How Much Does Club Volleyball Cost? [Club Worth]

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The sooner you sign up for a club team as you pursue a volleyball career at the next level, the more likely you’ll be to succeed. When players join a club in the off-season, they have the chance to grow as players.

Can you tell me how much club volleyball costs, and if it is worth the investment? Depending on many different choices and options, the average club season can cost between 1000$ and 5000$. There are no cheap or elite clubs listed here, only average clubs.

What is Club Volleyball?

How Much Does Club Volleyball Cost

Volleyball at a club level is more advanced than volleyball at school or at recreation centers. Players have the opportunity to participate in high-level tournaments and receive more intensive training. It is not uncommon for members of clubs to aspire to improve their skills and have a deep passion for volleyball.

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Factors Influencing Club Volleyball Costs

How Much Does Club Volleyball Cost

In order to determine the cost of club volleyball, several factors must be taken into consideration. Depending on these factors, players and their families will need to invest significantly more.

Obviously, joining a club will cost money. A club’s dues can be whatever it deems appropriate, depending on the club.

Some clubs offer different levels of teams, which are priced differently, schedule their tournaments differently, and even provide different amounts of practice time.

In areas where volleyball is popular and heavily populated, there will be more competition between clubs to provide you with the best value. We have several different clubs to choose from in our area, and they compete with each other.

Geographic Location

It is crucial to consider the club’s location when determining costs. A club in a metropolis or a region with a strong volleyball culture may charge a higher membership fee than one in a less volleyball-centric region.

Coaching Staff

The allure of a club can be enhanced by experienced and accomplished coaches, but they can also increase the costs. Due to the quality of training and guidance they receive, seasoned coaches may command higher fees.

Average Clubs

A typical club will offer a number of paid coaches for High Schools. Your player can find a place that’s appropriate to fit in thanks to the dedicated practice facility and the amount of players they draw. You may have 100+ players at your age group’s tryouts.

There are some clubs that only look to fill slots with the best players they can find because they have a limited number of coaches and team slots.

The lower level of talent pool is expanded with more coaches and teams if necessary to give every player a chance to join. Other clubs are more inclusive and have more teams to accommodate everyone.

The cost can vary from 1000$ to 5000$ depending on the level of the team and the number of tournaments they have.

Facilities and Equipment

It is common for clubs with state-of-the-art equipment and state-of-the-art facilities to charge higher fees. Training with these amenities enhances the overall experience, but they are more expensive.

Club Reputation

The reputation, experience, and track record of successful players of established and well-known clubs often lead to higher fees. There can be an impact on the overall cost of the club depending on its prestige and resources.

Elite Clubs

Elite clubs certainly have dedicated facilities that are often very elaborate and extensive. There will be top coaches from local high schools and even colleges available to them. Within their club, there will usually be three levels of teams: regional, local, and national.

You must be a very advanced athlete, be able to commit a great deal of time, and be able to pay the highest dues to play on your National Team. Seasonal fees for these players will usually range from 4000$ to 6000$.

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Registration Fees and Tryouts

In order to understand the costs of participation in club volleyball, prospective players must navigate the initial steps.

Overview of Registration Process

There is a detailed process involved in registering for club volleyball. In most cases, players must submit an application, attend an informational meeting, and provide the necessary documentation.

Costs Associated with Tryouts

There is no selection process without tryouts. Although tryouts provide players with the opportunity to showcase their skills, they often come with additional costs, including registration fees.

Non-refundable Registration Fees

The registration fee is often non-refundable for many clubs. To be competitive in club volleyball, these fees are essential for reserving a spot. They contribute to administrative costs.

State Athletic Association Registration

Each state has its own volleyball rules. Depending on your region, you will likely have to register with either a club or an athletic association before trying out.

To ensure that teams and clubs follow the rules throughout the season, this organization tracks players throughout the season. An annual fee of $15-$50 is expected.

Seasonal Costs

Seasonal costs contribute to the overall experience of players once accepted into a club.

Membership Fees

Membership fees cover the basic costs of participating in the club, including practice sessions, coaching, and access to club facilities. These fees are generally paid at the beginning of each season.

Travel Expenses

A club’s travel expenses become a significant factor in regional or national competitions. Players and their families may have to pay for transportation, accommodation, and meals.

Uniforms and Gear

There are often uniforms and other necessary gear that players must purchase. Depending on the equipment provided and the club’s sponsorship agreements, these costs can vary.

Additional Expenses

How Much Does Club Volleyball Cost

The club season is filled with many “hidden” fees aside from the actual dues.


You won’t usually have to pay for parking at smaller local tournaments. If your tournament venue isn’t a high school, you’ll have to pay some parking fees.

Per vehicle, expect to pay between $5 and $20.

Private Training Sessions

A private training session is an option for some players who want personalized coaching. If you want extra attention and improvement, these sessions may be an additional cost.

Tournament Participation Fees

There are often tournaments held by clubs, each of which requires a separate entry fee. As a result of these fees, players are able to gain greater exposure and experience in the competitive environment.

Team Bonding and Events

There are a variety of team bonding activities and events organized by clubs. The cost of club volleyball can be increased by participating in these activities, which are not mandatory.

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What You Need to Start A Volleyball Club?

How Much Does Club Volleyball Cost


To practice and train, you’ll need a place to practice. A practice facility and the number of total hours you need will determine your cost if you need availability 3-4 nights per week.

Find out what facilities are available for rent in your area. Compare prices (remember that there are several different facilities to choose from if needed). You never know how your needs might change over time, so do not sign any long-term contracts at first.

By having several teams practice at the same time, you can also save on facility rental.

The most cost-effective option if you have 15+ teams is to buy your own volleyball facility or permanently lease space so you do not have to pay rental fees in the long run. 

It is also possible for volleyball clubs or other sports teams to rent your facility when they are not using it all year long.

Registration fees for tournaments

There may be a difference in the cost of entering a tournament based on whether you are participating in a national, regional, or local event. Make sure you can comfortably cover tournament entry costs by estimating total tournament costs before setting player fees for the year.

Smaller tournaments may only cost $100, whereas weekend tournaments can cost up to $1,000. Make sure you get an idea of how much the total tournament fees will be for all of your teams well before you register for any events.

Logo & branding for volleyball clubs

The credibility of your club depends on a strong logo and branding. You don’t have to be an artist to get a professional logo. Our recommendation would be to use a freelance site such as or All you have to do is make a post describing the type of logo you want, and you’ll get applications for it. Getting a professionally designed logo in less than a week should cost you between $50 and $100.

You may be able to find items to help students on their resumes if you reach out to local high schools or colleges. It’s usually pretty easy to design a logo, and a local student might be willing to do it for free as part of their portfolio.

Professional Website

To register and make payments, players and parents need access to a website where they can find information about your club, tryout dates, and tournament schedules. New participants may be turned away by a weak web presence before you have even had a chance to meet them if you don’t have a strong website to build credibility for your new club.

It shouldn’t cost you more than $30 per month for the first few months to set up and create a website. Your website can be enhanced with more features at a later date (like notifications and messaging or custom artwork), but the cost may increase over time.

For your website, you must first purchase a Domain Name (or address, such as It takes only a few minutes to register a domain with a provider like Domain names are also included with some website providers, so you don’t have to buy them separately.


There is no way you can coach all of the teams yourself since you probably do not have the time. You should hire coaches on a volunteer basis rather than paying them upfront if you are just starting out and only have a few teams.

Your club can attract new players by paying a few experienced coaches as it grows. Coaches with more experience cost more, but their ability to attract more players to your club is worth it.

Coaches with experience may charge $5,000+ to run your club and coach a few teams. It is possible for first-time coaches or students to volunteer or request $50 per week to help cover their expenses.

Uniforms & Gear

Prior to making any purchases, research potential vendors and sponsors. If you wish to see different options available for each player during tryouts, you can conduct a survey with players and parents. It is likely that you will need to spend at least $50 on each player’s uniforms and gear, and up to $200, although you can get an accurate estimate when you decide exactly what each player needs.

If you want your uniforms to be available on time, make sure you tell participants they will need to pay in full, or at least make a substantial deposit well in advance. In this way, you will be able to easily cover all the costs of the items you need to purchase.

Administrative help

The responsibility of coaching, promoting your club, answering parents’ questions, collecting payments, and managing budgets is too much for one person to handle. A club isn’t something you start to make your life more stressful. Consider what you enjoy (and what is most important) when it comes to running the club and delegate the rest.

Do not try to do everything yourself if you are just getting started; you will end up staring at your computer and answering emails at 2 AM on a Sunday. Perhaps you could find part-time help (like a parent who is involved in the program) to help with accounting, marketing, or player registration by asking around.

You might only have to pay $50-100 per week for a few hours of help to free up your time for more important things. If your club grows to more than 20 teams, you can consider hiring a full-time administrator.

Insurance for Your Volleyball Teams

If a player gets hurt at an event or if an unforeseen accident occurs, your club needs insurance. Additionally, most facilities require your club to carry insurance before you can practice there. A junior volleyball club can easily obtain insurance coverage by registering with the Junior Volleyball Association, AAU Volleyball, or USA Volleyball. Each player will be charged a few dollars for insurance as part of their annual membership.

It may not be necessary to join one of the organizations listed above if your club is just for adults or is just a small recreation program, and it may be easier to obtain insurance separately. Your organization’s total number of teams or participants can affect the cost of an insurance policy. You can find information by searching for “Get insurance for my volleyball program”. The cost of insurance per team can range from $50 to $150 per year, depending on the type of policy you choose.

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Why It’s Worth It To Play “Club”?

Many athletes find that club sports, including club volleyball, are worthwhile investments due to the benefits they receive. Volleyball club participation has several benefits, including:

High-Quality Coaching

Coaches who provide specialized training to club teams are often experienced and skilled. Individual players benefit greatly from this high-level coaching, improving their skills and understanding of the game.

Increased Competition

The goal of club volleyball is to compete against top-level teams. In addition to improving their skills, strategic thinking, and adaptability, regular exposure to stronger opponents enhances their overall performance and ability to learn.

College Recruitment Opportunities

Identifying talent is one of college scouts’ primary responsibilities at club volleyball tournaments. Players can showcase their skills and gain visibility by participating in club sports, increasing their chances of getting noticed by college programs.

Skill Development

Players can focus on specific positions and skills when playing club volleyball. Players become well-rounded and specialized as a result of the intensive training and competition environment.

Team Dynamics and Camaraderie

Teamwork and camaraderie are promoted by being on a club team. A sense of community and support is fostered among teammates on as well as off the court as players develop strong bonds with each other.

Exposure to Elite Opportunities

In addition to tournaments and showcases, club volleyball offers camps and showcases as well. Players can challenge themselves at these events, potentially reaching higher levels of competition, and become familiar with higher levels of play.

Lifelong Friendships

The formation of lasting friendships is often a consequence of club sports. Teammates form a unique bond through shared experiences, challenges, and victories.

Personal Growth

Club volleyball contributes to personal growth in addition to the physical aspects. The skills athletes learn while competing can be applied to various aspects of their lives, including discipline, time management, and resilience.

Pathway to Professional Opportunities

Volleyball clubs can serve as stepping stones for those aspiring to play professionally. Professional leagues and teams can be accessed through networking opportunities and exposure to higher levels of play.

Club revenue-generating ideas

How Much Does Club Volleyball Cost

1. Organize a few camps: 

In order to raise revenue, many clubs run camps and group training sessions throughout the year. During the summer, you can run camps leading up to high school tryouts, charging $100 or more for each one-hour session. Your club costs will go down for next season, and you will have introduced new players for your next round of tryouts if a few dozen players register.

2. Recruit volunteers:

It may be a good idea to hire volunteer coaches from local high schools or colleges in order to keep costs down. Your coaching might initially be offered on a volunteer basis and you will just have to cover basic expenses.

3. Open an apparel store:

You should provide parents and supporters with an easy-to-access online apparel store. You’ll make some extra money and have loyal supporters wearing your apparel if you make it easy for parents to buy stuff for their kids’ sports teams.


Are there payment plans available for club volleyball fees?

To accommodate players’ and their families’ financial needs, many clubs offer flexible payment plans.

Do all club volleyball players incur the same expenses?

Depending on the location and reputation of the club, as well as the level of competition, expenses can vary.

Are scholarships available for all age groups in club volleyball?

Some clubs offer scholarships to younger players, although they are more common to older age groups.

How can players prepare for club volleyball tryouts without spending a fortune?

To enhance performance at tryouts without excessive expense, use online resources, attend local clinics, and practice fundamental skills.

Is club volleyball only for players aspiring to play at the collegiate or professional level?

Volleyball clubs cater to players of varying skill levels and aspirations, allowing them to grow and have fun.


If you’re passionate about volleyball and willing to invest time and money, club volleyball can be a rewarding experience. Club volleyball is a great option for your child or yourself if you understand the costs involved and explore ways to offset them.

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