The 8 Best Adidas Volleyball Shoes for Men & Women 2024

The best Adidas volleyball shoes 2024 look really good, which is unusual given that the brand doesn’t tend to market itself exclusively to volleyball players.

As someone who needs new volleyball shoes myself, I’ve just spent the last day researching how Adidas shoes compare to other brands and for which types of volleyball players they’re best.

Depending on your own unique volleyball requirements, this article will help you pick the right shoe for you.

Which Adidas volleyball shoe is best?

Volleyball shoes from Adidas are well known for their high quality and game-ready capabilities. You can step up your game on the court with Adidas volleyball shoes without sacrificing comfort. The Adidas Crazyflight Volleyball Shoes are our top pick for high-quality Adidas volleyball shoes.

Best Adidas Volleyball Shoes For Men & Women

Adidas CrazyFlight

Adidas CrazyFlight

This volleyball shoe has top-of-the-line shock absorption (perfect for jumping), good stability, and traction during lateral movements.

I gave the CrazyFlight shoe just barely the edge over the Dame 7s, mainly because it does a really good job across the board – there are no apparent flaws to be found.

Featuring a low and a mid-top style, the CrazyFlight is ideal for both men and women.

A great option for preventing ankle sprains when performing quick lateral or stopping movements, it excels in foot and ankle security.

Also, it does well on dusty courts when it comes to traction, outperforming the other shoes.

However, it feels quite lightweight despite being slightly heavier than some other volleyball shoes.

As far as jumping is concerned, it could use a little more spring, but it’s still a good shoe.

Under $100 is the current retail price of this shoe, making it exceptionally affordable.

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Adidas Novaflight

Adidas Novaflight

Adidas Novaflight Lightweight mesh uppers lock down your midfoot for a stable landing and jump. A specially designed bounce midsole makes it possible to move quickly in any direction.

Keeping you competitive on the highest level is made easy with the court performance system outsole, which is why these Adidas Volleyball Shoes are also used by professionals.

There is excellent grip on the court, and you won’t experience major slipping or sliding. Despite their natural appearance, they feel extremely comfortable. The upper part of these shoes is made of mesh material, which allows your feet to breathe and prevents them from losing stability.

This model is made of gum rubber, which gives the Adidas Novaflight excellent traction, making it a great choice for liberos and setters. Braces can provide additional protection if you suffer from ankle problems.

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Adidas Men’s Don Issue 3

Adidas Men’s Don Issue 3

While Adidas Men’s Don Issue is a basketball shoe, it has a highly flexible rubber outsole that makes it a great volleyball shoe. You will definitely stand out on the court with their unique design.

Donovan Mitchell’s fast and explosive play style is represented by the unique Spida Logo on the upper part of the sneakers.

As is tradition with basketball shoes, it comes in many colorways. Volleyball players, whether amateur or professional, are increasingly wearing basketball shoes instead of volleyball shoes.

There are several reasons for this, including the fact that basketball shoes look better and perform similarly to volleyball shoes. 

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Adidas Volleyball Stabil X

Adidas Volleyball Stabil X

Among the best budget Adidas volleyball shoes is the Volleyball Stabil X, which has high manufacturing quality and is suitable for all levels of volleyball players.

With a breathable upper, the Adidas Volleyball Stabil X reduces overall weight and allows air to circulate in the shoe to reduce foot overheating and sweating, ultimately increasing your performance.

Stability and support are provided by the shoe’s TPU chassis. When moving across the court quickly, the foot remains locked in place thanks to the support structure. This shoe also features excellent sole adhesion, high durability, and excellent pressure absorption.

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Adidas Forcebounce Volleyball Shoes

Adidas Forcebounce Volleyball Shoes

The Adidas Forcebounce volleyball shoe is one of the company’s newest models.

Indoor volleyball players will love this shoe. The high-quality sole of this shoe reduces slipping on the court while increasing speed and agility.

Additionally, this shoe is lightweight and completely fixed to the foot.

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Adidas Dame 7

Adidas Dame 7

In my opinion, the Dame 7 is one of the best volleyball shoes of all time. Spikers who operate around the net can depend on them for plenty of support. They’re super affordable and come in a wide variety of colors.

Dame 7s’ shock absorption system is perhaps their best feature. With its thick rubber sole, this shoe is ideal for volleyball players who do a lot of jumping.

In order to prevent injuries and keep growing as a volleyballer, it’s essential to take care of your ankles, knees, and hips. Joints are brutally damaged when you jump. The Dame 7 is ideal for people who do a lot of jumping.

Compared to other volleyball shoes, these are slightly heavier, but if that means you won’t lose cartilage in your knees, I think it’s an acceptable price…

In spite of their weight, they feel like jumping in a cloud despite how heavy they are.

There are many different styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find one you’ll love. The price of these shoes is currently around $80, so they are a pretty good deal.

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Adidas Ligra 7

Adidas Ligra 7

For such a small price, you get amazing value. It’s hard to find a volleyball shoe that’s more comfortable than these. A stylish classic-looking sneaker you can wear off-court as well. Using recycled materials makes it good for the environment.

I love everything about this shoe. Wearing these kicks literally saves the planet, since they’re made from over 50% recycled materials and are affordable at only $65 each.

This volleyball shoe is widely regarded as one of the most comfortable on the market, making it ideal for beginners and casual players alike.

You can wear them anywhere, and you’ll have that classic black sneaker look even though they are designed for performance and comfort on the court. If you prefer white, they are also available.

Ligra 7 can literally be worn anywhere even when you’re not on the court! Most volleyball shoes look out of place away from the court. There’s no way you can look cool at the mall wearing these.

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Adidas Stabil Next Gen

Adidas Stabil Next Gen

This shoe has a high level of responsiveness and springiness and is ideal for quick movements. There are so many reasons why it’s a libero’s dream shoe. Besides being ridiculously stylish, these shoes are also extremely comfortable.

Sports such as volleyball, badminton, and handball require kicks designed specifically for indoor courts. Due to their responsiveness, they are perfect for defending in the backcourt since you can make very accurate movements very quickly.

In addition, they’re extremely springy, so jumping into them feels amazing. Their excellent ankle support makes them perfect for anything requiring explosive movement.

However, these shoes aren’t ideal for jumping (multiple times a week) because they don’t have good shock absorption.

I think the most important aspect of these shoes is their sleek appearance, so if you want style points, you need these!

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Top Features of Adidas Volleyball Shoes

A wide range of top-notch features are built into Adidas volleyball shoes to elevate your game. Performance, comfort, and support are all enhanced by these features:

Advanced Cushioning Technology

During jumps and prolonged play, Adidas’ midsoles incorporate cutting-edge cushioning technologies. Comfort is enhanced by foam or gel cushioning that responds to your movements.

Designing for optimal support

It is Adidas’ design goal to ensure optimal support during dynamic movements when designing volleyball shoes. As a result of reinforced heel counters and midsole structures, the shoe provides stability during jumps and landings.

Material that breathes for comfort

During intense gameplay, Adidas volleyball shoes feature breathable materials to keep your feet comfortable. Reducing moisture and regulating temperature are two benefits of this feature.

Outsole technology and traction patterns

Adidas volleyball shoes feature specialized traction patterns for improved grip on indoor volleyball courts, such as herringbone or multidirectional patterns. Its rubber compound is designed to provide traction and durability without compromising either.

Performance Durability

Adidas designs its volleyball shoes with durability in mind because it understands the demands of the game. In high-wear areas, these shoes feature reinforced toe caps and additional protective features.

Color options and stylish aesthetics

Adidas volleyball shoes are not only highly functional but also stylish and available in a variety of colors and designs. By wearing high-quality footwear, players can express their style while benefiting from functional benefits.

Ankle Support Options

Ankle support is built into some Adidas volleyball shoes and some feature snug-fitting ankle straps. During intense movements, this enhances stability as well as helps minimize the risk of injuries.

Customization Features

There may be customization options available in certain Adidas models, which allow players to customize their shoes according to their preferences. An individualized and satisfying playing experience can be achieved by personalizing the game.

Adidas volleyball shoes combine performance, comfort, and style to position themselves as the premier choice for volleyball players.

Types of Adidas Volleyball Shoes

Best Adidas Volleyball Shoes

In addition to indoor volleyball shoes, Adidas also offers outdoor volleyball shoes and hybrid volleyball shoes. Shoes designed for indoor volleyball can be worn on gym floors or other indoor surfaces. Gum rubber soles are commonly used in these shoes, which provide excellent traction without marking the court.

Outdoor volleyball shoes provide increased protection from the harsher elements of outdoor play. Designed to resist dirt, sand, rocks, and other debris that is commonly found in outdoor settings, these are made of tougher materials.

Hybrid volleyball shoes can be worn both indoors and outdoors. The durable construction and adaptable design of these shoes make them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

There are various types of shoes, each with its own pros and cons based on the needs of the individual player.

The type of Adidas Volleyball Shoe that’s right for you depends on factors such as comfort, support, durability, traction, breathability, weight, and style preferences.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Adidas Volleyball Shoes

You can choose these Adidas volleyball shoes based on the following factors:

Traction and Grip

When choosing Adidas volleyball shoes, make sure they offer good traction and grip for swift movements on the court. For rapid lateral shifts and directional changes, the outsole design and material are essential. 

For excellent traction on indoor volleyball courts, choose patterns such as herringbone or multidirectional designs. 

Additionally, ensure optimal performance during intense gameplay by choosing a rubber compound that balances grip and durability.

Support and Stability

It is vital to evaluate the level of support and stability in volleyball shoes, particularly when jumping and landing. To ensure adequate support during dynamic movements, evaluate the midsole structure and materials. 

In addition to preventing excessive foot movement, reinforced heel counters can help to improve overall stability. Moreover, if you are engaged in high-impact activities, wear shoes that are snugly fitted to minimize the risk of injury.


When playing for extended periods of time, comfort is paramount, so evaluating cushioning technology is essential. When jumping and playing for extended periods on the court, check the midsole cushioning to ensure it absorbs impact effectively. 

The cushioning should be responsive to your movements, so you can stay comfortable throughout the entire game. 

For extended play sessions to be comfortable, a balance must be struck between responsiveness and shock absorption.


Ensure that the upper, midsole, and outsole of your choice Adidas volleyball shoes are made from high-quality materials so that they will perform well for a long period of time. The toe caps of your shoes should be reinforced or additional protection should be provided in areas that wear out quickly. 

Your decision-making process can be aided by the reviews and testimonials of other users about an Adidas volleyball shoe model, which may help you determine its long-term durability.

Style Considerations

Choosing the right volleyball shoes is not just about functionality, but also about personal style preferences. Discover a pair that resonates with your style by exploring the available colors and design aesthetics. 

A unique design feature or customization option may enhance both performance and aesthetics. 

For a comprehensive and satisfying choice, prioritize functionality, ensuring that your personal preferences are aligned with the design chosen.

Care and Maintenance

Best Adidas Volleyball Shoes

Maintaining your Adidas volleyball shoes properly will ensure their longevity and performance. The following guidelines will help you maintain the condition of your footwear:


  • When you are done using a surface, wipe it clean with a damp, soft cloth.
  • You can thoroughly clean your shoes by removing the insoles and laces and gently scrubbing them with a mixture of mild soap or detergent and water.
  • Make sure the shoes are completely dry before wearing them again. In order to avoid damaging the materials, do not use high-heat sources such as hair dryers.


  • You should store your Adidas volleyball shoes away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. Materials can degrade over time if they are exposed to excessive heat.
  • If you want to keep your shoes in good shape during storage, you can use shoe trees or stuff the toe area with newspaper.


  • Depending on how often you play volleyball, you may want to rotate between multiple pairs of shoes. By allowing each pair to breathe, the overall wear on the pair can be reduced.

Avoiding Wet Conditions

  • When playing volleyball indoors, be careful not to get your shoes wet, even if the courts are indoors. In addition to affecting materials’ integrity, moisture can also cause unpleasant odors.

Replacing Insoles

  • You should replace your insoles periodically, especially if they seem worn out or no longer cushion well. As a result, the shoes will provide a greater level of support and comfort.

Avoiding Extreme Conditions

  • Make sure to prevent your volleyball shoes from being exposed to extreme temperatures, cold, or prolonged periods of moisture. Material integrity can be compromised under these conditions.

Inspections on a regular basis

  • Examine your shoes periodically for signs of wear and tear, such as worn-out soles, loose stitching, and peeling materials. The sooner you take care of these issues, the longer your shoes will last.

Using these care and maintenance practices, you can extend the life of your Adidas volleyball shoes and ensure they provide you with years of support on the court.

Are Adidas volleyball shoes suitable for professional volleyball players?

Best Adidas Volleyball Shoes

Adidas volleyball shoes were almost unknown among volleyball players three or four years ago.

Asics, Nike, Mizuno, and other long-standing brands that produce volleyball equipment are now serious competitors for this brand’s high-quality and professional shoes.

Several volleyball stars now wear Adidas shoes in prestigious volleyball competitions such as Serie A and other prestigious leagues.

Are Adidas Shoes Good For Volleyball?

When it comes to volleyball shoes, Adidas is generally a good brand.

Since their volleyball shoe selection is fairly small, I wouldn’t say they’re the best, but overall, their shoes are solid.

Are Adidas Ultraboost Good For Volleyball?

It is absolutely not a good idea to play volleyball in Adidas Ultraboost running shoes.

There is virtually no ankle lockdown in these shoes, resulting in extreme lateral instability and containment. Consequently, they have bad lateral movements on volleyball courts when we make quick lateral movements.

There’s no doubt that the Ultraboost is not the best volleyball shoe!

Compare Adidas Shoes with Other Volleyball Shoe Brands

Best Adidas Volleyball Shoes

In comparison to Asics, Mizuno, and Nike, Adidas volleyball shoes hold their own.

You should definitely check out Mizuno and Asics when searching for volleyball shoes since these brands are well known.

When it comes to volleyball shoes, Nike and Adidas are less well-established, but both make excellent basketball shoes, some of which also work well for volleyball. You can check Nike volleyball shoes here.

Adidas volleyball shoes excel in two areas over their competition, as shown below.

  • Good shock absorption: Adidas has an excellent selection of basketball shoes that I believe are the best option for volleyball players who jump a lot.
  • A+ Style Points: Adidas shoes tend to look better than Asics and Mizunos overall. Finding a pair of shoes that look really good is always a good idea when all these different shoes perform similarly.

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Why Adidas Volleyball Shoes Are Worth It


The Adidas brand is known for its high-quality, long-lasting footwear. You’ll have a reliable partner for countless practices and matches when you choose Adidas volleyball shoes.

Proven Performance

Adidas is a brand that is chosen for a reason by many volleyball players. At the highest levels of sport, these shoes have been tested and trusted.

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Are Adidas volleyball shoes suitable for indoor and outdoor play?

It is true that many Adidas volleyball shoes are versatile enough to be worn indoors and outdoors. To ensure the shoe meets your specific requirements, it’s important to check its specifications.

How do I clean and maintain my Adidas volleyball shoes?

You can easily clean your Adidas volleyball shoes. Allow them to air dry after wiping off dirt and stains with a damp cloth. Chemicals and machine washing can damage shoes, so avoid using them.

Can I use orthotic insoles with Adidas volleyball shoes?

If you want to enhance the comfort and support of your Adidas volleyball shoes, you can use orthotic insoles. You just need to make sure the insoles you choose are compatible with the design of the shoes.

Do Adidas volleyball shoes come with a warranty?

It depends on the specific model and the store where you purchase Adidas products and whether they offer a warranty. Before purchasing, make sure you check the warranty details.

Where can I purchase authentic Adidas volleyball shoes?

It is recommended to purchase Adidas volleyball shoes from authorized retailers or from the official Adidas website if you want to ensure they are genuine Adidas shoes.


As a middle blocker, opposite, and any other hitter on a budget, I recommend the Dame 7s.

I would recommend the Stabil Nex Gens to liberos and backcourt specialists because they are lightweight, ultra-responsive, and insanely cool.

Crazyflights are one of the best performers on the market today, so I recommend them to just about everyone else. Moreover, you can check Best Ankle Braces For Volleyball

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