A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Visa Requirements

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Are you traveling for the first time and worried about what applying for a visa looks like? Then, look for immigration consultants in Sharjah to avoid any blunders. Along with hiring immigration consultants, it’s essential for you to have your own knowledge as well. This article talks about the top common visa requirements while applying for the immigration procedure.

5 Visa Requirements You Should Know About

The following are the five Visa requirements that you should know about before applying for your visa:

  1. Passport and Photos

You will be required to send your original passport and photos along with the visa application to prove that you are a legal citizen of another country.

You should be mindful that the validity of your passport should be 3-6 months more than the travel dates. Moreover, the sticker should be empty for application.

On the other hand, every country has different requirements related to pictures; contact Canada immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi to know how the Canadian embassy would like your photos to be.

  1. Proper Documents 

Most of the time, the same type of documents are required when applying for a visa in any country. You should make sure to visit the official website of their visa administration, embassy, or consulate general office in order to find out the exact requirements.

Then, timely fulfillment and submission of those documents is especially important.

  1. Employment Status and Proof of Funds

The majority of the countries ask you to prove strong home ties. Home ties mean something solid that will bring you back to your country after the visit. One way of proving home ties is your employment status.

If you are currently employed somewhere, proof of employment and payslips from the past few months might be required. Moreover, it would help if you had enough funds and financial stability to ensure you can easily afford your stay there.

  1. Vaccination Requirements

Vaccination requirements for visa purposes vary from country to country and from time to time. If there is a pandemic disease going on, then one should be strictly vaccinated against it.

On the other hand, certain endemic diseases also require vaccinations as a must. Yellow fever is the most common vaccination required during traveling. It can also vary, depending on what type of activities you are planning to do.

  1. Letters of Invitation/ Sponsors

For the visa application of some countries, sponsor letters or letters of invitation are required. For example, if you’re going to travel and explore, then the invitation letter from the hotel will work out for you.

Whereas, if you plan to stay with a friend or family member who is a resident/citizen of that country, a sponsor letter from them is required along with their contact numbers, addresses, a copy of their national ID, resident cards, or passports.


As a beginner, you might find it challenging to fulfill visa requirements. But, once you start your journey, things get easier one by one. Once you get your passport back, check for the visa and get your complete original documents back.  Make sure to check that your name and all other credentials on the visa are correct.

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