Topless locker room photos of a Wisconsin volleyball team were leaked online a day after the team won amid an investigation by police

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Friday was the first day back on the court for the women’s volleyball team at the University of Wisconsin. Earlier that day, topless locker room photos were leaked online. There has been a police investigation into how snaps were circulated at the University of Wisconsin. Leaked photographs of Badgers players are not being investigated¬†

24 hours after topless locker room snaps were leaked online, University of Wisconsin volleyball players were back on the court.

In the midst of a police investigation, Wisconsin’s team, nicknamed the Badgers, won three sets against Michigan State on Friday night.

An investigation has been launched into how private images and videos were released without the consent of members of the University of Wisconsin women’s volleyball team.

Following the public release of the photos, players notified campus police, according to a Wisconsin athletic department statement.

According to the statement, the players appeared to flash their breasts after winning the Big Ten championship, although the statement didn’t specify when or where the photos or videos were taken.

There is an investigation underway at the University of Wisconsin police department into how private photos and videos of members of its national champion women’s volleyball team were made public without their consent. According to the picture above, its players are celebrating their Big Ten victory.

A day after topless locker room snaps were leaked online, the University of Wisconsin women’s volleyball team put the scandal behind them with a victory.

Additional photos and a video clip can be found online, but the specific players have not been identified.

There are ‘multiple crimes being investigated, including unconsented sharing of sensitive photos,’ according to the school statement. 

Student-athletes’ privacy was invaded, potentially violating university policies and criminal laws, according to Wisconsin.

An investigation was confirmed Thursday by University of Wisconsin police spokesman Marc Lovicott. In light of the ongoing investigation, Lovicott declined to provide additional details. A criminal investigation is not being conducted against the volleyball players.

We provide appropriate services and resources to our student-athletes, according to Wisconsin’s athletic department.

A win over Nebraska in the championship match last year gave Wisconsin its first national title. Ahead of Friday’s home match against Michigan State, the Badgers (13-3, 7-1 Big Ten) ranked fifth in the American Volleyball Coaches Association poll.

Coach Kelly Sheffield’s Badgers have reached the Final Four three times under his guidance.¬†

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Marc Lovicott, a spokesman for the University of Wisconsin police, confirmed the investigation on Thursday. In view of the fact that this is an active investigation, Lovicott declined to provide any additional details. It is not believed that the volleyball players have committed any wrongdoing. Wisconsin’s athletic department said it is committed to providing the best support and resources to its student-athletes.

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