How To Increase Your Vertical For Volleyball?

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Jumping in the gym, weight room, or on level ground is the fastest and best way to increase your vertical. Jump rope and box jump training are two of my favorite ways to increase vertical.

College volleyball teams often do jump rope training as well as cardio training. As well as keeping you in shape, single unders sharpen your fast twitch muscles. Double unders should also be included in your routine. You do this by jumping twice under the jump rope during one jump. Let’s read complete guide on How To Increase Your Vertical For Volleyball.

Tips To Improve Your Vertical Jump In Volleyball

How To Increase Your Vertical For Volleyball

Volleyball players are coveted for their ability to jump high. Some people are born with this trait, while others work hard for it. Any new skill takes time to improve, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. Our volleyball camps teach you how to increase your vertical jump by following these tips.

Tip 1

Take a look at what you have to work with. Hold a post-it note in your hand as you stand next to a tall wall. When you reach the wall, place the post-it note on the wall where you jumped.

Take a measurement of the distance between the top of the post-it note and the ground. Measure your progress every two weeks by retesting yourself.

Tip 2

Build explosive power by learning how to do it. Develop your muscle memory by doing exercises that will help you propel yourself higher. Try hopping down from a bench with both feet after standing on one foot and landing with both feet.

Squat on landing and then jump upwards as you land. As you jump off the bench, you will gain momentum that you can use to make your reverse jump higher.

Tip 3

Strengthen your lower body. You can increase your strength by doing resistance training. For a beginning set of exercises, try leg presses, Bulgarian split squats, calf raises, and deadlifts.

You should train with weights that allow you to do no more than 10 repetitions per set and no less than 5 repetitions per set. As you gain strength, you should gradually increase the weight. Adding this training to your weekly workout once a week will reduce your risk of injury.

Tip 4

Do the jump rope. Jumping rope can be very effective, no matter how simple it sounds. In addition to increasing the size of your calf muscles, jumping rope is great cardio.

You will see major results if you jump rope as fast as you can for 30 seconds every day.

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Bonus Tip

How To Increase Your Vertical For Volleyball

It is important to stretch often and well in order to improve your vertical jump. Your progress can be drastically improved by stretching tense and tight muscles such as the hip flexors, which restrict the ability to fully contract.

To be successful in athletic endeavors of any kind, it is important to warm up and stretch before your activity. Make sure to involve stretching in both your on-court and off-court routines, don’t just do it during competitions and practices.

A figure 4 stretch, head to knees, sumo squats to stand, and butterfly stretches are all stretches that help open up the hips and other muscles surrounding them.

When you feel tight in specific parts of your body, a foam roller or lacrosse ball can help you loosen up. Sports athletes need to stretch to improve their overall skill set, strength, and injury prevention, as well as to improve their vertical jump to win the point.

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Specific Exercises to Increase Vertical Jump

How To Increase Your Vertical For Volleyball


Quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings are strengthened by squat variations, including back squats, front squats, and Bulgarian split squats.


In addition to strengthening the muscles of the lower body, forward, reverse, and lateral lunges improve balance and stability.

Box Jumps

A box jump mimics a vertical jump’s upward motion, developing explosive power and coordination.

Jump Rope

Vertical leaps are improved when you jump rope because it increases cardiovascular endurance and calf strength.

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How long does it take to see improvement in vertical jump?

A few weeks to a few months of consistent training can often result in noticeable improvements in vertical jump height.

Can anyone increase their vertical jump?

Vertical jump height can be improved by individuals of all fitness levels with dedication and proper training.

Is it necessary to use weights to increase vertical jump?

A vertical jump training program should incorporate both weight exercises and plyometric exercises.

Are there any age restrictions for vertical jump training?

Adaptations based on fitness level and experience can be made to vertical jump training to make it safe and effective for individuals of all ages.

Can vertical jump training help prevent injuries?

Sprains and strains related to volleyball can be reduced by training the vertical jump by strengthening muscles and improving flexibility.


A combination of strength training, plyometrics, flexibility work, and proper technique is required to increase your vertical jump when playing volleyball. In order to unlock their full jumping potential, players must implement a well-rounded training program and remain consistent.

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