How Many Players Are On A Volleyball Team?

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With players often switching in and out of the game, it may not be obvious how many players are on a volleyball team.

Indoor volleyball matches have a total of 12 players per team, with 6 on each team at any given time, plus a maximum of 6 substitutes per team.

Before a game at the highest level, more than 12 players will line up for their teams.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to squads.

Here is a detailed explanation of how these numbers are calculated.

How Many Volleyball Players On Court At Once?

How Many Players Are On A Volleyball Team

The court is divided into two halves, with six players on each side. There are 12 in total.

An official will call a violation if you somehow manage to get 7 on the court.

Substitutes and liberos may come and go throughout the match, but the court is never overcrowded with more than six players.

Can A Volleyball Team Play With Less Than 6 Players?

Yes, of course! Despite the fact that it rarely happens in any serious game.

In order for a game to be played, the team must have at least four players.

A 5 man team without a 6th player is not uncommon in recreational leagues and social games.

A talented team might be able to win with just five players, but once you get down to 4 players, there are so many vacant positions that you cannot win.

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How Many Players On A Volleyball Team Including Substitutes?

How Many Players Are On A Volleyball Team

Even though these numbers aren’t set in stone, only very rarely will they differ from one league to another.

For a total of 12 players per side, teams begin each game with 6 players on the court and 6 substitutes on the bench.

In addition to the starting libero, bench player 5 is included as a substitute.

We played a championship game in Thailand with this lineup of our Australian youth team.

Only 12 players are allowed to participate in the game, as they are listed on the score sheet before the game.

Is it possible to bring more than 12 players to a game?

There has been quite a bit of this at the highest levels of the game in the past.

The top girls from elite volleyball tournaments will line up before a match, and I’m talking mostly about international tournaments.

Due to the limitation of 12 players in a game, any additional players are there strictly for moral support and can’t play.

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How Many People Are On A Volleyball Team Including Staff?

How Many Players Are On A Volleyball Team

Volleyball teams have a lot of staff, and the numbers can vary considerably depending on the level of play.

Our team of 12 players, 1 head coach, and 3 assistant coaches, totaling 16 people, traveled relatively lightly to Iran with the Australian national youth team for the Asian Championships.

We weren’t able to afford additional players due to the lack of funding for this trip.

Assisting coaches may also act as therapists for some teams, and some teams travel with team doctors.

It is fairly common to have a traveling staff of 4-5 people at high levels of volleyball. Volleyball teams at the senior level usually travel with 20-21 people.

Sports psychologists and extra therapists are usually needed for Olympic-level volleyball.

The liaison/translator will often travel with the team when they travel to a foreign country, but they are not considered part of the team.

How Many Players Are On A Beach Volleyball Team?

How Many Players Are On A Volleyball Team

The game of beach volleyball is very different from that of indoor volleyball. It is more of a partnership sport than a team sport when it comes to beach volleyball.

A beach volleyball team can only have two players.

Coaches and substitutions are not allowed.

Has someone been injured? Your tournament is over and you’re out of luck.

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How Many Players On A Volleyball Roster?

How Many Players Are On A Volleyball Team

There’s a big difference between this and other ones depending on the level of competition.

International Volleyball Roster Size

There are typically 25 players on a roster at the top level of the game.

25 players won’t typically travel to international tournaments, but they’ll be able to register as a backup in case they’re needed.

In most cases, a team of 15-16 players and staff will travel with you.

Professional Volleyball Roster Size

A lot depends on what league we’re talking about and what level of competition it is.

It is generally expected that the roster size will be between 16 and 20, similar to that of a college football team.

College Volleyball Roster Size

There are 17-18 players on the average college roster. A total of 17-18 players travel throughout the season to play.

Having said that, it’s not against the rules to have more. It has been known for some teams to have 20 players deep.

High School Volleyball Roster Size

It is common for high school volleyball teams to consist of 10 to 12 players, sometimes even up to 14.

It depends on how competitive the market is.

There were only ten players on my high school team (in Australia) when I was a student.


How many players are on a college volleyball team?

The average college volleyball team has 17-18 players on its roster, with 15-20 being the most common.

Can a player switch from the front row to the back row during a rally? 

Providing rotational rules are followed, players can move between front and back rows.

Is the libero allowed to serve the ball? 

As for serving, blocking, or trying to block, the libero is prohibited from doing so.

How often can a team request substitutions? 

It is possible for teams to request substitutions during dead-ball situations as well as when they are in possession of the ball.

Can a player reach over the net to block an opponent’s attack? 

As long as a player does not interfere with the opponent’s play, a player can reach over the net to block an opponent’s attack.

What happens if a team fails to return the ball over the net in three hits or less? 

When the opposing team fails to return the ball within three hits, they earn a point.


Volleyball is an enthralling sport in which the composition of a team resembles a carefully orchestrated piece of music. Six players are on the court at once, so each role and position is important to the game’s harmony.

From setters who guide the offense to liberos who defend against powerful spikes, every player contributes to the team’s success. Remember the intricate teamwork and strategy that underpin a thrilling volleyball match the next time you watch one.

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