3 Video Stats that Suggest You Create Educational Videos for your Customer

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Customers don’t want to be sold. They love to buy. 

If you’re a marketer, it’s very likely that you’re familiar with the above. 

There’s one way to make customers buy. And, it’s to educate them. 

Now you can do a whole bunch of different things to get your message across. You can write emails, send an email everyday. Land in their social DMs and shout at them to buy your product. Or create blog content that is purely educational, and is aimed at targeting them precisely, and nurturing them to make a decision. 

The blog thing might work really well, but it’s going to be time-consuming. Plus, there’s not many people who would read a blog or two these days. 

So, what’s left now is a video. You plan a script, turn it into a cool video that highlights the problem, addresses why your customer needs to solve it immediately, and why exactly they’d do better with exclusively your product. 

And, that’s how I can sum it all up in an umbrella term “Educational videos”. These are specifically tailored videos made for your product or service with a personal message for your prospect. Now you can go about this whole thing all by yourself.

But, there are a bunch of really fantastic educational video companies out there, who’ve helped several thousands of marketers scale their offering with thought-provoking educational content. 

Now, I’m not recommending you to create such videos just because I feel good about them. But, here are three proven stats that show why educational videos might be ideal to grab and retain more prospects. 

So, make sure to read on!

91% percent say video teaches about a product better

This one stat will change your mind about post-sales content for the better. In a study by Wyzowl, it was found out that more than 90% of customers prefer to watch a video to understand a tangible product better. 

Think of a time when you had to assemble a vacuum cleaner, or your microwave, and navigate your way through the instructions to clean the floor risk-free, and heating food, or even bake a cake or pizza without any hassle. 

More often than not you’ll opt for a video. Here’s one major reason why more than 70% of people in the world are visual learners. So, most of us would do better when we can watch videos. Plus, instruction manuals for durable goods, especially appliances are not a fancy option. 

It’s supposed to be there to assure the customer that they’ve bought it from the right dealer, but not necessarily the ideal guide to get started with the new vacuum cleaner. Hence most people would watch a video. 

From a personal experience, I can tell that even though I’m an avid writer, I watched tutorials for my new microwave because I didn’t want to waste even a minute on reading long, dull manuals. Demonstration really works. 

So, if you’re a marketer who’s in the e-commerce space, make sure to create post-sales content for your customers. 

Such videos to install or set up an appliance can make or break the deal for you. Most customers who’re ambiguous about setting up, might be disappointed in no time, and call you for a refund or return. 

So, these videos that are meant to educate your customers about your product might save you from these unwanted refunds and complaints. Thus increasing the overall retention rate of your business. 

97% people say videos are gold to attract and engage new users

In another survey, 97% respondents said that explainer videos might just be ideal to attract new customers, and engage existing ones. 

This one may particularly work for businesses that are offering educational services, or even SaaS companies that rely on the number of subscriptions sold of their product. It is so since customers feel more actively engaged with the brand. 

Plus, welcoming videos, with a touch of personalized emails work well to receive an overwhelming response from the customers. 

Besides, when it comes to SaaS tools, onboarding video series is perfect to educate customers of the potential uses, and warn them of the challenges, and risks, thus guiding effective use. 

Such post-sales videos assure customers that the brand or business is devoted towards their service, and is eager to maintain a relationship that is mutually beneficial. That’s what makes explainer video production super important.

74% people watched videos to use websites and apps more efficiently

Tell me you’ve an e-commerce app, and people are calling you every single day and whining about your poor service, which is ofcourse not as poor as it’s perceived. 

How are you going to resolve your queries all at once? 

The answer is a customer service video. Create videos around a series of problems that your customers commonly face in setting up their account. Be it a website or a mobile app, just make sure to give them ample details, and clear and concise instructions to use the software or website without any hassle. 

If you can somehow make your customers realize that their problems are nothing more than a cake, they’ll love it, and most probably stick with you. So, here’s another chance for you to increase customer satisfaction, and improve overall retention. 

Won’t believe me? Well, the recent study by Wyzowl, literally proved the same point. 74% of respondents said that they watch videos very regularly to learn how to use websites, and software apps more efficiently.

Wrap up

Let’s wrap this one up quickly. I gave you three crucial statistics that clearly show why video content that has an educational tone might be ideal to draw in more prospects, convert them just at the right time, and retain them for the best profits. If you’ve any queries, feel free to reach out. 

And, don’t hesitate to revisit this post if you need to throw smart facts at people who’re against educational videos. 

Hope you got a nugget or two from this one!

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