Best Volleyball Movies On Netflix To Watch in 2024

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Among the most dynamic and energetic sports, volleyball is volleyball. Athletes and fans all over the world are captivated by this sport. Watching and playing this sport is an exciting experience due to its fast-paced gameplay, spectacular spikes, and team-oriented atmosphere.

There are movies that capture the heart and spirit of the sport, ranging from inspiring true stories to fictional ones of achievement and challenges.

A look at the films centered around volleyball will provide a glimpse into the range of stories and emotions that these movies convey. I have listed a few options below.

Top 9 Volleyball Movies On Netflix You Should Watch in 2024

1. The Miracle Season

The Miracle Season

It was released in 2018 under the title “The Miracle Season”. There is a true story behind this sports drama movie. A volleyball team in Iowa must come together after losing their star player, Line, to a heartbreaking tragedy. Coach Kathy Bresnahan leads the team unwaveringly.

Trying to find their grip without a streak, they are overwhelmed with grief and uncertainty.

Kelley and her teammates decide to credit Line’s reminiscence by pursuing a state championship title as a result of the hold-up of his best friend.

As they worked hard towards their goal, the team overcame a number of difficulties including doubts from others and their own weaknesses through hard work, determination, and unwavering team spirit. 

2. The Iron Ladies

The Iron Ladies

In “The Iron Ladies,” transgender and gay players make up a team. In this film, a team of nonconformists faces many problems, including discrimination and mockery, because of their sexual orientation and gender identity because of their point of reference.

A strong-minded coach named Bee and the team captain named Chai lead this film’s team to battle against society’s challenges and prove their worth.

As they progress through tournaments and matches, the team encounters many challenges, including disbelief from their rivals, lack of support from the Thai Volleyball Association, and personal struggles with their identities.

Nonetheless, the team’s doggedness, companionship, and unique playing style set in motion a process that garnered both fan’s and opponents’ respect.

3. Volleyball Kiss

Volleyball Kiss

An adorable young couple develops a love for volleyball because of their common interest. In a local tournament, they compete against each other. In the film, Jorge plays volleyball obsessively, and the narrative revolves around him.

Though Jorge has talent, he lacks self-confidence and hasn’t found success in volleyball. Then, one day, he meets Monica, a beautiful and outgoing young woman, while he is practicing beach volleyball. Volleyball is also one of her passions.

At the beach, Jorge and Monica develop a good friendship and begin practicing volleyball together. They are drawn together by their shared passion for volleyball. Together, they play and practice, which helps Jorge gain confidence and improve his skills in the sport. There is a sudden tournament announcement, and they decide to play together in it.

As they go along, however, they face a lot of challenges, such as tough opponents, personal conflicts, and tensions in their relationship. Their journey through the tournament was filled with ups and downs, but Jorge and Monica learned many valuable lessons about sportsmanship, cooperation, and pursuing one’s dreams.

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4. Girls With Balls

Volleyball Movies On Netflix

A volleyball team of women is the focus of the movie. It is an isolated away game for a team called “The Falcons,” which finds itself in a toxic and chaotic situation.

An important match in their lives requires the Falcons, a group of naughty and competitive women, to go on a trip by bus. They are left helpless and vulnerable when their bus breaks down in a lonely forest, ending their trip ominously. In their attempt to find help, the group encounters psychotic hunters who begin hunting them down as a sport.

It was only their wits, athleticism, teamwork, and team power that helped the Falcons survive that scary night. The women met in a fight to protect themselves against the hunters who wanted to capture and kill them during the night, led by the courageous and strong team captain, Lise.

Throughout the night, The Falcons encounter a number of violent and comedic fights and encounters with the hunters as the situation worsens. With the help of their volleyball skills, the women find unexpected and thrilling ways to win against the hunters by tapping into their inner strength.

5. Side Out

Side Out

The movie Side Out is based on a sports comedy. As a way to pay for his education, Monroe Clark works as a beach volleyball player in California. As a result of his cooperation with a washed-up former volleyball champion named Zack Barnes Monroe, Wiley Hunter, and Zack Barnes Monroe enter into a beach volleyball match together.

When Monroe takes on the role of head coach for the beach volleyball team, he becomes involved in many challenges, competitions, and romances, including that of Samantha, a romantic character. As Monroe and Wiley prepare for the match, they learn the importance of teamwork, dedication, and diligence to win the match and achieve their big dreams.

6. Attack No. 1

Attack No. 1

A sports drama based on a Japanese movie, “Attack No. 1”. Kozue Ayuhara is an accomplished volleyball player who is the subject of the movie. In this movie, she represents Japan in the Olympics and dreams of becoming a top volleyball player. In high school, Kozue Ayuhara loved volleyball immensely.

To become a professional volleyball player, she faces many obstacles and challenges, but she remains determined. Her coach and teammates helped Kozue develop her skills at a volleyball high school. A tough opponent, internal problems, and competitive pressures await her along the way of her training. 

While on the other hand, she forms deep friendships and companionships with her teammates.

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7. All You’ve Got

All You’ve Got

The 2006 film All You’ve Got revolves around high school volleyball, a sports comedy-drama. As two rival girls’ volleyball teams compete against each other in a brutal rivalry, the story revolves around East L.A. High School and Malibu Vista High School.

During a match, both teams encounter a tragic accident, forcing them to come together to deal with the challenges they face. Teamwork, sportsmanship, and determination are learned as the teams prepare, bond, and participate.

It discusses the players’ relationships and dreams as well as the intense volleyball match. Through their hard work and trials, the movie’s characters learn the true meaning of success, determination, and self-discovery.

8. Haikyu


The Haikyu anime series is a Japanese sports anime. It is a thrilling and emotional experience. Haruichi Furudate is the protagonist of this movie. On their way to becoming the best school volleyball team in Japan, a school volleyball team faces struggles.

It is based on the story of Shoyo Hinata, a short, heightened, determined young boy who dreams of becoming an excellent volleyball player despite not being tall enough to do so. During his time at Karasuno High School, Hinata met many passionate players.

Karasuno High Volleyball Club’s leader wants to revive its glory with setter Tobio Kageyama. There are many other players on the team who have their own unique skills, personalities, and backstories, in addition to Hinata and Kageyama.

Over the course of the season, Karasuno High volleyball players face numerous alarming opponents, play intense matches, and undergo meticulous training to improve their skills. They are challenged by setbacks, failures, and rival teams that take them to their limits, but they are also aware of friendships, bonds of solidarity, and moments of personal growth.

9. Mintonette


A heartfelt and inspirational drama, “Mintonette” will move you to tears. It is based on true events that happened to the City West High School girls’ volleyball team. Their state championship title had to be saved for the city after a heartbreaking loss.

There is a lot of focus on Caroline “Line,” the star character and captain of Iowa City West High School’s volleyball team. In a shocking and devastating tragedy, the leader of the line passes away suddenly, leaving the team struggling to cope with their grief and loss.

Coach Kathy Bresnahan, along with her team, decided to play on and compete in the state championship without Line despite their immense loss. Internal conflicts, doubts, and formidable opponents pose numerous challenges for them.

Together, they overcome their personal problems and struggles, taking strength from Line’s memory, and learning to play as one unit. Their anguish is dealt with, they support each other, and the drive they find in Line’s bequest drives them forward. 


Are these volleyball movies suitable for all ages?

It is likely that children will not enjoy “Girls With Balls,” because it contains elements of horror.

Are there any documentaries about volleyball on Netflix?

It’s worth checking out Netflix’s volleyball documentaries as well as our list of fictional films.

Is “The Miracle Season” based on a true story?

A real-life volleyball match at West High School inspired “The Miracle Season.”.

Are there any recent volleyball movies on Netflix?

In the sports genre, Netflix regularly updates its library, so you should check for new additions.

Can I watch these movies in multiple languages?

With Netflix, you can watch movies in your preferred language thanks to subtitles and dubbing options.


A volleyball movie can be characterized as an exciting sports action movie that stresses cooperation, determination, and overcoming obstacles and problems.

Many of these films depict volleyball players’ dedication and passion, as well as the physical and mental challenges they face, as well as the bonds they form with each other.

As a whole, these types of movies have won the hearts of audiences and will continue to do so.

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