Who Is Yuji Nishida? Biography, Records and Age

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Since his rise to fame in the volleyball world a few years ago, Yuji Nishida has become one of the most popular players in the sport.

As a result of his incredible performance at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Nishida quickly became a favorite among the Tokyo crowd.

Nishida’s impressive jumping ability and powerful spiking have made him a favorite of the Japanese volleyball fan base, as the anime series has inspired millions of new fans to pick up the sport.

Yuji Nishida, Japan’s golden child, will be discussed in this article, as I will attempt to answer any burning questions you may have.

Let’s get started!

Yuji Nishida Facts Everybody Should Know

Yuji Nishida

To give you an idea of who Yuji is, we’ll start off with a little biographical information and then move on to volleyball topics.

How Old Is Yuji Nishida?

The 22-year-old Yuji Nishida was born on 30 January 2000.

The skill and experience Nishida possesses are comparable to those of a player five or ten years his senior, so seeing such a talent so young is truly remarkable.

Why is Yuji Nishida so popular?

For a variety of compelling reasons, Yuji Nishida has gained widespread popularity:

  • Exceptional Volleyball Skills: Nishida’s exceptional volleyball skills have been a major contributor to his success. Among the sport’s best players, he combines power, precision, and agility.
  • International Recognition: Nishida has gained international recognition through his performances on the international stage. He has earned respect and admiration from fans all over the world for his ability to compete against top volleyball nations.
  • Youthful Prodigy: Nishida’s talents and potential caught the attention of fans at a young age. In the early stages of his career, he was filled with excitement about what he could achieve in the future as a result of his early success.
  • Rising Star: Fans and volleyball experts alike are excited about Nishida’s rapid rise through the ranks in the volleyball world. As he continues to grow and impact the sport, people are eager to see what he does next.
  • Cultural Significance: The success of Nishida has cultural significance, particularly in Japan. He has become a symbol of excellence and diversity in Japanese sports as an athlete representing a sport not traditionally associated with the country.
  • Relatability: In spite of his fame, Nishida remains down-to-earth and relatable. A strong work ethic, humility, and willingness to improve make him an approachable and admired figure with fans.
  • Social Media Presence: Nishida uses social media to engage with his fans, sharing glimpses into his daily life and training routines. A dedicated following has developed as a result of this direct connection with his audience.

Yuji Nishida Height – How Tall Is Yuji Nishida?

In comparison with most professional volleyball players, Nishida is quite short at 186cm (6’1″) tall…

Nishida is extremely exciting to watch because of his height, which is 2.05m (6’8.5″), which is the average height of an Olympic opposite hitter (Yuji’s position).

His impressive vertical jump allows him to compete despite being way, way shorter than his opponents.

Why Is Yuji Nishida’s Vertical Jump So High?

Yuji Nishida

The vertical jump of Yuji Nishida is estimated to be 41.3 inches or 105 cm.

It’s an exceptionally high number.

Due to the fact that his standing reach height isn’t public, we don’t know for sure what this figure is, but we do know that according to his Volleybox profile, he has a spike height of 348cm.

It’s definitely somewhere around 41″, whether it’s higher or lower.

His jumping technique, regardless of the number, is textbook perfect.

In my full article, I discuss volleyball’s highest vertical jumps!

Volleyball career of Yuji Nishida

Yuji Nishida

As a pro volleyball player, let’s examine Nishida in more detail.

How does Yuji Nishida play for his team?

He is currently playing for the Jeitekuto Stings in Kariya, in the V-League of Japan.

In the Italian second division, he played for Callipo before this season.

His season in Italy comes after playing four seasons for the Stings, his first professional team.

Of course, he also plays for the national team of Japan.

What is Yuji Nishida’s Playing position?

As an opposite hitter, Yuji Nishida plays the role of the opposing hitter.

Throughout his career, he has won numerous ‘Best Server’ awards due to his incredible jump serve.

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What Shoes Does Nishida Wear?

As an Asics-sponsored athlete, Yuji wears only the Asics Sky Elite FF volleyball shoes. These make my top-rated volleyball shoes for 2023!

Getting paid to wear what I believe are the best volleyball shoes in history is an awesome sponsorship for Yuji!

Where can I purchase a Yuji Nishida jersey?

Yuji Nishida volleyball jerseys are hard to find in quality retailers when it comes to volleyball jerseys.

Over at Redbubble, I found some pretty amazing Nishida t-shirt designs…

Also, if you’re a Nishida fan, be sure to check out the other awesome designs!

The Jump Training of Yuji Nishida

Yuji Nishida

Despite Nishida’s natural springiness, he appears to have earned his vertical jump at least in part through gym training.

According to Nishida, the key to his jumping ability is the speed with which he approaches the target.

Below is a video that shows Nishida’s gym sessions.

How Much is the Yuji Nishida’s Salary?

Since none of his contract information is available, answering this question is very difficult.

Nishida left Callipo this year to play for JTEKT Stings, so it is difficult to estimate how much he will earn, especially considering the sponsorship he receives from Asics.

According to my professional volleyball player salary article, Yuji’s contract with the Stings is estimated to be between $100k – $300k for this season.

There’s a chance I’m way off and it could be quite a bit higher, but I highly doubt it’s less than $100k.

We have no idea how much the contract is worth for one of the few Asic volleyball athletes.

There is no way for me to tell, I don’t know if it’s $100k or $1m a year.

The salary for Nishida could well be north of $1 million, based on a conservative estimate of $225k.

What is the Net Worth of Yuji Nishida?

In this case, too, there is quite a variation in estimates.

You need to remember Yuji is only 22 years old. After four seasons with the Stings, he spent a season in Italy and is now back with the team.

With that Asics sponsorship, he is certainly being taken care of now, as he probably made a decent amount of money during his first 4 seasons in Italy.

According to my estimation, Yuji Nishida’s net worth ranges from $1m to $3m.

It’s Time To Know All About Yuji Nishida’s Calves

I found that at least some of you are obsessed with Yuji Nishida’s calves during my research for this article.

Is Yuji secretly equipped with bionic calves? Could this be the reason he is able to jump so high?

As an athlete who gets paid to jump high, he should have legs similar to what you’d expect.

Yuji’s calves will be monitored as his career progresses!


What is Yuji Nishida known for?

As a volleyball player, Yuji Nishida ( Yuji Nishida, born 30 January 2000) is well known in Japan. The JTEKT Stings are currently in Division 1 of the V. League. A debut with JTEKT Stings was made by Nishida at V.

Who is Yuji Nishida married to?

Nishida announced the marriage of Sarina Koga on his Instagram account on December 31, 2022.

Why does Nishida jump so high?

Despite being naturally springy, Nishida appears to have earned his vertical jump at least in part by working out. Nishida said his ability to jump was largely due to the speed with which he approached the obstacle.


Ultimately, Yuji Nishida has been making significant strides in his volleyball career as a talented and promising Japanese. As a result of his remarkable athleticism, powerful spikes, and exceptional agility on the court, he has gained national and international recognition.

As a result of Nishida’s dedication to the sport, as well as his continuous improvement, he appears to be well-positioned to become an important figure in the volleyball world in the years to come.

His contributions to the sport and his ability to further elevate the profile of Japanese volleyball on the global stage will be fascinating to watch as he develops his skills and gains experience.

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