Wisconsin volleyball team leaked unedited Link

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An unedited video of Wisconsin’s volleyball team has been leaked. After unauthorized sharing of private images and videos by members of the UW-Madison volleyball team on the internet, the UW-Madison Police Department is actively investigating “multiple crimes”.

Wisconsin volleyball team leaked unedited Link: Private photos of the Wisconsin volleyball team were exposed online, resulting in a criminal investigation.

The University of Washington athletic department said in a statement Wednesday that private photos and videos of UW volleyball student-athletes have been circulated online.

Unauthorized sharing constitutes an invasion of privacy by student-athletes and may constitute a crime.

Upon noticing the circulation of these images, Wisconsin volleyball team members contacted the university police immediately, according to leaked UW reports.

As part of the investigation, the UWPD is examining multiple crimes, including sharing sensitive photos without consent. Student volleyball athletes are not being investigated for wrongdoing by UWPD.

In addition to providing appropriate services and resources to our student-athletes, our top priority is to support them.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the websites have removed a substantial portion of content posted without the players’ consent. Following their Big Ten title victory in November, the team held a private celebration in which several players lifted their sports bras.

As one of the university’s most successful sports programs, Wisconsin’s volleyball team is coached by Kelly Sheffield. With three Final Four appearances in the last three years and three appearances in the final match within the past decade, UW is ranked No. 5 in the nation.

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