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Setters can dramatically improve their performance by using a weighted volleyball for setters, also known as a setter ball.

Adapting to the added weight of the heavy ball requires the muscles in your arms, hands, and fingers to work harder.

Using a regulation ball allows you to set further, more accurately, and for longer periods of time.

My last hour was spent reading reviews of each of these balls on the internet, so I know exactly what’s good and what’s not.

Best Weighted Volleyballs For Setters

Throughout this article, I’ll help you decide which setter ball is right for you or your kids by reviewing the top 4 setter balls money can buy.

Let’s get started!

Baden HeavySetter Training Ball

Baden HeavySetter Training Ball

If you are looking for a slightly heavier training ball for male athletes or stronger female high school or college volleyball players, I would recommend the Baden Heavy Setter.

A Baden training ball weighs about 1 ounce heavier than a standard weighted volleyball, which weighs 17 ounces.

Athletes who want a little more stimulation when training, such as older or stronger individuals, will appreciate this feature.

This is the best weighted volleyball on our list for the price, so it’s a no-brainer!

Most of these products ship inflated and are ready to use right away.

In addition to that, it is made from quality materials, is soft to the touch, and doesn’t have that hard plastic feel.

There are outstanding reviews for this product, and I personally prefer it to the Mikasa ball!

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Mikasa Heavy Weight Volleyball

Mikasa Heavy Weight Volleyball

Unlike other setter balls, the Mikasa setter ball is very light, made of quality materials, and usually does not require much inflation.

You may want to consider the Mikasa setter ball if you need high-quality setter balls that will last for a long time.

This ball ships fairly well inflated, so you may only have to inflate it slightly once you receive it.

Some other setter balls come deflated or partially deflated, making them unusable right out of the box.

It may still be a good idea to have a cheap hand pump on hand.

Many customers complain that other setter balls are too light or that they expected them to be heavier…

In terms of weight, the Mikasa heavyweight volleyball is no less heavy than a regulation ball, weighing 16 ounces (approximately 70% heavier).

All ages, skill levels, and strength levels can participate.

Male athletes over 14 should consider Baden’s HeavySetter Training Ball instead because it weighs closer to 17 ounces and it’s mostly guys complaining about the weight of setter balls.

This ball is really nice in terms of materials. Despite being super soft to the touch, it feels just like quality indoor volleyball.

Despite its high cost, it is one of the best setter balls available.

I personally think that paying a little more is worth the assurance that you will almost certainly not have to send it back, which has been the case in numerous instances with cheaper balls in the past.

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Tachikara TB-18 “The Setter”

Tachikara TB-18 “The Setter”

In addition to the Tachikara TB-18 being one of the most popular setter balls, it offers a slightly better price than many of the other products on this list.

While Amazon prices change constantly, the Baden HeavySetter 17oz volleyball sells for a lot less than the Tachikara ball at the time of writing.

It’s also a couple of dollars cheaper with the Molten setter ball…

The Tachikara ball is generally one of the most affordable balls, but it’s hard to tell how long these prices will stay that way.

Since there have been too many quality issues with this product, I am unable to recommend it to people.

It is important to note that this ball ships flat, so you may need to purchase an inexpensive hand pump to inflate it once you receive it.

It is common for crease marks on the skin of the ball to remain after it is inflated due to how it was shipped deflated and folded in half.

The ball would deflate after a single day’s use due to air leaks, according to several customers.

On the other hand, some balls worked flawlessly and had no issues.

Setter balls are often really good overall if you send them back and wait for them to be replaced.

Things like this work. The product is generally good when it isn’t faulty.

The odds aren’t worth it to me, especially since there’s little price difference between this ball and the other ones!

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Molten Setter Training Volleyball

Molten Setter Training Volleyball

There is a slight difference in weight between the Molten setter ball and most weighted volleyballs, but the Molten setter ball is still considerably heavier than a regulation volleyball. Younger, weaker players can benefit from this.

It’s definitely one of the lighter volleyballs, as most setter balls weigh about 16oz.

The volleyball still weighs about 50% more than a regulation volleyball, which weighs about 9.5oz.

It is therefore perfect for very young volleyball players and beginners who may not yet be ready for a 16-ounce ball.

Before use, these balls must be inflated with a hand pump since they come partially deflated.

For players over 13, I would recommend a setter ball of 16 oz or even 17 oz instead.

You’ll find that even kids as young as 10-12 years old will outgrow it after a couple of years and start complaining about the lightness.

There was no review that mentioned a 16/17oz setter ball being too heavy or difficult to handle.

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The Benefits of Weighted Volleyballs

Weighted Volleyballs For Setters

Improved Strength

Powerful sets are delivered by setters using their wrists and forearms. Setters can consistently deliver accurate passes and sets by exercising these essential muscle groups with weighted volleyballs.

Enhanced Control

Because weighted volleyballs have added mass, they require more precision in handling. As a result of this increased control, setters are more effective at orchestrating plays and setting up their teammates for success.

Increased Stamina

Physical exertion is involved in practicing with weighted volleyballs for setters. Incorporating them into a setter’s training program can help him or her build stamina and endurance, allowing them to perform at a high level whenever the match gets long and grueling.

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How Much Does A Weighted Volleyball Weigh?

Weighted Volleyballs For Setters

A standard weighted volleyball weighs 16 ounces or 454 grams.

A regulation volleyball weighs around 9.5 ounces, which is approximately 70% heavier.

It should be very easy to tell how much each ball weighs by looking at the weights below.

Setter Training BallsBall Weight

Are weighted volleyballs shipped inflated?

The majority of weighted volleyballs ship partially inflated, which can sometimes be used right out of the box, but usually requires further inflation.

To ensure your training ball is properly inflated, I recommend ordering a cheap ball pump along with your setter ball.

Using the Tachikara ball will require you to use a pump, as it ships completely deflated. Additional inflation may be required for the other three balls as well.

Tips for Effective Training with Weighted Volleyballs

Weighted Volleyballs For Setters

Weighted volleyball training should be done as follows:

Warm-up Properly

Prevent injuries by warming up thoroughly before practice sessions.

Focus on Technique

Be sure to use proper form when setting, paying attention to your technique.

Gradually Increase Weight

Your volleyball weight should be gradually increased as you progress to continue challenging yourself.

Moreover, you can also use Best Volleyball Training Equipment For Home

How Are Weighted Volleyballs Used?

Weighted Volleyballs For Setters

Weighted volleyballs for setters are used for strengthening volleyball setters’ arms, hands, wrists, and fingers.

As a result of the additional weight, your body adapts and becomes stronger and more efficient.

If you switch back to conventional volleyball, you are supposed to be able to set the ball further, more consistently, and for a longer period of time.

How To Use A Setter’s Ball?

Setter balls are a great alternative to volleyballs during training sessions since they can simply replace them.

Setting drills can be done with the weighted volleyball in virtually any way.

You’ll notice significant strength gains over time if you just set the ball up against a wall repeatedly.

The most important thing is to get plenty of reps, regardless of what you do!

The best results can be achieved by using a weighted volleyball daily if you are serious about improving as a setter.

For more information on developing setter-specific strength and explosiveness, check out my article on setter strength training and workouts.

Can You Use A Weighted Volleyball For Serving?

The use of a weighted volleyball for serving is not recommended.

You can use these balls specifically to develop your lower arms when setting.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to serve and pass setter weighted volleyballs, but it won’t be very effective.


Are weighted volleyballs suitable for beginners?

Beginners can benefit from weighted volleyballs if they start with an appropriate weight and focus on good technique.

How often should I practice with a weighted volleyball?

Practicing regularly is important, but be careful not to overdo it. Increase the frequency gradually by starting with a few times a week.

Can weighted volleyballs improve my serving and spiking skills too?

You can improve your overall strength and ball-handling skills by using setter weighted volleyballs, although they are typically used for setting practice.

Is it necessary to use a weighted volleyball, or can I achieve similar results with a standard one?

It is true that weighted volleyball for setters can benefit setters specifically, however using a standard volleyball can help you improve your skills in some ways as well.

Where can I purchase the recommended weighted volleyballs?

A weighted volleyball can be purchased at sporting goods stores, online retailers, or from the brand’s website directly.


I recommend Mikasa or Baden training balls for the vast majority of volleyball setters.

You can choose Baden if you are older or stronger, and Mikasa if you are not.

The Molten Ball is a great option for young children, as it is lighter and cheaper than the Mikasa, making it excellent for beginners.

I also discuss the best volleyball-setting nets in my full article covering the best weighted volleyballs, so be sure to take a look!

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