Grass Volleyball Court Dimensions (Complete Guide)

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Although there are no official rules for grass volleyball court dimensions, some standards have become widely accepted over the years.

There will be slight variations between dimensions, mostly based on the number of players.

If you are playing with friends, you can modify these guidelines to make the game more beginner-friendly or more challenging, but when you’re playing in a tournament, you should adhere to these guidelines.

When there are three or more players on court per team, the turf volleyball court dimensions are 18 x 9m (59′ x 29’6′′) and 16 x 8m (52’6″ x 26’3″), respectively.

Throughout this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind these dimensions, and discuss when deviating from these standards to create a different grass volleyball court size may be appropriate.

Let’s get started!

There Is More Likeness Between Grass Volleyball And Indoor Volleyball

Grass Volleyball Court Dimensions

It is extremely difficult to play on the sand.

One of the biggest challenges newer players face is moving efficiently on a beach volleyball court.

The movement in grass volleyball is similar to that on an indoor court.

You’ll have significantly more bite on the turf if you play barefoot or wear grass volleyball shoes, and you’ll be able to cover longer distances much more readily.

Playing on a full-sized court makes sense, with a few exceptions (see below), since you can move around on grass fairly well.

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Grass Volleyball Court Dimensions

Grass Volleyball Court Dimensions

Dimensions of the Grass Doubles (2 v 2) Volleyball Court

16 x 8m (52’6″ x 26’3) is the appropriate size for a grass doubles court (2 v 2).

It becomes extremely difficult to play on a full-sized court when there are only two players on each side, which is why doubles courts are smaller in dimensions.

The ‘short court’ format is usually referred to as this.

Dimensions of the Grass Triples (3 v 3) Volleyball Court

In grass triples volleyball (18 x 9m, 59′ x 29’6′′), the dimensions are usually 59′ x 29’6′′.

In spite of that, it would be completely acceptable to reduce the court size to the beach dimensions (16 x 8m), especially for younger or less experienced players.

For official competitions, most grass triples tournaments will use a full court, so if you’re planning an event, an 18 x 9m court would be appropriate.

Even so, both the doubles and triples events on the AVP Grass Tour will be played on the short court (16 x 8m).

The short court format for triples has been noted as odd by many, and it’s not clear why AVP chooses it.

The grass volleyball rules aren’t standardized and each league/tournament can configure them according to their own preferences.

There doesn’t seem to be much concern among the players.

Dimensions of a Grass Fours (4v4) Volleyball Court

18 x 9m is the ideal size for a four-v-four volleyball court (59′ x 29’6″).

In almost all instances, grass fours are played on the larger court, despite FIVB’s rule that beach volleyball fours need to be 16 x 8 meters.

The smaller court size has never been used for grass fours tournaments.

In grass volleyball, ball handling rules are more relaxed than those in indoor volleyball.

Dimensions of Grass Sixes (6 v 6) Volleyball Courts

18 x 9m (59’6″ x 29’6″) is the appropriate size for grass sixes volleyball (6 v 6).

A beach-sized outdoor court will become too crowded with that many players if you have that many players!

Size & Height of Grass Volleyball Nets

As with outdoor/beach volleyball, grass volleyball uses the same standard 32 ft. by 39 ft. net.

On a grass court, I have never seen or heard of a smaller/different sized net!

There is no standard height when it comes to net height.

  • Men’s and women’s: 2.43m (7 feet 11 5/8 inches)
  • The women’s height is 2.24m (7’4″)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of a regulation grass volleyball court?

Grass volleyball courts are designed to measure 18 meters long and 9 meters wide. Men’s courts have a net height of 2.43 meters, while women’s courts have a net height of 2.24 meters.

Can I convert a grass field into a volleyball court?

The boundaries of a grass field can be marked, a net installed, and an obstacle-free playing surface ensured.

How often should a grass volleyball court be mowed?

To maintain the appropriate turf height on grass volleyball courts, you should mow them regularly, typically every 1-2 weeks.

Are there any specific regulations regarding the net for grass volleyball courts?

According to official regulations, grass volleyball courts must have a net set at 2.43 meters for men’s competitions and 2.24 meters for women’s competitions, suspended horizontally across the centerline.

What safety precautions should be taken when playing on grass courts?

Prevent heat-related illnesses and injuries by wearing proper footwear, being aware of your surroundings, and staying hydrated during matches.


Although the above guidelines aren’t official rules for grass volleyball and each organization can choose their own court dimensions, following them is pretty common.

Doubles is generally played on a 16 x 8m court known as a ‘short court’. Volleyball courts are typically 18 x 9m if more than 2 players are on the court at once.

Triples will also be played on the short court on the AVP Grass Tour, but this is not a common practice. There is no difference between grass volleyball and other formats when it comes to net size and height.

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