Women’s volleyball team photos and videos of the University of Wisconsin are being investigated by the police

Micah Drews


Photos and videos of team members shared without consent constitute an “invasion of privacy” according to the athletics department.

Women’s volleyball team photos were shared online without their consent, according to the University of Wisconsin’s police department.

In a tweet Wednesday, the university’s athletic department said that the unauthorized sharing violated the privacy of student-athletes, as well as possibly violating university policies and criminal statutes. They added that they were never intended for public dissemination.

No details were provided about the photos and videos by the public university in Madison. Apparently taken after the Wisconsin Badgers won the Big Ten championship last November, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported some team members are showing off their sports bras in these photographs.

An email request for comment on Thursday was not immediately responded to by the University of Wisconsin.

Upon learning that the photos were shared online, the team contacted the university’s police department, according to the athletics department. Investigations are not being conducted on the girls.

As part of the investigation, the UWPD found that sensitive photos were shared without consent. Volleyball student-athletes are not being investigated for any wrongdoing by the UWPD.”

A 13-3 record and 7-1 record in the Big Ten lead the team to a national ranking of No. 5. The team will play Michigan State at the UW Field House on Friday.

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