Exploring Blouse Patterns, Styles And Fashionable Trends: Discovering Summer’s Hottest Trends

An outfit can make or break your look. One such clothing item that needs careful selection is a blouse. The pattern and style, along with what’s trending, can make a difference. However, due to the number of options available, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose what to buy and wear, ultimately leading to a lot of confusion. But all you need to remember is your style, body type, skin colour, and personality while choosing a blouse for yourself. 

We all wish to look our best and be in the spotlight of any event, and attire is a crucial part of making that happen. We often feel confused regarding our choice of blouse when pairing it with a saree or even for any Western or indo-western look. 

Let us explore some trendy blouse patterns and styles that you can rock this season.

Trending Blouse Patterns and Styles

We all wish to wear clothes that are trending because we don’t wish to feel outdated. Sometimes we are unable to recognize what is actually in trend or the other times, we are confused about what will suit us. Here are the top trending blouse patterns that you should try.

  1. Boat Neck Blouse

This is one of the trendiest blouse designs as it gives you more of a modern look. These blouses stretch wide across your neck and sit past your collarbones. This blouse design is most preferred in silk and designer sarees. These designs can easily go for any occasion, may it be a formal event or any informal event like a wedding. If you have a pear-shaped body type, you should go for a black Neck Blouse design.

  1. Sleeveless Blouse

In the summer, everyone prefers comfortable clothes that are light in weight and keep the body sweat-free. A sleeveless blouse goes well with any saree, irrespective of the fabric type, so you don’t have to worry ever about what to drape around. Sleeveless blouses allow better airflow around your arms and shoulders. The right kind of sleeveless blouse can also become a part of your professional look, eg: a blouse with thicker straps.

  1. Deep Neck Blouse

Deep neck blouses are quite the go-to blouse type in every woman’s wardrobe. They complement your neckline and draw attention towards your body curves. Always trending, they can be a part of your outfit for any occasion. They are also referred to as plunging neckline blouses. If you are planning for long-neck pieces of jewellery, then a deep-neck blouse is sure to give you an elegant look. To carry these blouses, you can choose a plunge bra, making it easier for you to carry this look. 

  1. Criss-cross Blouse

Available in multiple designs, these blouses feature a criss-cross dori (thread) pattern on the back, giving you an amazing look. The designs are versatile, so you can wear them for formal or casual wear. These blouses come with different sleeve patterns, such as sleeveless, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved. They elevate your look, and the design adds a unique touch to your blouse, making your neckline more noticeable.

  1. Jacket Style Blouse

These blouses are inspired by traditional jackets and have the added advantage of buttons, lapels, and pockets. You can style them with sarees, jeans, and pants to create as many looks as you want. Jacket-style blouses are one of the best-suited blouses for a professional look. The designs can be from a traditional look to a modern twist and asymmetrical cuts. Available in a variety of fabrics and prints, they can be your go-to clothing item in any weather.

  1. Bell Sleeves Blouse

These blouses feature sleeves that flare out from elbow to below, resembling the shape of a bell. Many women prefer them due to the variety of length options available, from short to long. You can pair them with multiple necklines, creating diverse looks. One of the most popular blouse designs, you can style them with pencil skirts and bohemian pants. Bell Sleeve blouses are quite a statement piece that helps you create an elegant look.

  1. Puff Sleeves Blouse

Puff sleeves are characterized by volume at the shoulder and taperedness towards the cuff. These sleeves can vary in design and range from subtle puffing to dramatic shapes. Depending on your preference, you can also opt for any size of the sleeves that suits you, from long to short, and pair them with fitted clothing. You can even go for a detailed puff sleeve blouse look, such as trimmings, ruffles, embroidery, and much more.


Your overall look depends on the blouse pattern and style as it elevates your fashion game. The right blouse enhances the beauty of your saree or any pants or skirts you have paired your blouse with. As the blouse designs are diverse, it makes it easier for you to go for what suits you and matches your look. With the right blouse pattern, you can hop on the trend and create a fashion statement wherever you go!

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