleyballs at home efficiently. Serving and spiking without a partner can be very annoying and tedious since it’s impossible to run after the ball you just hit.

By returning the ball directly to you, a solo trainer solves that problem. It allows players to get lots of repetitions, which enables them to develop much more quickly.

You may be having trouble getting your child to serve the ball over the net because he or she is just getting into volleyball. You can get your kid used to contact the ball with power in the right location quickly with this trick!

Moreover, these items come with a pair of setting straps that you can wrap around your hands to promote proper setting form without excessive hand contact. In order to set with the attachments, players must develop good technique so that the ball does not sit in the palm of their hands.

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Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder

Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder

Volleyball rebounders are usually sized based on their size. By a wide margin, Aceletiq’s rebounder is the biggest and highest-quality product among the alternatives.

When it comes to volleyball, I always say you should get more reps in, to make more contact with the ball.

In the absence of teammates, a rebounder is a great option.

Aceletiq rebounders are bigger than most, making them more user-friendly. Volleyball rebounders with larger frames allow you to stand farther away from the frame and hit the ball harder.

For older players who want to practice really swinging on the ball, it is ideal not only for young players who lack accuracy. Furthermore, this rebounder doesn’t have any dead zones, so the ball will rebound squarely wherever you hit it.

One of the more weatherproof options available on the market, this thing is super solid. Despite the fact that it does not store completely flat and weighs over 30 pounds, it works well with volleyballs because of the extra weight.

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Tips for Using Training Equipment Effectively

  • You should begin with the basics and gradually add more advanced equipment.
  • Use specific training aids after consulting with a coach or experienced player.
  • The key to improving your skills is consistency; practice regularly.
  • Prevent injuries by listening to your body and avoiding overexertion.

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Is it possible to practice volleyball alone at home?

Many aspects of volleyball can be practiced solo with the right volleyball equipment, such as a volleyball rebounder net and a volleyball serving machine.

Which training equipment is essential for beginners?

It is important for beginners to start with equipment like practice volleyballs, resistance bands, and balance training tools.

Can I improve my vertical jump with jump training boxes alone?

The use of jump training boxes can improve your vertical leap, but other strength and conditioning exercises should be incorporated into your workout routine for maximum results.

Are there any safety precautions I should take while using resistance bands?

In order to prevent injuries, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using resistance bands. Gradually increase the intensity of resistance levels as you progress.

How often should I practice with these training tools to see improvement?

The key to success is consistency. To see noticeable improvements in your volleyball skills, practice at least three to four times a week.


My top recommendation for setters is the Mikasa volleyball since I am a huge proponent of weighted volleyballs.

Volleyball rebounders are also incredibly easy to use and effective, so I’m a huge fan.

A volleyball cannot be touched so efficiently by any other piece of equipment.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for the holy grail of volleyball spike trainers, check out the Edge Pro.

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