Family sponsorship: how to bring your love ones to your new country 

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Family sponsorship is an important aspect of policies regarding immigration all around the globe. Family sponsorship enables the permanent residents and citizens of a country to invite their loved ones to live with them in their country by sponsoring their immigration or migration. The process of family sponsorship normally applies to close family members such as children and spouses but sometimes it can also be applied to extended family based on the loss regarding immigration of the country that the sponsor is in.

The process of family sponsorship 

The first step of family function starts with the sponsor sending an application to the government asking them to sponsor their family members in the country to live with them. Normally the government asks the sponsor to show evidence that they are permanent citizens or residents of their country and also ask for evidence to show their financial stability.

Every different country has different rules regarding family sponsorships. Let’s take an example of Canada. Over there, sponsors can apply to invite their husbands or their wives, their business partners, their conjugal partners, their parents, their grandparents and their children who are dependent on them. Now comparing the laws of Canada with the laws of the USA. In the USA, sponsors can apply to invite their spouses whether male or female they are able to invite both their dependent and Independent children along with their parents and their siblings under given situations.

After the sponsor has submitted their application, the immigration consultants in Oman will provide a form for them and ask them to fill it out. The sponsors are asked to show documents to ensure that the person is a relative or a family member of the sponsor. The sponsors are also asked to show evidence of their financial stability and their capability to support their family members financially. This document could include adoption papers, financial statements, birth certificates and marriage certificates.

After the sponsor has provided the immigration authorities with the necessary documents and the evidence ensuring that the documents are real. While the application is being processed the immigration official also runs a background check, the sponsor’s financial stability and checks if the provided information is legit to further prove the legitimacy of the information provided by the sponsor and to further verify that the documents are legitimate.

If approved, the family members of the sponsor which the sponsor has sponsored will receive a visa or they might receive the status of being a permanent resident which allows the family members to work and live in the country either with the sponsor or separate from the sponsor. Although, when the family member has received the status of permanent residency or the visa they will have to live with the sponsor for some time and also will be restricted by the government  from using the public services for some time. You can also apply for Schengen visit visa.


In this article, we have told you everything you might need to know about family sponsorship and how to invite your loved ones to live with you in another country without any legal trouble.

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