How to Check Passport Application Status Online in India?

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The vibrant hum of anticipation accompanying a newly approved passport application is infectious. Yet, between submitting your documents and holding that coveted blue booklet lies a period of anxious waiting. The Passport Seva platform helps streamline the process in India, but the wait can still feel interminable. Thankfully, checking your application status online is a breeze, granting you valuable peace of mind.

Let’s embark on a journey through the Passport Seva portal, equipping you with the knowledge to track your application’s progress effortlessly:

Getting Started

The first step to check the status of the passport is to go to the official Passport Seva Website. One can do so in this manner:

1. Begin Your Online Journey: Ready for a passport adventure? Grab your web browser and type in It’s your one-stop portal to passport magic right from your cosy couch!

2. Explore the User-Friendly Interface: Welcome to your passport HQ! Take a deep breath and enter the Passport Seva website ( This isn’t some stuffy government portal – it’s your gateway to adventure, built to make things easy. Menus are clear as day, instructions are as friendly as possible, and everything’s neatly tucked away where needed. So, wander around, click through the sections, and get familiar with your soon-to-be passport BFF. Trust me, this website’s got your back (and your documents)!

3. Track Your Passport Application: Ready to peek behind the passport curtain? Scroll down the homepage and zero in on the “Track Your Application Status” section—it’s like a neon sign for passport-tracking ninjas! This is where you’ll uncover the secrets of your application’s journey, so click on it and prepare to be amazed (or at least informed)!

4. Proceed to Status Tracking: Time for the big reveal! Give that “Track Your Application Status” tab a confident click, and you’ll be whisked away to a page where tracking dreams come true. It’s like entering a passport wizard’s chamber—whisper a few details (like your application reference number and date of birth), and the wizard will reveal all!

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6. Stay Informed: And the passport oracle speaks! Once you’ve offered those magic details, the page will spill the beans on your application’s status. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the passport-processing kitchen—you’ll see if it’s still simmering on the stove, ready to be plated up, or needs a pinch of extra attention. Pretty cool, right?

Unveiling the Application’s Footprint

Now comes the crucial part: providing accurate information to locate your application. Here’s how:

1. Choose Your Passport Type: There are several types of passport available on the website; choosing the one per your requirement from the drop-down menu is one of the initial steps in applying for a passport. 

2. Enter Your File Number: On submitting all the required documents at the Passport Seva Kendra, ONR receives a confirmation receipt of document submission. The receipt confirms the submission and contains a 15-digit alphanumeric number. This number works as a key to log in to the application details. 

3. Date of Birth: Entering the date of birth is a crucial step for verification. 

4. Click on “Track Status”: By clicking on Track Status, one can track the status of one’s application. 

Decoding the Application Status

Once you click “Track Status,” a detailed page reveals your application’s progress at each stage. Here’s what you can expect to see:

Received at Passport Seva Kendra: This indicates your application has reached the PSK and is undergoing initial processing.

Police Verification Initiated: The police verification process has begun, which typically takes a few weeks.

Police Verification Done: The police verification report has been submitted, and your application moves forward.

Passport Printed: Congratulations! Your passport has been printed and is ready for dispatch.

Passport Dispatched: Your passport is on its way to you via registered post or courier, depending on your chosen mode of delivery.

Pro Tips for a Smoother Ride

Bookmark the Status Page: To make the ride of tracking the passport status, one should always bookmark the specific page from where they can check it. 

Stay Informed: To keep oneself updated, one can subscribe to Emails or SMS to receive all the necessary notifications. 

Utilize the Helpdesk: One can always call the Toll-free number 1800-258-1800 for any queries or concerns.

Remember, tracking your application online is just one step in the passport journey. Patience and vigilance are your virtues – enjoy the anticipation, and soon enough, you’ll be holding that passport, ready to embark on thrilling adventures!


Well, that’s our trip through the Passport Seva portal! We’ve demystified the digital maze, armed you with the tools to track your application, and hopefully got those wanderlust juices flowing. Now, as you click away from this page, let’s shift gears from anticipation to trip planning.

Imagine this: the passport clutched in your hand, still warm from the printer. You’re boarding that plane, a smile wider than the Himalayas stretching on the horizon. Maybe you’re headed for the Taj Mahal’s pearly embrace, or maybe it’s Kerala’s backwaters, where the air hums with spices. Whatever your destination, your passport is the golden key, unlocking a treasure chest of experiences.

So, track your application with the thrill of an explorer. Savour the wait, picture that boarding passes clutched in your sweaty palm, and let the anticipation fuel your trip planning. Explore travel blogs, plan your route, and daydream about sipping chai with the Himalayas as your backdrop. Because, after all, the journey is the adventure, and the anticipation is like that first sip of a travel cocktail.

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