The voice of Zach Callison in Steven Universe’s Volleyball Steven Universe

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In the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, volleyball Steven Universe is a relatively new character. The character is voiced by Zach Callison, who is best known for his roles as Shaggy Rogers in Scooby-Doo and King Jellyfish in SpongeBob SquarePants.

Zach brings enthusiasm and energy to the role of Volleyball Steven Universe, bringing a unique and interesting personality to the character. Zach’s portrayal of this character makes it one of the most memorable in this article. Zach’s roles in television and film as well as his voice acting career will be discussed.

Who Voiced Volleyball Steven Universe?

Zach Callison in Steven Universe's Volleyball

A popular animated series, Steven Universe, featured Stephanie Beatriz as Volleyball. The popular show Brooklyn Nine-Nine featured Beatriz in the role of Detective Rosa Diaz. Aside from Ant-Man and the Wasp, Beatriz has starred in Short Term 12 and Ice Age: Collision Course.

In addition to She-Ra, Star Wars: Resistance, and Big Mouth, she is an experienced voice actor. During Steven’s journey to protect the world, Beatriz portrays the wise, optimistic Volleyball, who is admired by fans of the show.

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Why Couldn’t Steven Heal Volleyball?

The volleyball was not a living organism and could not be healed by Steven since it is a physical object. The healing process can only be carried out by living things and cannot be performed by inanimate objects. Rubber and fabric are the main components of volleyball, and it does not have the ability to heal itself. 

Therefore, Steven cannot heal the ball and must sew or glue it back together in a traditional manner.

Why Does Volleyball Have A Crack On Her Face?

Zach Callison in Steven Universe's Volleyball

As shown in “Volleyball,” Pink Pearl was accidentally hit by Pink Diamond, resulting in a crack that covered half of her face. The crack covers her eyes due to psychological trauma.

The Tragic Legacy of the Pink Diamond: Pearl’s Crack

Symbolizing Pink Diamond’s power is Pink Pearl’s cracked face. The violent temper of Pink Diamond permanently damaged Pearl’s psychological well-being. The magical healing powers of Steven would not have been able to heal Pearl if she had lived today. It has been extremely painful for Pink Diamond to abandon Spinel.

Based on Rebecca Sugar’s account, Pink Diamond was intimidated by her presence and was unable to move forward. The actions of Pink Diamond left Spinel alone and without a friend when she was looking for a new start.

In Pink Diamond and Pink Pearl’s story, there is a tragic element. She was capable of destroying her loved ones, but ultimately she had to pay for it. Despite Pink Diamond’s power, she is unable to fill Pearl’s heart with love, as the crack on her face reminds her.

Who Voices Pearl In Steven Universe

The animated series Steven Universe is voiced by Susan Strong, an American actress, and comedian. The character’s personality has been unique and vibrant ever since she joined the show in 2013.

As a result, her voice became synonymous with the character after being praised by both fans and critics alike. She has become an integral part of the show due to her talent and ability to capture Pearl’s essence, and she continues to be one of its most important members.

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Filipino-American voice actress Deedee Magno Hall breaks barriers

In the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins, Deedee Magno Hall voiced Gem, one of the first Filipino-American voices in the industry. In addition to Deedee, Shelby Rabara, Jennifer Paz, and Charlyne Yi have all made significant contributions to the industry.

Carrie Brown played White Pearl alongside Christine Ebersole as Pink Pearl in Steven Universe. Deedee’s career has shown that hard work, talent, and dedication can lead to success, and she has received numerous accolades for her roles in films.

Steven Universe Forever

Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe is celebrated in Steven Universe Forever. During the celebration, the five-season run of the series ends and the Steven Universe movie is officially launched.

It is anticipated that a special event will be held for fans of the show on November 15 to celebrate the show and its characters, and to experience exclusive content and footage that has never been seen before. Fans will have a chance to enjoy and experience the event with the release of the movie.

The Future of Steven Universe: Steven Universe Lives On

Fans have flocked to the Steven Universe cartoon series since it debuted in 2013. When the show was announced that it would end in 2019, fans were devastated.

Therefore, Steven Universe Future, an epilogue series for the show, was announced by the show’s creator, Rebecca Sugar. With Steven and the Crystal Gems embarking on a mission to teach other Gems how to adapt to life on Earth as they form the Little Homeschool, the events of Steven Universe: The Movie are duplicated in this series. There is a video game called Steven Universe that fans can watch. 

There will never be an end to the Roku Channel. On Cartoon Network, Steven Universe fans can catch up on the series. Steven Universe will be able to continue to be enjoyed for many more years because of this new epilogue series.

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Full Episode of Steven Universe Future Mr Universe

Zach Callison in Steven Universe's Volleyball

A fantastic installment of the beloved Steven Universe franchise, Future Mr. Universe was absolutely incredible. A dark and dangerous force threatens the universe, and Steven and the Crystal Gems are sent on a quest to save it from a dark and dangerous force. It was a really funny episode with a lot of action sequences and emotional moments.

There was a great deal of character development and top-notch animation. It was an incredible episode from beginning to end, and fans will be talking about it for years to come.

As Steven seeks to discover himself, Steven’s Universe Future tells the story of his quest. Steven tries to persuade Greg that his favorite song, the one that inspired the company’s name, is actually Greg’s favorite song.

Many of Greg’s achievements in life can be attributed to this defining moment. There’s nothing there. Whenever Steven is told something he does not need to hear, he pushes himself beyond his limit. This must have astonished Steven, as it must have been painful to watch. Steven uses This Is Steven as one of many links in his attempt to chart his descent.

This episode sheds light on Steven and Greg’s relationship, which was previously only hinted at. In this episode, Greg is less likely to interest many people. His life was filled with lengthy trials, just as Steven’s was.

What is the best place to watch Steven Universe Future?

There is a limited-time offer on Hulu for the Steven Universe: Future streaming service.

What Episode Is Steven Corrupted?

The Gems must figure out what to do when Steven becomes corrupted and terrorizes Beach City.

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