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Convenience has become the need of the hour in today’s modern and fast-paced world. Thanks to technology, everything has become simpler and easier for people. Online trading is also the more convenient version of traditional trading, as it does not come with the same barriers to entry that existed before.

But, the process of trading online itself can become quite challenging if you do not use an appropriate platform. While thousands of them exist, not all can deliver the convenience you seek. I was lucky enough to find one and have shared this TradeSafer review to help others do the same. Do you want to know? Read on to find out.

Quick signing up

The sign up process of an online broker can be very intimidating for traders, especially if it is a lengthy one and involves a lot of paperwork. Unfortunately, most platforms tend to have complex and time consuming processes that can make it very stressful.

But, this is where the TradeSafer broker provides you with the convenience you are after because their signing up process is quick and simple. I was actually taken aback when I realized there was nothing more than a single form to fill out.

The form itself is very straightforward and uncomplicated. It is clear that the broker has put a great deal of emphasis on its clients’ comfort due to which the process is streamlined and not laborious at all. You have to provide your name, email, address, phone number and location. Your account is registered immediately and you can start trading.

Demo trading availability

Another convenient feature of the TradeSafer trading platform is the availability of demo trading. As eager as you might be to start trading online, it is vital to remember that it is very different from conventional trading.

Therefore, every trader needs some time to acclimate, or else they are likely to commit blunders that can cost them money. No one wants to risk their hard-earned cash like that and a demo account can help avoid this disaster.

It provides a simulation of the live trading environment and gives you access to virtual currency, thereby allowing you to practice your trades. You can experiment with your strategies to determine how they would fare in real-time trading and refine them, if necessary. It can provide traders with the confidence they need to dive into the fast-paced world of trading.

Trade from any device

Flexibility has become a major priority for those who trade online and the TradeSafer trading platform certainly delivers in this respect as well. You will find a web-based trading platform that does not have to be downloaded or installed anywhere.

This itself is very convenient because you do not have to go through the hassle of downloading on a new device every time you want to change devices. Instead, the web-based platform can be used on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, as per your preference.

This enables traders to enjoy trading on the move and not be bound to one place or device. Moreover, they can also stay connected to their trading account, which means they can enter and exit trades at any given moment to take advantage of market movements. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface, so you will be able to navigate it easily and it adapts to various screen sizes without compromising on functionality.

Get timely assistance

Customer support is a feature that can make a big difference in how your overall online trading experience turns out. It is inevitable that you will get stuck with an issue, or have queries that need to be answered and this is where support proves to be vital. The problem is that many platforms do not pay a lot of attention to support and this can ruin your experience. The TradeSafer broker is different in this aspect because it ensures that its clients are able to get timely assistance in different ways.

You will find different ways to communicate with their customer support team when you explore the TradeSafer trading platform. They have provided an email address and there is also a phone number. Live chat is also available, or you can fill out the form on their website to have them contact you. They respond very quickly and are available 24/5.

Is TradeSafer scam or legit?

I assessed every single offering of the TradeSafer platform in order to determine if it was a legit broker or a fraudulent one. Once my assessment was complete, I can say that it belongs to the former category, as it has prioritized its client and delivers a great trading experience to them.

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking for a convenient trading solution, you can see in this TradeSafer review that this broker fits that category and can bring you everything you need right at your fingertips.

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