Can You Kick the Ball in Volleyball? (Explained)

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Most volleyball players have asked this question before, and believe it or not, most people have been given the wrong answer! Check out the answer below to see if you are right.

Is volleyball a sport where you can kick the ball? Depending on the league you play in, the answer is: it depends. Any part of your body may be used to contact the ball under USAV Rule 9.2. That means you can kick the ball intentionally at the highest levels. The use of any part of the body below the waist is illegal in U.S. high schools and junior high schools.

When you were growing up in the U.S.A. school system, you were taught that it was illegal to kick the ball. Our feet must be planted for the ball to contact any part of our body below the waist, and the ball must bounce off them. Most of the rest of the world considers kicking the volleyball to be perfectly normal and legal.

The Role of Feet in Volleyball

Can You Kick the Ball in Volleyball

Importance of Footwork

Volleyball involves a lot of footwork, even though kicking is restricted. Effective positioning and maneuvering on the court require quick and precise movements.

Leg Techniques in Volleyball

Legs are often used for jumping and landing, enhancing the ability to spike, block, or dig the ball. These techniques require leg strength and flexibility.

FIVB Rules

Yes, you can kick the volleyball according to FIVB rules

FIVB-Volleyball Rules 2017-2020: 9.2 CHARACTERISTICS OF THE HIT 9.2.1 The ball may touch any part of the body. The rule was not enforced until 1993.

As a reversal of soccer’s ‘handball’ rule, players couldn’t contact the ball with anything below the waist before this new wording.

In defense, this new rule was designed to give players a greater sense of freedom.

The game will become more enjoyable for spectators and players alike by extending rallies.

A very similar reason also led to the libero position being introduced to the game. Volleyballblaze’s Compete Guide to The Libero is an excellent resource for learning more about the libero role in volleyball. Our resource is the most comprehensive on this important volleyball position, and we spent days making sure we didn’t miss anything.

However, does that mean you should go around kicking the ball whenever you can? There’s no doubt about it.

Volleyball involves a great deal of control. Phil DeSalvo, former Australian National Team libero, once asked me: “What other sport requires you to control a ball that’s coming at over 60 mph in a 3ft x 3ft area? ” (Even though he said it in km/h and meters)

Well, that’s service reception at the top, and walking isn’t going to work.

Volleyball vs. Kicking in Other Sports

Can You Kick the Ball in Volleyball

Contrasting Volleyball with Soccer

Volleyball follows its own set of rules compared to soccer, where kicking is fundamental. In volleyball, hand-eye coordination and strategic body movements are more important than footwork.

Volleyball’s Distinctive Nature

Regardless of whether you are a volleyball player or an enthusiast, understanding the distinctive nature of volleyball is essential. The sport requires skill, teamwork, and precision.

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When Should You Use Your Feet In Volleyball?

Can You Kick the Ball in Volleyball

Using your feet is perfectly acceptable in a few situations.
Almost every game has these common mistakes:


You can only save a ball in defense by kicking the ball up with your foot, either by accident or as a last resort.

It’s amazing how often your feet will save the ball just by standing in the right defensive position… see for yourself.

At the Net

Not at all. The ball must be played quickly with your feet after a block, not blocked with your feet like sepak takraw. It’s actually quite common for volleyball players to use their feet at this point. When you land and turn after blocking, you’re looking for the ball on defense, aren’t you?

There is a quick reaction time. If the ball is shooting low at your feet after your defense makes an excellent play, you won’t be able to bend down and play it with your hands.

It is a common skill for setters (particularly Brazilians, I wonder why…) to flick it up with their feet.

The Chase: Some of the most impressive foot saves you will find on sites like volleyball-movies. net might have already caught your eye.

Barriers are jumped over by players. Volleyball is all about sprawling out like madmen, crashing into advertisements and banners.

If you are chasing down a ball out of court, you will have a greater degree of control performing a swan dive.

My How-To-Dive Guide will soon be released for a detailed guide to volleyball diving without splitting your chin open.

It might be best to kick your leg out at the ball in drastic circumstances – or when there are obstacles you don’t want to dive into face-first.

Why Should You Avoid Kicking The Ball?

Can You Kick the Ball in Volleyball

The key here is to control the volleyball.

In case Lionel Messi is reading this and is considering switching sports to volleyball: Ignore what I am about to say.

Using your hands to control the ball is much easier than using your feet.

The setter must place the ball in a space of one foot by one foot to perform the perfect set. A kick makes this possible, so kudos to you!

Of course, neither reception nor the setter position require you to use your feet.

When the ball drops below waist height, every time you practice using your feet, you lose an opportunity. In different situations, you can practice controlling the ball with your hands.

Simply put: you’re instilling habits when you train, not just getting reps. When it comes to gameday, kicking the ball is typically less controllable than other habits (like kicking the ball).

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Can you use your feet in Volleyball?

The ball can be kicked with your foot at first. Moreover, you can even hit the ball with your knees, shoulders, or even your head. However, 99.99% of players only use their hands to hit the ball. It is logical to play with your hands and there is a simple explanation for why you should do so.

There’s just no other way around it. If you attack the ball with your palm, you have way more control over it than if you attack it with your head. Using your leg is also less comfortable and efficient when you’re getting the ball.

Defense players should still use arms even when they are in defense. You have a better chance of reacting with your arms than with your legs because your arms are more cunning.

Try the experiment: move your arms and legs simultaneously to the right and left a few times if you’re not sure. The arm will react much faster than you expected.

Why Your Coach Hates It

Can You Kick the Ball in Volleyball

As well as instilling bad habits, another reason is: “Those volleyballs aren’t cheap, you know! “Volleyballs aren’t really meant to be kicked, so they could do some damage and be expensive to repair.

Can you really ruin a volleyball by kicking it? Honestly, not really.

You won’t do any more damage to the ball by playing with your feet unless you punt it as far as physically possible every day. I will say this, however: Your coach probably opposes kicking balls in practice and in matches for two reasons. Moreover, they are very logical.

Losing balls exponentially increases with practice

The number of times one player kicks the ball up into the rafters so that it never comes down is impossible to count.

I can understand how coaches might not appreciate throwing more balls at the stuck ball for 15 minutes to get it down.

Match Etiquette Isn’t Great

If I were passing the ball back to other servers, I would certainly kick it along the ground, however I understand how it may not be the most respectful thing to do. This is especially true in younger leagues.

Trying to boot the ball out of the server’s reach (something I’m certainly guilty of) will not reflect well on your team, and won’t make you a coach’s favorite.

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How Effective Is It To Practice Kicking The Ball As A Skill?

Can You Kick the Ball in Volleyball

The ball can be useful in several situations, but it’s your best option in others.

Although you should avoid it whenever possible, it will still happen occasionally.

Maybe you should practice it since it’s bound to happen during a match, right?

The answer is no.

My personal opinion is that you should spend your time on at least 25 different skills and situations when you’re just starting out.

There is no such thing as kicking the ball.

The skill develops naturally as you play more volleyball. It’s more of a reactive skill. You don’t need to worry about it!

Can I Kick Serve?

When I kick a ball in volleyball, would I be able to kick it? Regardless of the league you play in, it is illegal to kick serve in volleyball. The reason lies in the serving rules, not in the rules for playing the ball. You must make contact with one hand when serving. All other body parts are specifically excluded from the serve as a result.

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Can I Kick The Ball In Beach Volleyball?

Can You Kick the Ball in Volleyball

What about beach volleyball? Can I kick there too? When it comes to kicking, beach volleyball follows the same rules as indoor volleyball.

Again, you should take some of these factors into consideration. When you kick in beach volleyball, you’ll have very inconsistent results compared to hitting solidly with your arms.

The majority of situations when you might think of kicking in beach volleyball would be better handled by diving. Kicking seems easier and less painful than laying out for a full dive.

It was my goal to share this information in this article in order to gain more in-depth understanding of a commonly asked question about which many of us have incomplete knowledge. There can be confusion when American players watch college and Olympic competition due to different rules.

What Is Kick Volleyball?

The sport of Sepak Takraw is mainly played in Asian countries. The game was very fun and I had the pleasure of playing many times while visiting Thailand. Net height is about 5 feet – the same as a badminton net. Kicking is done with a much smaller ball.

Takraw balls were originally made of reeds entwined together to form a small melon-sized ball. Synthetic plastic is used in the manufacture of modern balls. Instead of six players per team, there are three.

You use everything except your arms and hands instead of mainly using them! Mostly, players use their feet, but they also use their shoulders, knees, and heads frequently. The rest of the rules are pretty basic.

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Can You Use Your Head In Volleyball?

Yes, of course! Any part of your body above your waist can be used in any league at any level. It’s probably not a good idea to hit the ball with your head intentionally, but it’s legal.

Strategies for Effective Play

Team Coordination and Communication

A volleyball game’s success depends on team coordination and communication, regardless of which body part is used. In order to outmaneuver the opposition, players must work seamlessly together.

Utilizing Different Body Parts Strategically

While kicking might not be the norm, players can surprise opponents by strategically using other parts of their bodies. It is exciting to play a game where creativity is allowed within the boundaries of the rules.


Can you kick the ball in professional volleyball matches?

Ball kicking is not permitted in professional volleyball matches, which follow strict rules.

Are there any instances where kicking is allowed in volleyball?

In rare instances, players may instinctively use their feet in times of desperation, although this is not standard.

How important is footwork in volleyball?

To effectively position the ball, move quickly, and be agile on the court, good footwork is necessary.

Can players use their head to hit the ball in volleyball?

Using the head within the rules is allowed, but it’s not often done due to injury risks.

What’s the role of leg strength in volleyball?

The ability to jump powerfully and maintain stability and agility enhances a player’s overall performance.


Consequently, volleyball rules do not allow kicking the ball. To develop as a player, you must understand how feet and legs play a major role in the game.

There’s room for creativity within the boundaries of the established rules while adhering to them. On the court, it is possible to create unique plays and experience unexpected success by exploring different techniques.

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