Why You Should Wear Arm Sleeves in Volleyball?

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As volleyball equipment becomes more and more popular, arm sleeves are becoming an essential part of it. Is it important to use them regularly? What are the benefits of using them? There are a number of reasons why arm sleeves should be a regular part of your wardrobe.

Why Do Players Wear Volleyball Arm Sleeves?

Why You Should Wear Arm Sleeves in Volleyball

It has been found that volleyball arm sleeves can provide an added layer of protection between your arms and the ball in a lot of cases. As a result, you’ll be able to receive the ball more easily and you might find that it gives you a little more support in the elbow, which is crucial if you have weak muscles or joints in your elbow.

Here’s a guide that will help you learn everything you need to know

Arm sleeves vs long shirt

To begin with, we need to answer why arm sleeves are needed when a long shirt can protect our elbows and forearms. Many girl’s teams in the USA play in student competitions with long shirts or even long-sleeved jerseys. European volleyball leagues are less likely to wear long-sleeved jerseys.

I will describe later in the video what the main difference between arm sleeves and long shirts is that arm sleeves usually offer more positive features than long shirts.

As well, you won’t be able to mix and match sweaty long sleeves with other shirts. If you sweat in practice or during a game, you must wash this long-sleeved shirt.

Having smaller arm sleeves allows us to use them more often for practice or games because they only cover our arms, allowing us to combine them better, remove them, and combine them more often. Additionally, arm sleeves do not have to be worn on both arms at the same time. They can be worn separately. They can also be worn only to warm up during practice and then removed, or they can be worn only for serve reception exercises. A long shirt is simply less variable than one of these.

Arm sleeves basics

As the name implies, arm sleeves are worn on the arms. The material is usually elastic and wraps around the arms gently. Designed to wick away sweat from the body. Most arm sleeves cover your elbow and most of your biceps, but sometimes you see sleeves that only cover your forearms.

Players of the American national volleyball team, for example, use arm sleeves from Mizuno. The Nike or McDavid arm sleeves are also available in several colors, as shown in the link at the bottom of the description.

Arm sleeves serve what purpose?

The most important function of arm sleeves is to support the muscles and improve blood circulation. Compression sleeves can give you a competitive edge over your opponents. Compression sleeves perform mainly one function: improving and regulating blood flow and circulation in the arms. Almost any sport can benefit from these features, but different types of training and people can benefit most from them. Compression arm sleeves are used by runners, football players, basketball players, and cyclists, but volleyball players most importantly benefit from them.

An arm sleeve gently presses the skin’s outer surface. This increases blood flow throughout the body by gently increasing blood pressure in the arms. The increase in heart rate will result in an increase in blood supply, which will assist in improving oxygen supply and boosting energy levels.

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It will be better for you

It is my belief that arm sleeves will improve your receiving or defending capabilities on the field. In the first place, they can increase someone’s sense of security when a hard attack comes at them, which is normally quite painful when the ball is played. Passing a hard serve may be a concern for some volleyball players.

He may find his fears to be moderate due to the psychological support effect of arm sleeves.

In addition, arm sleeves keep your hands from sweating, which can lead to inaccurate reception. Matches and practices have always bothered me about this.

Our training in Argentina, for example, was almost always done in temperatures above 30 degrees, and we sweated from start to finish. While practicing, we constantly wiped our hands on our shirts after changing shirts.

Your hands won’t have to be wiped on your back when you wear arm sleeves. Additionally, the volleyball arm sleeves have a special surface that prevents the ball from slipping. You should simply be able to pass the ball more effectively with them.

Preventing burn in a fall

You should also wear arm sleeves if you fall in the field to avoid getting burned. As you know, during a match you jump for a difficult ball, do your best to prevent it from falling to the ground, fly through the air, grab the ball, but burn your elbow as a result.

However, your burnt elbow and possible treatment have to be considered now that you have taken the ball. Just volleyball arm sleeves will prevent you from burning your elbows when you fall, so you can focus on your performance.

Injury prevention

Additionally, arm sleeves prevent injuries due to their compression function. A compression shirt is similar to this. The purpose of wearing them is not only to keep our body warm but also to prevent muscle injury by wicking sweat away from it. In addition to keeping our arms warm, arm sleeves protect our arm muscles and help prevent elbow injuries.

During practice, my elbow often hurt when we were attacking a lot, similar to the elbows of tennis players. Generally, resting and hitting less helped me, but wearing arm sleeves greatly reduces the chances of overloading your elbow and resulting in pain. You will also notice that arm sleeves will help if you already have elbow problems.

Forearm and skin protection

When it comes to problems, I have to mention the forearm pain I experience after receiving hard balls. As soon as a volleyball player starts playing volleyball and bumps, his forearms begin to burn. This bounce of the volleyball is not used to our skin and muscles underneath.

We no longer experience this pain as often after a few practices. You can expect your forearms to be put to the test if you’re on the receiving end and passing receptions fired at 120 kilometers through a serve machine. You can find photos of professional players with bruises all over their forearms after such training. These problems can be avoided with arm sleeves. By limiting overextension and unnatural movements, compression arm sleeves can also help prevent injuries.

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Recovery of muscles

Moderate pressure can reduce pain caused by injury or stress in other sports as well. Sleeves for compression arm work similarly to bandages or braces, providing support to the arm muscles and elbow joint.

Reducing stress increases the chance of healing and improving training. A body that has better circulation is more likely to recover from a workout faster when it is tired and overworked.

Reduce fatigue and increase performance

It is also possible to boost your overall performance by using volleyball compression arm sleeves. As a result, your muscles receive more oxygen and blood flow. You can use your muscles for longer periods of time without fatigue when there is more blood and oxygen flowing to them.

You are more likely to win a volleyball match if you are in good shape and have a long body. Compression arm sleeves help improve blood circulation and blood flow, which is one of the benefits of using them.

In spite of what it sounds like, increased pressure or compression actually slows down blood flow. The increase in blood flow is actually caused by increased blood pressure.

Compression arm sleeves also increase muscle oxygenation in conjunction with this benefit. Having more oxygen in the bloodstream improves muscle performance since muscles require oxygen to function properly.

Any physical activity can be improved by wearing compression arm sleeves.

Sleeves on arms look cool

There’s no way I can ignore the coolness of arm sleeves. Sports equipment manufacturers make them in a variety of colors and they look fantastic. It looks great when yellow jerseys, white knee socks, and white shoes are combined with white arm sleeves worn by the women’s Brazilian volleyball team.

You can see players wearing one compression sleeve per arm, or different colours on both arms. As arm sleeves become more fashionable, I expect to see them on more amateur players, as well as volleyball stars, in the future.

Sleeves are just a convenience

In the end, arm sleeves are nothing more than a tool. Putting everything on your arm sleeves and expecting them to be the miracle cure for all your volleyball problems is not a good idea. Your technique problems won’t be solved by them.

It’s not possible to wear arm sleeves to every volleyball practice throughout your life. Suppose you forgot them, then what?

Consider them a good servant instead, but don’t expect miracles from them. In this article I will share some tips and reasons why compression arm sleeves are beneficial for players.


It is more than just a trend to wear arm sleeves in volleyball; it is also a strategic decision to both prevent injuries and improve performance. Adding them to any player’s gear offers a number of benefits, from impact protection to increased blood circulation.

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