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Spikes, blocks, dives, and spikes should be tolerated by volleyball shorts. Volleyball players are well aware that the game involves a lot of movement. The demands placed on your body during a single game can be varied.

Furthermore, wearing volleyball shorts that aren’t comfortable can severely impact your performance.  You can appear out of place wearing cheap fabrics. Conversely, volleyball shorts that fit properly are crucial.

Comfort, support, and mobility are essential when wearing a pair. Roll along the legs and waistband should be reduced, as well as roll along the thighs and waistband. Furthermore, make sure your shorts aren’t see through.

A high-quality pair of shorts will prevent you from bending, squatting, reaching, diving, and jumping while playing. There are a number of options on the market that do not meet those high standards.

We’ve compiled a list of the best volleyball shorts for 2024 so you can pick the right pair. Our goal is for you to find a pair of shoes that you’ll love and that will be comfortable and worry-free on the court.

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Top Rated Best Volleyball Shorts in 2024 [Expert Test]

Women’s volleyball shorts

Women’s volleyball shorts

There are many beautiful colors and styles available in this short, which is one of the best-selling volleyball shorts for women.

Polyester and spandex make up the material of these shorts, which is very durable and comfortable. With a 3 cm elastic waistband, these shorts are kept in place and prevent slipping.

CADMUS Women’s 5″ /2″ High Waist Stretch Athletic Workout Shorts

Best Volleyball Shorts

You can benefit from CADMUS Women’s Workout Shorts if you are looking for volleyball shorts that are breathable and keep you cool during intense training and heavy matches.

A hidden pocket allows you to store small accessories like keys in these shorts, which are made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. In addition to having good stitching, these shorts are made of breathable and flexible fabric.

CADMUS Women’s Spandex Volleyball Shorts 3″

CADMUS Women’s Spandex Volleyball Shorts 3″

With its soft and comfortable fabric and high flexibility, the CADMUS Women’s Spandex Volleyball Shorts are perfect for volleyball.

These shorts reduce muscle cramps in this area by compressing the thigh muscles. In addition to absorbing sweat and moisture, this product also keeps you dry.

Starlemon Women’s Compression Volleyball Shorts

Starlemon Women’s Compression Volleyball Shorts

Women’s Starlemon Compression Volleyball Shorts have a durable polyester and spandex fabric and are one of the best women volleyball shorts for women.

This pair of high-quality shorts is soft, flexible, and absorbent. The Starlemon volleyball shorts won’t slide up or down during the game.

Mizuno Victory 3.5″ Inseam Volleyball Short

Mizuno Victory 3.5″ Inseam Volleyball Short

With Mizano volleyball shoes, Mizano knee pads, and now Mizano volleyball shorts, Mizano has always been a leader in volleyball equipment.

In order to perform volleyball techniques comfortably on the court, these shorts are specially made for beginner and professional women volleyball players.

Despite being flexible and comfortable, these shorts don’t restrict your range of motion. The construction was also made from high-quality materials, which have made it more durable.

Under Armour Women’s Team Shorty 4

Under Armour Women’s Team Shorty 4

Another popular volleyball brand is Under Armor, whose products are very popular among women.

You’ll stay dry and cool in these shorts made of HeatGear fabric, which is lightweight and quick to wick away moisture.

There is an ergonomic design on these volleyball shorts for women, which fits well on the hips and gives you a comfortable feeling when you wear them.

BALEAF Women’s 8″/ 7″/ 5″ High Waist Biker Shorts

BALEAF Women’s 8″ 7″ 5″ High Waist Biker Shorts

BALEAF women’s shorts can be the right choice for you if you’re looking for high-quality shorts suitable for all kinds of sports, such as volleyball, cycling, gym, running, etc.

There is a hidden pocket in the upper part of these shorts, which is very practical, and the fabric is breathable, comfortable, and durable. With a wide elastic band, BALEAF shorts fit well and don’t slip.

BALEAF Girls’ 4″ Volleyball Shorts

BALEAF Girls’ 4″ Volleyball Shorts

You must consider BALEAF Girls’ 4′′ Volleyball Shorts if you want your teenage girl to be able to perform all kinds of volleyball techniques freely and without limitations.

The 4-inch waistband of these shorts provides comfort while preventing slipping during transfers, jumps, and landings. They’re made according to the anatomy of a girl’s body. A small item can be stored in the invisible back pocket of the BALEAF Girls’ 4″ Volleyball Shorts.

adidas Women’s Techfit Volleyball Shorts

adidas Women’s Techfit Volleyball Shorts

Asics, Underarmour, Mizano, and others have been battling Adidas for a few years now, thanks to Adidas’ quality volleyball products.

In keeping with adidas’ environmental concerns, the Techfit Volleyball Shorts for Women are made from some recycled materials.

The shorts are made from polyester and elastane, which are very comfortable and flexible. With a mesh fabric that rotates airflow, Adidas volleyball shorts keep you dry and cool.

Under Armour Team Shorty Shorts

Best Volleyball Shorts

Soft and breathable sweat-wicking material keeps you dry and cool in the Under Armour Team Shorty Shorts.

The Team Shorty Shorts from Under Armour feature a wide, low-rise waistband and a 3-inch and 4-inch length. Chafe-free flatlock seams and 4-way stretch complete these volleyball shorts.

Under Armour HeatGear Mid-Rise Shorty

Under Armour HeatGear Mid-Rise Shorty

Another great UA compression short option for volleyball is the Under Armour HeatGear Mid-Rise Shorty. The lightweight HeatGear fabric of these compression shorts provides superior coverage and performance.

This HeatGear Mid-Rise Shorty from Under Armour features an ergonomic flatlock seam for chafe-free fit, a 3-inch inseam, and an encased elastic waistband for a comfortable fit. As well as being 4-way stretch and sweat-wicking, these compression shorts dry quickly as well.

Adidas Techfit Volleyball Shorts

Best Volleyball Shorts

The Adidas Techfit Volleyball Shorts have a pre-curved waistband and wraparound seams to provide comfort and support. The volleyball shorts come in both three-inch and four-inch lengths.

Adaptive-fit fabric gives you a locked-in feel while flexing with every move with Adidas’ Techfit Volleyball Shorts. On the court, these volleyball shorts will keep you comfortable and looking great.

Adidas 4 Inch Shorts

Adidas 4 Inch Shorts

The Adidas 4 Inch Short is another great option from Adidas for volleyball. The wide and stretchy waistband of these shorts provides a comfortable compression fit.

You won’t have to worry about seeing through the Adidas 4 Inch Shorts, thanks to their high-rise design and opaque fabric.

Nike Performance Game Volleyball Shorts

Nike Performance Game Volleyball Shorts

With a perfect-fit elastic waistband and a 3.75-inch inseam, Nike Performance Game Volleyball Shorts have a superior fitted design.

A lined gusset keeps the shorts comfortable and dry while you compete thanks to Nike’s sweat-wicking Dri-FIT technology.

Nike Pro Shorts

Nike Pro Shorts

Many volleyball players prefer Nike Pros (and they are also a favorite of athletes from all sports). Performance and versatility are key features of these compression shorts.

With a wider waistband elastic, Nike Pro shorts offer pro-grade support and a snug fit. Dri-FIT technology keeps you dry and wicks sweat from these compression shorts as well.

Asics 3in Volleyball Shorts

Asics 3in Volleyball Shorts

A classic volleyball short from Asics, the 3in Volleyball Short is perfect for practice and game play. For a locked-in fit and reduced shifting, these volleyball shorts feature a higher rise waistband.

Soft and stretchy fabric blend makes the Asics 3in Volleyball Shorts comfortable. Volleyball shorts provide freedom, comfort, and confidence on the court.

Mizuno Apex 2.5” Volleyball Shorts

Mizuno Apex 2.5” Volleyball Shorts

In order to remain focused on your game, the Mizuno Apex Volleyball Shorts eliminate all reasons to adjust. The volleyball shorts are made of soft, breathable fabric with angled side seams for movement and a seamless front.

To reduce riding up when you’re in defensive position, Mizuno’s Apex Volleyball Shorts have a slightly longer inseam in the back and a slightly higher waistband.

G Gradual Volleyball Shorts

G Gradual Volleyball Shorts

Designed with a 4-way stretch for full range of motion, the G Gradual Volleyball Shorts offer the perfect blend of compression and comfort. With lightweight, breathable, and see-through material, these volleyball shorts are perfect for the court.

The Volleyball Shorts by G Gradual have an elastic waistband for a smooth, secure fit. It features sweat-wicking, quick-drying fabric with a four-needle, six-thread construction for a smooth, resilient finish.

What to Look for in Volleyball Shorts

Best Volleyball Shorts

Material and Fabric Technology

Volleyball shorts must be made of the right material. For greater flexibility and ventilation, choose fabrics such as spandex and polyester blends.

Fit and Comfort

The key to a comfortable fit is a snug fit that doesn’t restrict movement. Think about shorts that are ergonomically designed and allow you to move freely.

You feel comfortable in volleyball shorts depending on how tight they are. Your skin shouldn’t feel too tight or too loose when wearing it.

You cannot breathe well if your volleyball shorts are too tight. Moisture wicking will be affected, resulting in discomfort. 

There should be no discomfort to the skin caused by the shorts. Your volleyball shorts shouldn’t pinch your skin or cause discomfort or injuries. If you wear underwear underneath the shorts, you should also consider your size since it will become uncomfortable if it gets too tight. 


Normally, volleyball shorts are made from a combination of spandex and nylon or polyester. In most volleyball shorts, spandex makes up at least 20% of the total material. A volleyball short’s stretchiness is determined by how much spandex it contains. 

A lightweight and durable fabric such as nylon or polyester is commonly used. There are some similarities between them, but there are also some differences as well. As a result, nylon is a lot softer and more durable material, which makes it a great material for volleyball shorts that have great comfort. In comparison to nylon, polyester dries faster, is easier to use, and lasts longer. 


Volleyball shorts can also be affected by brands. The design and manufacture of apparel for different sports have long been a specialty of some reputable brands. 

When it comes to volleyball shorts, you can’t go wrong with Under Armour or Asics since they are known for producing high-quality indoor sports clothing.

Due to Adidas’ reputation for producing soccer apparel, including soccer shorts, they also make great volleyball shorts. 


Volleyball shorts can be worn at any length depending on your preferences. It is common for some players to wear 3-inch shorts while others prefer 4-inch shorts.

You should choose volleyball shorts that you feel comfortable wearing. You should choose volleyball shorts that will help your performance without affecting your appearance. 

Moisture Wicking Properties

To keep players dry and comfortable during matches, moisture-wicking shorts are essential.

Design and Style

Despite the importance of functionality, aesthetic appeal should not be overlooked. Style and performance go hand in hand with many top brands.

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Top Brands in Volleyball Shorts

Best Volleyball Shorts


Modern fabric technologies and trendy designs are common features of Nike volleyball shorts known for their innovation.


With Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, Mizuno produces high-quality shorts that are favored by many professional players.

Under Armour

The performance-driven designs of Under Armour shorts make them a popular choice among athletes.


The ASICS volleyball shorts are designed with both style and functionality in mind, catering to a wide range of preferences.

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Spandex?

Women’s volleyball uses spandex mostly for its compression properties and lack of traction to make it easy to slide across the court. In both sexes, many volleyball players wear leggings on the beach to avoid sunburn or stay warm.

Why Are Volleyball Shorts Made From Spandex?

In volleyball shorts, spandex is used because of its beneficial properties. The range of motion of a player is in no way restricted by spandex. There is a greater range of motion required in volleyball than in other sports, so this is important.

Due to its lightness and ability to wick moisture away, spandex is also great for keeping players comfortable.

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Choosing the Right Size

Best Volleyball Shorts

Importance of Proper Sizing

It is possible to hinder performance and feel uncomfortable when you wear ill-fitting shorts. When it comes to finding the perfect fit, understanding size charts and guidelines is essential.

Size Charts and Guidelines

If you want a precise fit that fits your body type, refer to brand-specific size charts and guidelines.

Best Practices for Maintaining Volleyball Shorts

Washing and Care Instructions

It is recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s washing and care instructions to ensure your volleyball shorts last a long time.

Storage Tips

Shorts maintain their shape and integrity when stored properly. Be careful not to fold them excessively so as not to damage the fabric.

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Price Range and Budget Considerations

Affordable Options

A quality product does not always come at a high price. You can find affordable options that offer good performance at a reasonable price.

Premium Choices

It might be worth investing in premium volleyball shorts from renowned brands if you’re looking for the best features and designs.

Pro Tips for Choosing Volleyball Shorts

Test the Range of Motion

Simulate game movements before purchasing shorts to ensure they provide a full range of motion. Moving with agility and precision should be possible when you squat, lunge, and perform lateral movements.

Consider Seasonal Variations

Make sure you take into account the climate and temperature in your playing environment. The right shorts for hot weather are lightweight and breathable, while the right shorts for cold weather may be slightly thicker and more durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can volleyball shorts be used for other sports activities?

The majority of volleyball shorts can also be worn for various sports and fitness activities.

Are there specific brands known for durability?

Volleyball shorts from brands like Mizuno and Under Armour are known for their durability.

How Do You Keep Volleyball Shorts From Riding Up?

Volleyball players often experience this problem, and the best way to prevent it is to wear the right size shorts. You may want to try a larger size and cinch your shorts securely if your shorts are riding up while you play.

Do You Have To Wear Shorts For Volleyball?

Volleyball players usually wear shorts, but they can also wear spandex, bloomers, or bikini bottoms (for beach volleyball). If you’re not sure what to wear, you should refer to the uniform guidelines for your volleyball league or ask your coach.

How Should Volleyball Shorts Fit?

The volleyball shorts should be relatively short and fit snugly. To prevent your hands from catching while playing, make sure they can be cinched at the waist and do not have pockets.

How often should volleyball shorts be replaced?

The general rule of thumb is to replace volleyball shorts every six to twelve months, or sooner if signs of wear and tear are visible.

What Length Should Volleyball Shorts Be?

Volleyball shorts are suitable for swimming. Due to their light weight and water-resistance, volleyball shorts are not as water-retentive as basketball shorts. Although this is true, volleyball shorts don’t replace swimming trunks.

Are there customization options for volleyball shorts?

Shorts from some brands can be customized with team logos or player names, allowing players to add a personal touch.

What features make volleyball shorts suitable for intense gameplay?

Moisture-wicking properties, a snug fit, and flexible materials are typical features of volleyball shorts designed for intense gameplay.

Can You Swim In Volleyball Shorts?

In accordance with FIVB regulations, volleyball shorts should not have an inseam greater than 3.9 inches, but as long as they rest at least 10 cm above the knee, they are acceptable. The purpose of this is to prevent injury from the material catching on you while you dive. Make sure you adhere to your team’s uniform regulations.


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