The Best Volleyball Rebounders in 2024 [For Home]

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A volleyball rebounder is one of the most effective volleyball training tools you can use at home.

Whenever I talk about volleyball, I emphasize the importance of getting more reps in and getting more contact on the ball.

In the absence of teammates, you can practice with a rebounder.

My day has just been spent researching the best volleyball rebounders 2024 on the market, filtering out the junk, and finding five that actually deserve consideration.

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Our Top 3 Picks

ACELETIQS Lacrosse Rebounder

Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder

SKLZ Baseball and Softball Rebounder Net

SKLZ Baseball and Softball Rebounder Net

Franklin Sports Baseball Rebounder Net

Franklin Volleyball Rebounder

Top Volleyball Rebounders in 2024

  • Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder – Best Overall Volleyball Rebounder
  • SKLZ Baseball and Softball Rebounder Net – Runner-Up
  • Franklin Volleyball Rebounder – High Selling Product
  • ANYTHING SPORTS 4×7 FT Volleyball Rebounder – Best of All
  • Softball Lacrosse Rebounder Net 4 x 6 ft – Best Budget Rebounder
  • Lacrosse Scoop Premium 4x7ft Lacrosse Rebounder – Unique & Attractive
  • SKLZ Volleyball Rebounder – Best Volleyball Rebounders for Beginners
  • Flair Volleyball Rebounder – Decent
  • Ovanto Spike Solo Trainer – Best Elastic Rebounder

Taking a closer look at my findings will help us help you choose the right rebounder for you!

Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder – Best Overall Volleyball Rebounder

Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder

Size plays an important role when it comes to volleyball rebounders. Compared to the alternatives, the Aceletiq rebounder is quite a bit bigger and of higher quality.

Volleyball rebounders with a larger frame allow you to stand farther away from the frame and hit the ball harder.

It’s also great for older players who want to practice really swinging the ball, not just for younger players who lack accuracy.

This rebounder has a 5’x7′ surface area that is almost twice the size of the SKLZ rebounder (see below).

This rebounder has no dead zones, so no matter where you hit the ball, it will bounce squarely.

In terms of build quality, this thing is top-notch. In fact, it’s designed for lacrosse training, so it can withstand much greater forces than a volleyball!

Unlike some of the less sturdy rebounders, this one weighs about 30 pounds.

The threads will not fray in heat, based on the many reviews I read for this rebounder.

Furthermore, the fact that this rebounder is mostly weatherproof makes it easier to store since it doesn’t store completely flat.

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SKLZ Baseball and Softball Rebounder Net – Runner-Up

SKLZ Baseball and Softball Rebounder Net

Every softball enthusiast should own a Softball Rebounder Net. You can practice line drives and fly balls with this high-quality rebounder. You can easily set it up and start practicing your skills in no time. With the net, you can improve your technique by bouncing the ball precisely back to you.

In both baseball and softball, the Softball Rebounder Net can improve fielding skills.

This volleyball rebounder is ranked as the second best budget volleyball rebounder in the world due to its highly versatile performance and exceptional performance as a catch partner.

Fielding techniques are enhanced and ball rebounds are consistent with this highly recommended training tool.

It’s a must-have for anyone looking to improve their softball skills, whether they’re beginners or more experienced players.

The best baseball and softball fielding trainer will help you improve your game and become a standout fielder.

In addition, if you are buying a rebounder for the first time, this rebounder may be of interest to you. Compared to others, it is straightforward to set up and highly recommended. As well as providing you with some extra features, it also helps you to improve your game.

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Franklin Volleyball Rebounder– High Selling Product

Franklin Volleyball Rebounder

Around $100, the Franklin rebounder will be the best quality setup around if you’re looking to save some money.

Cheap volleyball rebounders are usually of low quality, so you need to be careful when shopping for them.

Despite its size of 4’4″x6′, the Franklin rebounder is actually quite large.

With this frame, you can adjust the angle to your liking, so you can hit volleyballs at the perfect angle.

Despite being steel, the frame is quite sturdy and will rust if left outside in the rain. Due to its flat design, it should be possible to store it somewhere under cover.

Using the metal ground stakes will help you secure the frame to the ground if it moves around too much.

By all measures, this appears to be the most robust budget rebounder, but I won’t claim it’s the best or the longest-lasting.

For the price, you won’t find a better deal!

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ANYTHING SPORTS 4×7 FT Volleyball Rebounder

ANYTHING SPORTS 4x7 FT Volleyball Rebounder

Get a better grip on your volleyball skills with the SPORTS 4×7 FT Volleyball Rebounder. A durable netting, adjustable angles, and precise ball rebounding make this an effective solo practice tool. Use this game-changing training tool to elevate your skills and dominate the court.

When it comes to improving your skills as a volleyball player, the top rated volleyball rebounder net is a must-have.

This rebound net for volleyball is perfect for solo practice sessions because of its sturdy frame, precise ball rebound, and ease of assembly.

Take your game to the next level, refine your technique, and practice wherever and whenever you like.

Take advantage of the best beginner volleyball rebounder net to elevate your game. Put your volleyball prowess to the test and dominate the court.

Our volleyball team always uses this rebounder whenever it doesn’t have a match on any platform because it is the best cheap volleyball rebounder for every type of player. Building angles and leveling up your game is really helped by this tool.

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Softball Lacrosse Rebounder Net 4 x 6 ft

Softball Lacrosse Rebounder Net

You can take your practice sessions to the next level with this rebounder’s advanced features and exceptional quality. Become a master of line drives and fly balls with confidence. With its innovative design, the system assembles easily, so you can train more and spend less time setting it up. A unique advantage for refining your technique comes from the precise and consistent ball rebounds you will experience. You can unlock your full potential on the field by investing in the Softball Rebounder Net.

It’s a game-changer for solo training sessions when you use the Pitchback Baseball Softball Lacrosse Rebounder Net.

Designed to help you practice line drives, fly balls, and fielding skills, this rebounder is of high quality and well-built.

Assembling it is easy and it can be used for a wide variety of sports due to its versatility.

This rebounder works great for play catch, fielding drills, or lacrosse training.

The Pitchback Baseball Softball Lacrosse Rebounder Net will enhance your training and help you improve your game.

The budget is always a problem most of the time. The affordable rebounder is beyond the reach of many people, especially newbies. You can also consider these options if you are looking for a cheap volleyball rebounder or a volleyball rebounder that is under budget.

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Lacrosse Scoop Premium 4x7ft Lacrosse Rebounder

Lacrosse Scoop Premium 4x7ft Lacrosse Rebounder

Franklin Sports Rebounders are fantastic training tools for athletes of all ages. This rebounder is perfect for improving your skills whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out. 

Even the youngest athletes will be able to assemble it effortlessly due to its ease of assembly. Players can improve their techniques by using the rebounder because it provides excellent ball response.

Training and skill improvement are made easy with the Lacrosse Scoop Premium 4x7ft Lacrosse Rebounder.

For practicing grounders, line drives, and pop-ups, it offers a target area that is over 25 square feet large and 4 feet wide by 6.5 feet tall.

Five different angles allow rapid training and improvement with this time-tested training tool. A powerful response is guaranteed by the rebounder’s strong bounce-back effect, which can be easily adjusted for optimal tightness.

For new volleyball players, it is the best rebounder.

Volleyball rebounders are normally found at the back of the market. As well as being designed for practice, it has a special design. With the built-in best construction and highly adjustable angles, it really supports new players. International practice matches mostly use these.

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SKLZ Volleyball Rebounder

SKLZ Volleyball Rebounder

There is a high level of customer satisfaction with the SKLZ rebounder, and the construction quality is above average.

Rebounders should not have flimsy frames or breakable nets when you buy them.

The rebounder from SLKZ is solid and durable, so you won’t have to worry about these problems.

Three angles allow you to adjust this rebounder to fit a range of spikes/downfalls of different strengths.

For volleyball, a sharp angle of 45 degrees or even more is ideal, in contrast to other nets that are more upright.

It folds flat for easy storage and measures just 4’x4.5′ in size.

When it comes to rebounding a volleyball, having a smaller surface area isn’t too much of a drawback, and the majority of volleyballers should be able to make use of an 18-square-foot target area.

The accuracy should not be an issue for volleyballers with less experience.

Having read numerous reviews on the SKLZ rebounder, I determined that it is made of higher quality materials than many comparable products.

There were fewer complaints about quality and customer satisfaction seemed to be slightly higher overall.

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Flair Volleyball Rebounder

Flair Volleyball Rebounder

Flair has also done a great job with their rebounder if you’re looking for something more affordable, middle-of-the-road.

Rebounders for volleyball like this are similar to those sold by SKLZ, and they are great all-rounders.

SKLZ nets measure 4’x6′, but Aceletiq products are much smaller at 4’x6′.

SKLZ’s rebounder is slightly more expensive than this one, but it adjusts to the perfect volleyball angle as well.

Unfortunately, this net takes a lot of fiddling to set up.

Just getting it to work took some users an hour of frustration.

It’s nice to know you can talk directly with the manufacturer if you have any problems.

If you’re going to swing hard on this net, you’ll need to hold it down with some weight compared to the SKLZ rebounder.

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Ovanto Spike Solo Trainer – Best Volleyball Rebounders for Beginners

Ovanto Spike Solo Trainer

I have the best elastic volleyball rebound trainer for you if you happen to be searching for volleyball rebounders.

You can do plenty of reps at home using these devices, which are really cool.

The ball returns to you so you can drill your contact and follow through over and over.

It’s perfect for younger players who are just starting to learn how to serve.

It’s amazing how quickly a player can get from not being able to serve over the net to being highly consistent after just a week of using one of these!

Bumping/passing and setting can also be practiced with them.

In spite of the elastic covering the volleyball, contacting it feels remarkably natural.

For beginners, this is a great, super cheap option!

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The Benefits of Using Volleyball Rebounders

We will explore the benefits of incorporating volleyball rebounders into your training regimen in this section.

1. Enhanced Ball Control

A volleyball rebounder allows players to practice passing and receiving with precision because it provides consistent and accurate returns of the ball.

2. Solo Practice Sessions

It is possible to train alone with a volleyball rebounder, eliminating the need to train with another person. Your skills can be refined at your convenience because of this flexibility.

3. Improved Reaction Time

You will be more responsive to unexpected plays during a game if you practice rebounding drills with volleyball rebounders.

4. Targeted Skill Development

It is possible to use different angles and settings on the Rebounder to concentrate on specific areas in your game, such as forearm passing, overhead passing, or even spiking.

Key Features to Look for A Rebounder

Best Volleyball Rebounders

The following key features should be considered when choosing a volleyball rebounder:

Net Quality

The durability and consistency of a high-quality net are ensured. Material that can withstand powerful shots should be sturdy.

Frame Durability

It is important that the frame is robust and resistant to wear and tear. The durability of steel frames makes them a popular choice.

Adjustable Angles

A rebounder with adjustable angles will give you more versatility in your training. Various techniques and skills can be practiced this way.

Portability and Storage

Choosing a portable rebounder that’s easy to store and set up is a great option if you have limited space or wish to move your rebounder from place to place.

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How We Selected Volleyball Rebounders?

Best Volleyball Rebounders

With these product reviews, I always strive to be as thorough as possible so that my readers can be as informed as possible.

The only rebounders I can purchase and test are those that are sold in the USA since I live abroad in Thailand.

Since I have no first-hand experience with these products, I cannot speak from experience about them.

Although there was little information available on the internet about volleyball rebounders, I decided to do some research anyway and create this list, hoping some of you would find it useful.

The majority of today was spent reading through Amazon reviews and comparing the satisfaction ratings of over 20 products.

As there is no volleyball-specific rebounder available on the market, we also had to find every rebounder people used for volleyball.

In compiling this list of rebounders, I considered the quality and reliability of the materials to be extremely important since most complaints were about nets that ripped.

In addition to price, I considered other factors.

As new products enter the market, I will update this article frequently.

To make this article far more comprehensive, I also plan to visit the US within the next 12 months and buy each of these rebounders and test them thoroughly.

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How To Use A Rebounder For Volleyball

Best Volleyball Rebounders

Having a rebounder at home is a great tool for practicing volleyball alone.

Choose a relatively flat surface for your rebounder, preferably somewhere you won’t lose the ball or damage anything.

Grass works well. On a quiet street, concrete on the driveway or road also works well.

You can take a rebounder to the park or beach since they are quite portable.

Whenever the ball returns to you, either bump it against yourself or set it up to yourself before spiking it back at the rebounder.

It is an excellent drill for developing ball control since it is basically a ‘one-man pepper drill’. Read complete guide on how to use a volleyball rebounder here.

Volleyball Rebounder Angle

Ideally, the rebounder should be set up at a 45-degree angle.

Whether you bump the ball or set it to yourself, it should return with a nice trajectory.

Volleyball Return Board

Also quite popular are wooden volleyball return boards, but they’re a DIY project as they’re not commercially available.

How does using a rebounder help?

Best Volleyball Rebounders

Rebounders help volleyball players improve their reflexes; they facilitate smooth movement of their fingers, wrists, hands, and elbows. As a result of long hours of practice, players’ forearms become stronger and their stability improves. A rebounder is an excellent asset when it comes to learning how to vary the force with which you attack the ball, which is a crucial aspect of volleyball.

Players will also be able to control the ball’s trajectory by changing up their hitting methods. The point of volleyball is not to hit it. How you hit the ball is what matters in order to score. A rebounder has the biggest advantage of being versatile and not taking up much space.

Are large rebounders convenient?

Volleyball players can hit harder with rebounders with large surfaces without worrying about missing their targets. The rebounder can be farther away from them, allowing them to simulate situations they may encounter in real volleyball games.

A rebounder can be used to practice how to hit the ball a teammate would pass during an actual match by adjusting the angle of the rebounder.

However, small rebounders may be necessary to improve precision. They can then fine-tune their techniques and build a rhythm that allows them to maintain their stamina for prolonged practice sessions.

Do rebounders need to be weatherproof?

If it is not easy to store the rebounders, volleyball players should make sure they are weatherproof.

The waterproofness of a rebounder does not matter otherwise. No matter whether a rebounder will be stored indoors or left outdoors, its frame sturdiness and net quality should be considered.

The lifespan of rebounders is extended by those that are durable and weatherproof.

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How to tackle inconveniences caused by flimsy frames?

Volleyballs hitting hard against flimsy rebounders will cause them to sway or fall. For those who bought or received a flimsy rebounder by mistake, attaching ground stakes to the rebounders will help them bear the players’ attack.

Can You Use A Lacrosse Rebounder For Volleyball?

Yes, absolutely! In comparison to many other rebounders, lacrosse rebounders tend to be quite sturdy, which makes them ideal for volleyball as well!

Net Rebounders Vs Wooden Rebounders

Wood rebounders are preferred by some because the target area is not bendable and does not break easily. It is unfortunately no longer possible to purchase rebounders made of wood on the market.

For those who miss wooden rebounders, they must make them themselves. As a result of rebounders with nets becoming more convenient, their popularity has declined. Volleyball players who enjoy woodworking, sawing, and screwing can create a rebounder using wood, screws, and saws.

They are compact and foldable, so they can be stored almost anywhere and are easy to lift. If the net fails to rebound the ball effectively, it can be replaced.

The wooden rebounder is more durable, but its surface must be replaced if it breaks, which is inconvenient for volleyball players who want to practice as much as they can.

How a Rebounder Can Elevate Your Game

Every time you practice, you can expect perfect passes and assists from a dedicated training partner. That’s exactly what volleyball rebounders do.

Additionally, it improves your skills with precision and efficiency, saving you the trouble of chasing balls.

Volleyball Rebounders: Your Training Partner

Solo Training Sessions

With Volleyball Rebounders, solo practice sessions are effortless. Your skills will significantly improve when you practice anytime, anywhere.

Setting Accuracy

The art of setting must be honed by setters. In order to achieve accurate and consistent settings, volleyball rebounders provide the precision needed.

Libero Perfection

By relying on rebounders, liberos can improve their passing skills, improve their digs, and make a formidable defensive unit.

Spiking Excellence

It is possible for spikers to benefit from volleyball rebounders as well. Their attacks can be practiced, their timing can be improved, and they can hit powerfully and accurately as a result.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I practice with a volleyball rebounder?

The frequency of practice depends on your goals, but consistency is key. Aim for regular sessions, even if they’re short.

Can I use a volleyball rebounder for indoor and outdoor play?

Yes, most rebounders are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the space available.

What’s the ideal net tension for effective rebounding?

The net should be tight enough to provide a consistent rebound but not so tight that it hinders the ball’s return.

Are there any specific drills for beginners?

Start with basic passing and serving drills before progressing to more advanced techniques.

Can kids use volleyball rebounders for training?

Absolutely! Volleyball rebounders are suitable for players of all ages, including children looking to develop their skills.

Can you use a soccer rebounder for volleyball?

There are many ball sports you can play with the All Ball Pro Rebounders and Bounce Backs, including Lacrosse, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, and Football.

What size is a volleyball rebounder board?

It is constructed from a single sheet of 2 X 4 framing lumber and a frame and legs made from 4′ X 4′ boards. On 2″ X 2″ framing lumber, four separate 2′ X 2′ square modules form the face of the rebounder.


Your performance on the court can be dramatically improved by including a volleyball rebounder in your training regimen. You’ll soon notice that your game will improve significantly with this versatile tool, and it’s suitable for players of all skill levels.

Aceletiq volleyball rebounders are the best affordable volleyball rebounders for beginners and advanced athletes alike, with a large rebound surface area.

SKLZ rebounders seem to be the best alternative if you don’t want to spend that much money. You can also check Best Volleyball Shoes For Ankle Support

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